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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Chapter 9 First Kiss Tastes like Lemon

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"And then! I'm sorry for the trouble that I caused yesterday! So, I made a lot of food! Please eat up! Cheers!"
 The four members of <Running Wolves> had gathered in a corner of the dining room of <Shukuriki-tei> to begin a dinner party. The table was lined with dishes that Renka had prepared in the kitchen, and they all began to eat together with a toast.
"Renka's food is so good! The soup tastes just like our hometown. I sometimes get a craving for it."
"I don't have much time to cook stews when I'm adventuring... Renka-chan, it's delicious!"
"That's good. Please eat a lot. Please give me some more ale!"
"Okay, here you are!"
 Alvin began to devour his food, while Milis slowly took a sip of the soup. The soup from back home was a favorite of both of them, and Renka had made a lot of it. Renka also ordered more sake as she ate her food. The young innkeeper replied and brought more ale to replace the empty glasses.
"Yes... it's really delicious. Renka is a good cook. The meat is cooked perfectly, and the sauce is just the way I like it."
"I'm glad it suited your palate."
 Shinji was also smiling as he cut the main course steak into small pieces and put them in his mouth. Renka nodded in satisfaction at the sight of him. She's happy to hear the praise of the honest Shinji.
"But now we are at the upper intermediate rank... I can't wait to move up to the upper rank.
"Al-kun, it is too early. Aren't we just promoted yesterday?"
 Alvin started to get drunk and Milis criticized him. He has a dissatisfied look on his face. Renka and Shinji laugh bitterly.
"Upper ranks has an image of being special, so there's no point in rushing it. If we continue as we have been doing, we will eventually rise."
"What's more, I think we're already have the strength higher than the upper lower ranks. We'll just have to take our time."
 Three of them looked at Shinji at the same time as he spoke while drinking his ale. Alvin tilted his head at Shinji's confident words.
"How do you know that?"
"Hmm? How do I know that? Because my former party was in the upper ranks."
 Suddenly, Shinji made a shocking statement. Whaaaaat! The three of them couldn't help but raise their voices. Shinji was puzzled.
"What is it? What's so surprising?"
"I'm surprised! When Shinji joined, we were in the lower-intermediate ranks! And wasn't there another party that was higher than us?"
"I think I know why you're so calm, Shinji-san..."
"What are you thinking...really?"
 Shinji laughed at the three different reactions and continued talking.
"I've seen the other parties. As a result, <Running Wolves> was the best. I thought Alvin, Milis and Renka had a lot of talent. I didn't use rank as a selection criterion at the time."
 Shinji drank his ale and shook his glass, shouting for more. The three of them listened to him quietly.
"So, there's no doubt in my eyes. Alvin, Milis, and Renka are all good kids, and the party atmosphere is good. I'd like to continue to do my best at this rate. ...What is it?"
 With an unusually embarrassed look on his face, Shinji concluded his story. By the time he had finished, all three of them were looking at Shinji with strange smiles on their faces. Alvin put his arm around Shinji's shoulders and squeezed his shoulders.
"I'm glad it was Shinji who joined us! All right! Let's drink more! Mil and Renka, let's drink!"
"You have to drink in moderation, Al-kun"
"It's good to have a drink occasionally! I'll have one too!"
"Even you, Renka-chan... And you, Shinji, please stop!"
"I'm sorry. I'm on Alvin and Renka's side today"
 It seems that even Shinji refused with a crisp face, and Milis gave up by muttering, "It can't be helped"
 Alvin and his friends talked about their time in their hometown, Shinji talked about his past, and the feast went on until the end of the hour.
 Milis is falling asleep, lying on the desk with a muffled smile. Next to her, Renka was also sinking into a roar. Seeing the two of them collapsed, Shinji stopped drinking with Alvin.
"Let's stop here for now, Alvin."
"That's right... ah, they drunk... that was fun."
"Yes, it was fun. Let's drink again. Do you want to go out for a drink with the guys this time?"
"That would be nice too!"
 Alvin smiled happily. "By the way" Shinji chuckled, looking at the two who had fallen asleep.
"I'll wake them up and ask them to go to their room. We'll have to clean up."
"It's not good to wake them up, so let's carry them. I'll carry Mil, so for Renka, can you?"
 Alvin then easily carried the sleeping Milis on his back. Milis is dreaming and is still sleepy with Al-kun .
"I feel bad about carrying her without permission, but..."
"It's okay. You'll just put her on the bed. Then we'll both clean up here."
"All right. If she says anything, just follow up, okay?"
 Shinji put his arms around the sleeping Renka's back and knees and lifted her up. It's a princess hug. Shinji follows behind Alvin as he leads the way.
 The vibration of the walk brought Renka back to consciousness. Shinji's face was right next to her own. She was quietly leaning against Shinji, who was carrying her without any awareness of Renka has awake. Renka wasn't uncomfortable, and she was thrilled by Shinji's warmth.
"Renka's room is that way. See you later!"
 Alvin walked to the front of the next room, shaking, "Mil, give me the key to your room." Shinji called out to Renka, who was still held by him.
"Renka, do you have the key? I'll put you to bed, okay?"
"...Yeah, here..."
 Shinji smiled at Renka, who reacted more properly than he expected.
"Can you make it to bed by yourself if you can stand up?"
 Shinji and Renka's eyes met. From the look of Shinji's gaze, Renka can only feel his concern. Renka was so excited to be held by Shinji, but he didn't seem to be aware of it at all. For some reason, that seemed to dissatisfy her.
"I'll open it... just carry me like this."
 Renka should be able to stand, but she begged Shinji in a sweet voice. Renka's heart was pounding more and more, but Shinji just nodded calmly. They unlocked the door and entered Renka's room.
 Once in the room, Shinji slowly carries Renka to her bed. As he walked, he cast a weak aphrodisiac spell on Renka.
 Renka misinterpreted the magical thrill in her chest as Shinji's strength supporting her and the effects of intoxication. She was aware of Shinji's face so close to hers, yet he was as normal as ever.
 Renka lay down on the bed. Shinji slowly took his hand away from Renka. There was no offense at all. It was only natural, but Renka was wondering if she was not attractive enough. It was a strange and lewd thought.
 She could feel Shinji trying to stand up.
 He really doesn't do anything.
 For some reason, that frustrated her.
 Immediately, Renka's arms went around Shinji's neck and head.
 Renka pulled Shinji to her and kissed him.
 Renka's first kiss, which was just a touch, tasted like the last lemon liquor Shinji had been drinking.
Renka is so aggressive after Shinji gave her some spell!
And Renka gave her first kiss to Shinji not Alvin!
  • Renka is so aggressive after Shinji gave her some spell! 
  • And Renka gave her first kiss to Shinji not Alvin!

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