Chapter 28 Milis, Second Mistake

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This time Milis's chapter... The one who crawled is not Shinji but Milis herself...
 When Renka returned to the Party Hall, the place was filled with dead bodies.
 The adventurers who had been making a fool of themselves, including Alvin, had all sunk.
 One of them, Emily, was still in a good mood and still drinking.
"Oh, Renka. Please take care of Alvin! The rest of the guys are helping me pick up the others and carry them to their room. I'm going to sleep soon too."
"Okay, but you're a strong drinker."
 Renka uses <Self-Strengthened> magic to carry Alvin on her shoulders while he lies prostrate on his desk. Emily smiled with pride.
"I've never lost a drink in my life. By the way, where's Milis?"
"She had drunk too much. She went to bed first."
"Right. Well, let's call it today! Thanks for your hard work, everyone!"
 A few voices like dead people came out.
 Here and there, drunken adventurers were being carried out.
 Emily, in a good mood, walked away from the Party Hall...
"Al, let's go back to the room."
 A dumbfounded-looking Renka took Alvin back with her.  
 Shinji, who had been killing time by reading a book, decided it was time to put the book away.
 A good amount of time had passed since Alvin had been carried into the next room, and now he could feel that he was sleeping soundly.
 Shinji was about to leave the room to crawl into Milis's room at night, when he felt the presence of someone at the door. It was harmless. He also sensed the presence of an aphrodisiac spell.
(I guess she was running out of patience...)
 With a gentle smile on his face, Shinji opened the door.
 In front of the door was Milis.
 Milis's face was looking down and Shinji couldn't see it.
 Without saying a word, Shinji invites Milis into the room.
 Milis also walked into Shinji's room without saying a word.
 The door slammed shut and the sound of it locking echoed through the corridor.
"So, what can I do for you? Milis"
 Shinji called out to Milis, who was still lying face down.
 Milis remained silent, but began to confess what was on her mind, breaking off the conversation with a few words.
"I'm happy to have sex Al-kun"
"But after I had sex with Shinji-san, I couldn't get enough..."
"I held back. I even masturbated. But I'm still aching..."
"I couldn't take it anymore when I saw Shinji-san and Renka-chan's. I saw Renka-chan filled up like that. I can't help but envy her... "
 As she was talking, Milis's speech became clearer as she became more excited. Her voice began to take on a lustrous tone, and the expression on her face as she lifted her body in a trembling manner was that of a woman in love.
"I couldn't forget it... Please hold me... again... "
 Milis slowly rolled up her hem.
 Milis was not wearing any pants. She tried to seduce Shinji, exposing her secret parts that were dripping with love juice.
 The thought of the first seduction, which had never happened, had eliminated Milis' reluctance to perform such a lewd act of seduction.
 Shinji smiled wickedly at Milis, who was desperately trying to seduce him.
 Milis was delighted to see that her seduction had been successful, as Shinji showed a male face different from his usual gentle smile.
"So, will you lie down...?"
 Shinji takes off his pants and underwear.
 Milis willingly lies down on the bed on her back while giving a hot look at the size of Shinji's fully erect penis.
 As Shinji covers Milis, her large breasts meet Shinji's chest plate and change shape unpleasantly. While enjoying the feel of her soft breasts, Shinji places the tip of his penis at the entrance to Milis's private parts. The tip of his penis was wet with her love juices from holding back for so long.
"I feel it. You couldn't hold back and cheat on my cock."
"Ah... Ahh... Nnnnnnn ♡♡♡"
 The glans was inserted into her vagina.
 Milis's hips trembled at the sensation of being pushed apart by the huge penis she wanted.
 Shinji's penis slowly expanded inside the narrow vagina, which until now had been suitable for Alvin's size, and moved it deeper.
 Milis felt the sensation of the vaginal walls being rubbed unbearably good.
 Shinji's penis reached the back of Milis's vagina, where Alvin had never been able to reach, and squeezed her cervix .
 Milis's vagina trembled with delight as the penis she had been waiting for arrived at the place where she had been aching for so long, and she tightened up so she can suck Shinji's penis.
 And then Milis's climax comes.
 It was the best climax that made her head go blank.
 She wraps her legs around Shinji's waist and doesn't let go. The little bit of shame that remained was holding her mouth with both hands to prevent her from making a charming sound.
 Shinji remained still until Milis was weakened, and he continued to watch her face as she came. Eventually, Milis came back from a deep climax and blushed when she realized that Shinji had been watching her the whole time.
"If you make too much noise, maybe Alvin who was in the next room will notice."
"!? Hmm Hmm Hmm ♡♡"
 After climaxing once, the tingling eased, and Milis regained a little of her reason.
 It was only when Shinji told her that she remembered that Alvin was sleeping in the next room. But when Shinji pulled his hips back and his large penis rubbed against the folds of her vaginal passage, her thoughts were immediately engulfed in a wave of pleasure.
 All Milis could do was to keep her mouth covered with her hands.
 Shinji has no intention of interfering with that action either.
 He starts pistoning as he feels the vaginal pressure tightening his cock.
"I'm going to make you cum a lot with my cheating cock today..."
"N ♡♡ Nn Ngu "
 The word "cheating" made Milis feel guilty, but as she enjoyed the numbing pleasure that Shinji continued to give her, the guilt gradually disappeared from her mind and she was filled with pleasure. As Shinji's penis plunges deeper and deeper into her, Milis loses the will to resist him...
(It feels so good... Shinji's cock feels so good... ♡♡)
 Milis was beginning to find joy in the sensation of being filled as a female.
 Her pussy had already come lightly several times. Milis's vagina had learned to love Shinji's penis, which gave her the greatest pleasure. She was sure that she would never forget it again.
"I'm going to cum...!"
"Nuu... Nnnnnnn n Nuuk ♡♡♡♡♡"
 The big penis plunged into the back of her vagina.
 Dopyu!! Semen is released from Shinji's penis and fills Milis's womb and vagina.
 Milis also suffered a deep climax that made her head go blank again. Each time Shinji's penis ejaculated repeatedly, Milis climaxed.
 After the ejaculation subsided, Shinji slowly withdrew his penis.
 As Milis was in a daze from her climax, Shinji pulled her hands away from her mouth and rolled her over so that she was lying face down on the bed. He put the pillow under Milis's face and put his penis to the entrance of her secret place again.
 He inserted it into her vagina, where semen and love juices mixed together.
 The pillows blocked any sound that came out of Milis' mouth, so all he could hear was a muffled little voice.
 Then, Shinji put his face close to Milis's ear and whispered.
"I'm using contraception magic. I'm magically sterilized, so I can cum inside you. Make sure you remember those two things when you leave tonight.
 The reply was a tightening of the vagina.
 Shinji's hips slammed against Milis' soft ass. The powerful swing of his hips gouged out the weakest part of Milis' vagina, making her climax over and over again.
 Shinji also could not resist the feeling of ejaculation, and ejaculated again and again. Despite this, Shinji's penis remained hard and majestic, and Milis's vagina became a prisoner of Shinji's penis.
 This night, Shinji continued to make Milis climax with his penis.
 When Milis lost consciousness, she had the look of a very happy female...


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