Chapter 5 The Man is Unaware that His Lover's Body is Being Stolen from Him

Press F to Morse-kun, his lover stolen by the MC
 A month has passed since Shinji joined the <Running Wolf>.
 Shinji is walking alone through the city, returning to the inn. The quest had ended early today, so the sun was still high in the sky and there were still a decent number of people walking the streets. In the crowd, Shinji saw a familiar face.
"Charlotte-chan, what a coincidence."
"Huh? Shinji-san. You're home early today."
 What Shinji found was Charlotte. Her hair was curly and she was wearing a stylish dress with her arms entwined around a young man who seemed to be her boyfriend. The young man who seemed to be her lover also followed Charlotte's lead and looked at Shinji's face.
"Hello. Um..."
"Shinji-san. It's an adventurer who is a regular guest at our inn"
"Oh, I see. Nice to meet you, I'm Morse."
 He was a little confused, but after hearing Charlotte's explanation, he seemed to understand and greeted Shinji with a smile.
"I'm Shinji, nice to meet you "
"Yes, likewise"
 The two greeted each other smilingly.
"Well then, Shinji-san. Morse and I are going to continue our date."
"Oh, be careful. I'm going home to eat and go to bed."
"My father said it's pork stew today."
"Really? I'd better hurry home. See you later, Morse"
"Oh, yes. I'll see you later"
 When Shinji heard about the stew, he made a crisp expression and walked quickly away from them. Morse was taken aback by the scene. Charlotte was giggling happily.
 Suddenly, Morse noticed that his girlfriend was hugging his arm tightly and firmly. His arm was trapped between Charlotte's soft cleavage. His eyes were glued to the scene.
"Morse, I... I want to "
 Charlotte whispered in Morse's ear. Morse had no reason to refuse her. The two of them quickly left the place and headed to the inn.
 When they entered the room, Morse hugged Charlotte and kissed her. She happily accepted the kiss and kissed Morse back. While repeating the kiss, Morse pushed Charlotte down on the bed.
"I love you, Charlotte."
"I love you too...Mmmm "
 Charlotte's beautiful body was almost too much to admire no matter how many times he looked at it. After removing Charlotte's clothes, Morse gently touched her large breasts and caressed them while slowly exploring her reaction. Charlotte watches Morse caress her with a pleasantly relaxed expression.
"Charlotte's tits are very sensitive, aren't they? They get hard right away..."
"Hyaa Hmm...don't say something embarrassing..."
 Morse kissed Charlotte's cheek and whispered in her ear while touching her hard nipple with his fingertips. He feels good and he continues to caress Charlotte's body. When he ran his hand over Charlotte's underwear, it was already wet, and as Charlotte's body quickly prepared to receive him, Morse quickly prepared for penetration. He put the contraceptive on his penis and quickly covered Charlotte with it.
"After all, it feels so good inside Charlotte."
"Um... Morse... it's entering..."
 Morse clenches his teeth and endures the pressure of Charlotte's vagina, which tightens up just from insertion. He hugged Charlotte tightly and tried to control his breathing. After a few moments of pause, Morse slowly pulled his hips back and began the slow insertion motion again. Morse, though unaccustomed to it, swung his hips and looked at Charlotte's face.
"Charl too...huh, huh, does it feel good...?"
"Yess it feels really good "
 Morse was relieved when Charlotte's cheeks turned red and she looked entranced. However, Morse's patience reached its limit as a result of this.
"I'm sorry, it's coming out!!"
"Ah Hmm... I understand "
 Morse's penis ejaculated. He shuddered with pleasure as he hugged Charlotte and pressed his hips against her. Charlotte also hugged Morse back and wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him in to feel his ejaculation deep inside her vagina. At the same time, the vaginal pressure is increased and the last drop of semen is squeezed out of Morse's penis.
"Uhh...Charl...Charl, did you cum too?"
"Yes it felt so good "
 Morse mistook the increased vaginal pressure to mean that Charlotte had reached the same level as him. Charlotte also affirmed Morse's words. She hadn't really cum, but she had lied about it because she thought Morse would mind. Morse, who was having sex with Charlotte for the first time, did not notice the lie.
 Morse was relieved to see that Charlotte seemed to be satisfied with having poor sex with him.
 Morse was confessed by Charlotte and they started dating, which was a good thing because Morse liked Charlotte too. He hadn't thought about telling her because he didn't think he was good enough for the beautiful Charlotte.
 After a few dates and kisses, it was time for the first time. When Charlotte said, "I've been practicing to suit Morse's taste!" Morse panicked when he heard that. He had no idea that Charlotte was listening to the stupid conversation he was having with his male friend.
 Charlotte's blowjob made him ejaculate in a matter of seconds.
She sucked him off again to make his penis bigger, and inserted him for the first time... and he ejaculated immediately. It was so pathetic that Morse felt like he was going to die.
 However, Charlotte was not disappointed and caressed Morse's penis with her hand to make it bigger again. He was able to finish his first experience by riding her again and thrusting his hips as hard as Charlotte asked him to.
 It had been a rough first time, but after many rounds of sex, Morse was finally able to make Charlotte cum, and he was able to enjoy sex with her.
 Morse pulled his deflated penis out of Charlotte and lay down next to her. He removes the semen-filled contraceptive from his penis, ties it around his mouth and tosses it aside.
"It's great. Thank you, Charl."
"Yes, but I still have some energy."
 Charlotte's eyes are on Morse's penis. Morse's libido has already subsided, but Charlotte is still not satisfied. She crawls over from next to Morse. Of course, she moves toward Morse's lower body.
 Slipping her body between Morse's knees, Charlotte lifted Morse's hips and placed her ass on his lap. Charlotte leaned forward... welcoming Morse's cock between her large breasts.
"Kuh, Charl... this is!"
"Paizuri I've been practicing " (*Note : Titty Fuck)
 Morse felt his deflated penis become hot all at once. He could not contain his excitement at the sight of Charlotte's big tits bobbing slowly up and down as his penis was squeezed between her cleavage.
"You can take it out whenever you want..."
"Aah! Charl! Charl!!"
 Morse rubs his penis against Charlotte's breasts with lust. Charlotte gazes happily at Morse.
 After that, Morse ejaculated twice on Charlotte's breasts, and then he reached his limit. Morse is a little limp after being made to cum so much, but he drives Charlotte home.
 After parting ways with Charlotte, Morse remembers Charlotte's titties on the way home and goes home with a red face.
 Morse's face turns red on the way home as he remembers Charlotte's titties. The titties that drove him crazy were trained by another man, but Morse never realizes it.
"Ah Ah Ah Ah "
"You're such a dedicated student, practicing even after a date. Charlotte-chan!"
"Cumming I'm cumming Ahhhhh "
 Morse is unaware that Charlotte's body is being filled by another man.  
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