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Friday, March 26, 2021

Chapter 11 Milis, First Time having Sex

This chapter contain R-18 scenes, please come back if your age below 18.
 Milis wakes up, gets dressed, and leaves the room.
(I drank too much last night... I made a mistake...)
 When she came to, she found herself sleeping on the bed in her room. Milis thought that Alvin must have carried me there. To confirm this, Milis went to the inn's dining room.
"Good morning, Meryl-san."
"Oh, good morning, Milis-chan. I hope you're not hungover."
 Meryl, the young innkeeper, smiled back at Milis and asked her with smile.
"I'm fine. Did Al-kun bring me yesterday?"
"Well, Milis is Alvin. I think it was Shinji who carried Renka. The wizard was carrying her."
 Miliis is relieved that her prediction was correct. She was a little surprised that it was Shinji who had carried Renka. Shinzi usually does not try to touch Milis and Renka.
"Oh yeah, Renka-chan sent me a message. She said she had to go out for something. She didn't say when she would be back."
"Oh, I understand. Thank you very much."
 Milis thanked Meryl and went to Alvin's room. She knocked on the door of the room.
"Al-kun, are you awake?"
"I'm awake!"
"Good, I'm sorry to bother you."
 Milis entered the room and was greeted by Alvin, who had finished changing. He is not wearing his usual light armor, but in his casual clothes for holidays. Milis walked up to Alvin and looked up at him.
"Al-kun, I'm sorry about yesterday. Thank you for carrying me."
"No, it was more like I made you drink too much. I'm sorry, too."
 They both apologized to each other and then laughed.
"Meryl-san said that Renka went out by herself. Al-kun, have you heard anything?"
"No...nothing. Well, it's Renka, so I'm sure she's fine."
 Alvin is not worried her because Renka is a strong person. Milis looked a little uneasy, but in the end she seemed to have come to the same conclusion as Alvin and nodded back.
"It's okay because she's leaving with a message, right?"
"I'm sure you're right. So... Renka, she's not here"
 Alvin was thinking about something for a while, but then he suddenly hugged Milis who was right in front of him. Milis was surprised, but returned the hug quietly and looked at Alvin's face.
"Mil, I want to do something naughty."
 Puff! Alvin's face turned bright red. Alvin continued to stare at Milis with a serious face. When he was in a pinch, in the midst of making up his mind, Alvin felt like he hadn't had sex with Milis yet.
"When that time I'm in a pinch I don't want to regret it anymore. Let's get married! So, let's have sex!"
"Al-kun... yes . But, idiot! You should think about the mood a little more."
 Originally, she wasn't looking for a mood with Al-kun, but! Despite his anger, Milis responded to Alvin's marriage proposal. Alvin had a troubled look on his face, but he was happy that Milis had accepted his proposal.
 After that, the two of them prepared to go out and departed from the <Shuriki-tei>. Their destination was, of course, the inn where they would be staying.
 When they arrived at the inn, they were sitting on the bed, facing each other.
 Alvin is a virgin, and Milis is a virgin. Both of them were nervous because they had no idea how to behave.
"Well, let's start with a kiss then."
"Y, yes... "
 Alvin pulled Milis's shoulder and hugged her. Milis also wrapped her arms around Alvin's back and hugged him tightly. Milis big tits are pressed against Alvin's chest plate, and Alvin's excitement is only increasing.
"Chu... Chu... Chu..."
 He slowly repeated the kiss over and over again, just touching. Alvin was nervous and stiff, but he moved on to the next act to lead Milis.
"Can I take off your clothes...?"
"Yes... Al-kun, please take off my clothes "
 With trembling hands, Alvin took off Milis' clothes. When he opened her chest, a magnificent cleavage appeared in Alvin's view, and he swallowed his saliva.
"Al-kun...this is so embarrassing..."
 She try to hide her breasts with her arms to escape from Alvin's gaze, but there is no way she can hide her big tits, and the way they are pulled up makes her look even more indecent.
"I, it's okay. You look beautiful, Mil..."
 Alvin let Milis' arms down and touched her magnificent breasts with both hands as if to wrap them. Milis's soft breasts sank Alvin's fingers, and he played with them as if he were handling a broken object, impressed by their softness.
"Mmm...Al-kun's hands are so big, aren't they?"
"Mil's breasts are so soft..."
 Alvin continued to caress her breasts, absorbed in his work. This is the first time he've ever seen a woman's breasts that are so soft. Milis's nipples began to harden slightly.
"Al-kun... My boobs feel so good"
 Milis's sweet voice was making Alvin more and more excited and he was losing patience. His penis was erect in his pants, and the pre-cum was pouring out of his glans.
"How about this one, Mil...?"
 Alvin touched Milis's still-damp underwear. Milis's face is red with embarrassment, but she does not want to disturb the movement of Alvin's fingers and is left to her own devices.
"I, I don't know...maybe my breasts feel better..."
 Milis shudders at the sensation of being touched by another person for the first time.
 After a while of Alvin touching the entrance area, Milis's secret parts finally started to produce love juice, wetting Alvin's fingers. Although Milis was feeling it in her private parts, it seemed that her sexual zone was her breasts, and although she wanted Alvin to touch her breasts more, she couldn't say anything.
 Alvin couldn't help but want to penetrate her. He was a virgin, so he could not help it. He took off his own pants and put on a contraceptive. 
 Milis also took off his underwear and stripped completely naked, then lay down, embarrassedly covering his chest and crotch with his hands. Alvin removed his hand to cover his crotch and opened Milis's legs and put his body between them. He then placed his penis at the entrance to her private parts.
"Mil... I love you."
"I love you too, Al-kun..."
 The penis slowly began to pry open Milis's vaginal entrance. Milis, whose vagina was not wet enough, clung to Alvin and hugged him tightly to endure the pain of the penis entering.
"It's hurt..."
"I'm sorry, Mil... are you okay?"
 Alvin stopped moving and hugged Milis back. Alvin's penis felt good, although it was only halfway in but he felt bad for her tears of pain. The vaginal pressure that was tightening as it refused to go in was giving Alvin pleasure.
"It's okay, ......, just finish me off..."
"...I get it. I'm sorry, Mil!"
 The hug and the rubbing of breast against his breastplate made Milis feel slightly better and relaxed her vaginal pressure. Alvin thrust his hips firmly into her. He broke Milis' virginity membrane. The proof of her virginity flowed onto the sheets, staining them red.
"Is it still hurt?"
"Ahh ...... Al-kun... yes, yes...?"
 Milis laughed while shedding tears of pain. Alvin desperately held back the urge to move as he waited for the healthy Milis to calm down. Just the insertion was good enough for Alvin.
"No problem... Al-kun... you can move "
"Ah, ah..."
 Milis's vaginal pressure weakened. While looking at the reaction of Milis, Alvin slowly pulled his hips and slowly thrust into the back. Awkwardly rubbing his hips, Alvin began to shake his hips, and Meelis frowned at the pain and the sensation of the penis gouging her vagina for the first time.
 Alvin's patience reached its limit when Milis finally began to feel pleasure and the slickness of her love juices allowed for a smooth penetration.
"Mul...! I'm going to ejaculate!!"
"Aah...♡♡♡ Al-kun's...ejaculation..."
 Alvin's penis released its semen inside Milis' vagina. She couldn't feel it directly because the contraceptive caught the semen, but she felt the penis releasing semen .
"Huh...huh....I'm sorry that I was the only one who felt good."
"Yeah... I was kind of good at the end too... I'm glad you got to cum properly..."
 He slowly pulled out his penis and lay down next to Milis. Milis also put her face on Alvin's shoulder and squinted at the warmth of her loved one.
 Alvin hugged Milis, who smiled at him and was not angry that he had caused her pain with his bad sex.
"I love you, Milis."
"Al-kun... I love you too "
 The two of them whispered their love to each other and shared the warmth in the futon until the end of the night.
 Both Alvin and Milis were very happy.
Edited by Kanaa-senpai.
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