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Friday, March 26, 2021

Chapter 12 Shinji, at an Old Friend's Home

This chapter constain R18 scenes, if your age below 18 please leave...
This time MC's old party...
 The day after Shinji and Renka had sex, and Alvin and Milis had sex. <Running Wolves> had been put on temporary leave.
 The night before, Alvin had visited Shinji's room.
 Shinji who had just left Renka in the afternoon, was reading alone. Alvin bowed his head and looked apologetic, but he couldn't hide his happy mood and asked for tomorrow off.
 Shinji understood the situation and agreed.
 So, Shinji, suddenly free, decided to visit the house of his married and retired colleague, who had told him where the house was but he had never visited it.
 After a long walk through the city, Shinji arrived at a house.
 It was a small but stylish store called <Heliotrope>.
"I'm sorry to bother you."
 When Shinji entered the store, he saw neatly arranged fabrics and small jeweled ornaments. There didn't seem to be any other customers besides Shinji.
"Hey there...Shinji! It's been a long time!"
"Long time no see, Haruto."
 The shopkeeper, a man in clean clothes, happily ran up to Shinji when he saw his face. A former thief who using a dagger, Haruto has changed his occupation to a craftsman, taking advantage of his dexterity.
 When Shinji held out his hand, Haruto grasped it tightly.
"It's good to see you! What's going on with you today?"
"What happened today? I had some time to kill, and I thought it was time to celebrate the birth of your baby. This is the birthday gift."
 Shinji took out an envelope from his pocket and pushed it to Haruto. Haruto hesitantly accepted the envelope.
"Are you sure? It's like I already got it."
"That's that, this is this. You'll need it when you have kids again, right?"
"...I'm sorry, but thank you. I'll call Nanaka, wait for me."
 Haruto took the envelope and retreated to the back of the store. After a few moments of waiting, a woman appeared from the back of the store holding a baby with Haruto, her purple hair tied back in a ponytail.
 She was a former priestess with small breasts but has an attractive, plump lower body.
"Long time no see, Nanaka-san. I hope you're well."
"Yes, I'm glad to see you're doing well, Shinji. This girl's name is Hana. Isn't she cute?"
 With an innocent look on her face, Nanaka showed him the baby sleeping peacefully. Shinji's cheeks naturally relaxed.
"It's cute. I think she looks like Haruto."
"I've been told that a lot. That makes me happy."
"Hey, if you touch her, she'll wake up."
 Haruto tried to touch the baby's cheek, but Nanaka prevented him from doing so, and he was disappointed. Shinji laughed at how well they were getting along as usual.
"You're not busy today, are you, Shinji? Why don't you come over for dinner? I haven't talked to you in a while. I'm sure Haruto would love to talk to you."
"Haruto would like to talk too. Is that okay?"
 Shinji nodded at their invitation.
"I'll bring you a good liquor."
"Then, I’ll see you later."
"I'll prepare the beef, too."
 Shinji went to the city to buy more liquor, and after some time to kill, he returned to the <Heliotrope>.
"Well, Haruto... can you carry him?"
 Haruto, who had had too much fun at the reunion after a long absence, got too drunk and fell asleep. I finished most of the food and was just about to finish my drink.
 Nanaka told me to carry him to the couple's bedroom next to the living room where they were having dinner. I rolled Haruto on the bed. In the same room, Hana-chan was sleeping peacefully.
 Closing the door quietly, Shinji returned to the living room.
"Thank you for carrying him. I'm going to wash the dishes."
"Do you need help?"
"Yes, please"
 After taking the dishes to the kitchen, Shinji and Nanaka started washing the dishes side by side. The quiet room was filled with the sound of water and dishes being washed.
"Thank you for everything. Shinji has been a great help to me and Haruto. Especially when we had to disband the party."
"Well, Emily was really pissed."
 He smiled as he remembered the fierce behavior of the last of the former party members who was not here now.
"I shudder to think what would have happened if Shinji hadn't intervened. Of course, it was me and Haruto who were at fault."
"Emily took all the equipment for the two retired people. I was the only one who was able to convince her so she takes three quarters of the joint money."
 It's good memory for Shinji that he was able to appease the screaming Emily and talk her out of it.
"I'm really grateful... "
 The sound of the water stopped and Nanaka's hand, which had been so close that their shoulders were touching, gently reached between Shinji's crotch. Nanaka's hand starts stroking Shinji's penis from the top of his pants.
"Are you still doing that...? Seedless magic... "
"Of course..."
 Shinji is casting a spell on himself. It's an original magic that intensely increases his vitality, increases the volume and frequency of his ejaculations, but removes his ability to impregnate. If she has sex with Shinji, she doesn't have to worry about getting pregnant unless he wants to.
 Nanaka had physical relations with Shinji while they were partying.
 When Haruto confessed to Nanaka, he didn't know that Shinji had broken Nanaka's virginity and was teaching her the pleasures of sex behind him. However, Nanaka was so consumed by the pleasure Shinji gave her that she could not break off the physical relationship.
 Until this day, Haruto doesn't know about it.
 Nanaka, who was still captivated by Shinji's penis, would make love to him whenever she could, but after she found out she was pregnant, the party disbanded, and she got married, she refrained from doing so.
 Shinji, who knows that Haruto doesn't wake up easily once he's asleep, lets Nanaka do whatever she wants.
 When she pulled down his pants and underwear, she saw that he had a huge erection... much bigger than her husband's, and the first time in a long time that she had seen his cock in front of her eyes.
"Since giving birth to Hana-chan...Haruto hasn't done it for me... Amu... Chu... Relo... Hmm..."
"That's...okay, Nanaka..."
 Nanaka crouched down in front of Shinji and guided his penis into her mouth with an enraptured look on her face. As she did not make any loud sucking noises, she used her tongue in a moist and skillful way on Shinji's penis to give him pleasure.
"It's been a while, so drink it all"
"Okway... Nmuu Nuuuu ♡♡♡"
 Shinji grabbed Nanaka's head with both hands and released his semen into Nanaka's mouth without holding back any of the ejaculation that was building up. Doku Doku Doku her mouth was filled with a large amount of semen, but she closed her eyes and drank it down with a look of ecstasy.
 When the long ejaculation stopped, Shinji slowly pulled his penis out of Nanaka's mouth.
"Here, let me see inside your mouth, Nanaka."
"... Okhayyy..."
 He used his thumb to wipe the semen residue from Nanaka's mouth and tried to get her to open her mouth, Nanaka followed suit and showed Shinji her mouth. When Shinji was sure that she had drunk all of it, he patted her head.
"Then stand up and point your ass on me."
"...Yes "
 Nanaka grabbed the edge of the sink with both hands and pointed her plump ass at Shinji. He took off Nanaka's pants and underwear, which were soaking wet from the blowjob, and inserted his cock, which hadn't wilted from the ejaculation.
 Her vagina had been trained by Shinji to feel the pleasure of even rough penetration, and she climaxed with just the insertion.
 Her frustrated body like his male penis which filling and squeezing her vaginal passage unlike her husband....
 Nanaka had to bite down on her mouth to keep from slipping out and screaming.
 Shinji held Nanaka's body firmly in place with one arm and covered her mouth with his other hand. Then he began to pound Nanaka's vagina with a relentless shake of his hips with Pan Pan Pan . Shinji's hips and Nanaka's ass slammed into each other, causing the plump ass flesh to shake and sway.
 Nanaka's vagina rejoiced at the return of her almost forgotten master's cock, and she continued to cum in rapid succession. Her uterus was lowering, and her cervix was begging for sperm as if it were begging for the glans. She was never going to get pregnant, though.
"I'm going to ejaculate."
 The penis was thrust deep into her and pushed up against her womb. In that state, a large amount of sperm poured from the glans into Nanaka's womb and vagina. Nanaka also climaxed along with his ejaculation. 
 She greedily seeks pleasure, and her ass is pressed against Shinji's waist, and the vagina tightens up and squeezes out every last drop of semen.
 When the long ejaculation was over and Shinji slowly withdrew his penis, Nanaka grabbed the sink and fell to the floor on her butt.
"Haa~... Ha~... Ha~... Ha~..."
 Shinji exposes his penis to the breathless Nanaka. Nanaka opened her lips and sucked on his penis. She then moved her face back and forth several times, cleaning his penis with a chu... chu....
"Are you satisfied?"
'Yes... Thank you so much... Shinji-san..."
 Nanaka nodded with a fascinated expression.
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