Chapter 39 Milis's Falls ・ Part Three

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Milis chapter part three....
"Ummm... I wonder what is the best for her?"
 Alvin spent the whole morning browsing through the jewelry stores. He couldn't find anything he liked. Most of the expensive rings had large jewels on them that would get in the way of wearing them all the time.
 Considering Milis's taste, a simple ring would have been preferable rather than an extravagant one. However, a simple ring was too cheap and insufficient.
"It might be better to order a custom one"
 After a quick lunch bought at a street vendor, Alvin headed back into town to look for a ring.
"Chu... Nn~ Nmu~ Jupo~ Jupo~ "
"Milis' mouth feels so good..."
 Milis sat between Shinji's legs as he sat in the bathtub, taking Shinji's penis into her mouth. She was under the influence of a lewd crest, so she couldn't refuse Shinji's request for a fellatio.
 She learned how to give a fellatio from Shinji and practiced it.
(Shinji-san's cock... Is too strong... )
  Even though she's not used to it, she learns sexual techniques such as carefully twirling her tongue around the penis and licking up the underside.
 Shinji strokes Milis's head as she shakes her face back and forth, caressing the penis with a watery sound.
"I'm going to ejaculate. Drink it all"
"Yhessh... Nbu~ ♡♡ Nn~ ♡♡"
 The hand that was stroking Milis's head is held down her head so that she can't escape. It isn't necessary to restrain Milis, who didn't resist... because Milis accepted the ejaculation in her mouth as Shinji had told her to do.
 Milis swallowed the semen that was poured into her mouth. The fifth ejaculation had the same thick, bitter taste that stuck in her throat.
 The male odor that pierced her nose made her feel comfortable as she came into heat. Her vagina tingled, and she couldn't wait for Shinji to insert himself once more.
"Suck me to the end..."
"Juzo... Chu...♡♡ Hah... Shinji-san... I... "
 After slurping up every last drop of semen, Milis squirmed and rubbed her legs together as she looked up at Shinji. There is not a trace of reason in her eyes, which are stained with lust.
 Milis can no longer suppress her sexual desires due to the effects of the lewd crest. She has become nothing more than a female who enjoys the pleasures of the male in front of her.
"How long can you stay today?"
"I have to be home... On dinner... "
"Okay... Yosh!"
"Nhaaaaa ♡♡♡"
 Shinji pulled Milis's arms and made her straddle him, and inserted his penis. Shinji grabbed Milis's hips and stood up, letting her put her arms around him firmly.
 Milis clings to Shinji so as not to be dropped. Both her legs are also tangled up... As gravity pulled her body down, she moaned with pleasure as the inserted penis pushed up her vagina.
 Shinji lifted Milis up and began to thrust up her vagina in the Ekiben position, panting, panting, panting.
"Shinji-san~ ♡♡ This is no good~ ♡♡ It's deep~ Too deep I'm going stupid~ ♡♡♡"
 Milis cried out in pleasure at the position where her weak point was being poked and prodded. Her body was raised and she couldn't stop her light climax. Just clinging to Shinji was all Milis could do.
"It's okay. I'm the only one who sees you. You can show the stupid Milis only for me"
"Nn~ Naa~ Nn~ Cumming.. I'm cummiinnnnggg ♡♡♡"
 When Shinji allowed her, Milis climaxed wildly.
 She hugged Shinji with all her might and pressed her soft body against his. Milis continued to cum as she felt the warmth of the semen filling her vagina....
"Huh... Let's get something to eat and then we can continue"
"... Huh... Are we still doing this... "
 When the penis is pulled out, the semen that could not be held drips from Milis' vagina onto the bathroom floor.
 Milis stared Shinji in ecstasy as he showed off his erect penis, showing that he was still willing to fuck.
 After that, Shinji and Milis continued to have sex.
 After a quick snack, they had sex in the mini-kitchen, on the bed, in the bathroom again... as much as time allowed.
 Milis was fucked in a variety of positions and was completely captivated by the lewd passionate sex.
 Shinji made her understand that he was the one who could make her feel the best.
 Today's last sex.
 Milis liked it best when she was on all fours and being fucked from behind. Because it gave her a lot of penetration and the pleasure was strong enough not to be painful, but just right. In this position, they exchanged a few words.
"Rest assured that you will only see the lewd crest when you have sex with me"
"Yes... Ah~ Ah~ Thank you so much~ "
 Pan Pan Pan
"Let's continue to adventure seriously"
"Nn~ Nn~ Al-kun... I will support you Na~ ♡♡"
 The timing of Shinji's hip shaking and Milis's hip shaking matched perfectly. It could be seen by how much Milis is being held by Shinji during this training.
"It's a secret between us that we're sex friends. Also, about this house, too"
"I will keep the secret... Ah~ Cumming again... ♡♡"
 Milis continued to climax with ease.
 Shinji never stops poking her climaxed and sensitive vagina without mercy. Milis can't think about anything else because of the pleasure of having her vagina poked and prodded.
"Fuaaaaaaaaaahhh ♡♡♡♡"
 Shinji's ejaculation in the final push.
 Milis's body slumped as she screamed uncontrollably. Her arms relaxed and her upper body slumped to the bed.
 The expression on her face was very satisfied, and she looked happy and relaxed.
(Sex with Shinji-san... It felt so good...)
 That day, Milis' body was bound by the lewd crest.
 She could no longer confide to Alvin of her own volition.
 Milis, who was forbidden to do anything related to the cancellation of the spell, had no way to escape from Shinji. 
 Alvin was no longer in the Milis's mind, who had fallen into the role of Shinji's convenient sex friend...


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