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Saturday, August 7, 2021

Chapter 298 The Monster has been Killed, and The Reconstruction has Begins

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 With Shinji's hot water attack had over, the monster's nest was completely flooded. That hot water, which was controlled by Flair to keep the temperature of the water from dropping, was still bubbling after all this time, and the heat could be seen at a glance.
 And with this, not a single ant monster was moving anymore. They know this because the other party wizard's <Magic Eye> had looked around the edges of every passage in the nest.
"Is it...... over?"
"It's either that or they're trapped. But they don't move a bit"
 As the two beastman wizards confirm each other, Shinji, who has finished casting his spell, looks tired while he drinks his potion.
(Well, now comes the hard part)
 As he shoves the empty bottle into his bag, Shinji watches the scene unfold in front of him.
 The hot water was easy enough to deal with, but after that, they had to deal with the monster corpses left in the nest. Due to the fact that they were underground, they could not be burned all at once, and if they wanted to burned them, they must bring them to the surface.
 In addition, the adventurer's guild also wants to find out how the corpses of unknown monsters can be used. If they want a better evaluation, they should report it to the Adventurer's Guild and wait for their response.
 There is also the possibility that the corpse is still alive, just not moving, so they need to make sure they give them a good beating. There is also the task of crushing their heads while remaining vigilant.
 It was obvious that it would take a tremendous amount of effort to do that in all of these deep nests.
"Shinji, are you okay?"
"Yeah. Thanks, Renka. ......So, I guess we're just getting started, huh?"
 Everyone in the room, not just Renka, knew that there was a lot of work to be done. The post-processing has begun before the preparation has been made, because the problem had been taken care more quickly than expected.
"......I'll take care of this hot water for now. What do we do after that?"
 Alvin snorted at Shinji's words. As the leader of the party, Alvin would have to take charge of the rest.
"W, well then....... First, we should report it to the adventurer's guild, right? And in the meantime, we need to clean up the nest as much as possible......"
 Despite his inexperience, Alvin began to take charge.
 In this way, the sudden appearance of the ant monster was defeated by the activities of the adventurers, including <Running Wolves>.
 With the threat of the monster gone, there was no reason to hurry for them.
 However, after receiving the report from Alvin and the others, the Adventurer's Guild immediately dispatched an investigator to the mine. Of course, that wasn't all.
 Because on the day after the adventurer's guild investigators confirmed the safety of the monster's nest, they lifted the ban on miners climbing the mountain. So, blacksmithing workshops in the Este city began to reopen their doors, saying that the supply of ore was secured. Clang! Clang! the high-pitched sound of ore pounding returned to the city, and it naturally became lively again.
 At the same time, there were calls from the village asking for the belongings of the miners who had died. The <Running Wolves> and a party of beastmen adventurers were instructed by the guild to gather as much as they could from the remains scattered throughout the mine.
 As a day or two passed, the investigators began to receive results. They learned about the ecology of the ant monster, the uses of the carcasses, and the ores that had been dug up and left behind by the monster that had been nesting there.
 The lives that have been lost can never be recovered. That's why it's put to good use for those who are left behind. Some of the profits from the monster's nest would be used to help the people affected by the disaster.
 After five days, the commotion calmed down.
 Fuukei was in his room, reading and squeezing many letters to himself, reading and squeezing them again. His expression was distorted, and anyone could see that he was in a very bad mood.
"Damn it! All of them......!"
 The letter was from a business partner who had once priced Hiyuri, and although Fuukei's village had not suffered any damage thanks to the efforts of Alvin and the others, the other villages around the mine had been attacked by the ant monsters and suffered heavy damage.
 Therefore, the entire village needed money, and if they tried to make unused money, they would lose their position, and the only answer they could give was that they wanted Hiyuri, but could not pay for it.
"My sister has a lot of bad luck......! However, if this happens, the next place to look for...... is......."
 Fuukei is a beastman, and he only has contacts with beastmen in places around the village where he has a relationship. Therefore, in the current situation where Fuukei has been rejected, Hiyuri has no one to sell to.
"Money...... money, money, money! I need money......!"
 Of course, Fuukei is not a fool.
 He understands that it is no use for him to be rich when the village is in a mess. Because the amount of money needed for the village has been calculated by his father, and he knows that he can only collect more money than that to line his own pockets.
(If this happens, it doesn't matter if it's against beastsman or humans. If that's the case, there should many humans in another city who can help......)
 And what came to Fuukei's mind was the image of Alvin and the other members of <Running Wolves>.
 He thought that if Alvin had won the tournament, he might have an opportunity to ask the nobles to take Hiyuri in through the <Running Wolves>.

 Then, when thinking about who to ask...... or who to convince to cooperate, the two women were the first to be eliminated. So, the natural choice would be Alvin or Shinji.
(The wizard (Shinji), huh......? The swordsman (Alvin) seems to be a serious guy. I don't think he'd want to accept this kind of operation. But if it's a wizard (Shinji)......)
 The wizard (Shinji) is a man with such a good face and such a good ability. So, Fuukei thought that the wizard (Shinji) must have some dark feelings of jealousy toward the swordsman (Alvin) that took all the good news.
 However, this was Fuukei's mistake, as he did not know that Alvin and Shinji had a very good relationship, but it could not be helped with the information network of the eldest son of a village.
(I'll invite him personally, I'm sure Folt will be able to handle him......)
 So, Fuukei called Folt.
  • The monster's nest was cleaned up.
  • There are some people who will try to do bad things if there is peace.
  • Fuukei targets Shinji, who at first glance seems to be the most normal of the bunch. (But it's not)
  • Let's get on with the story!
Stay safe and stay healthy.....
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