Chapter 58 Fire Spirit, Flair・Part Four

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This fourth part of Flair chapter...
 The penis that had been thrust into Flair was inserted all the way to the back of her vagina. Shinji felt that Flair's vaginal folds, which had been tortured for a long time, were waiting for him and twining around his penis .
"It's so tight. You wanted it so badly, didn't you?"
"Hah... Hah... You're so noisy~noja... Don't bother telling me... "
 Flair, who had climaxed lightly just from the insertion, was out of breath. The big cock that made her cum so much last night was inserted into her vagina, and she shivered at the size of it.
(It's really... So big... )
 The sensation of being completely filled from the entrance to the back of the vagina. The glans pushing up against her uterus. Flair's body felt on its own that she was being filled to the max as a woman.
 The fact that her sensitivity hadn't increased made her understand how good this thick, strong penis felt.
"So? Any guesses?"
"Hah... Hah... Wait... I'll talk, so wait... "
 There was no way she could have a proper discussion with her head stained with pleasure. She tried to calm her mind so she could talk, but with Shinji's penis pumping up her vagina, there was no way she could calm her body.
 Slowly, Flair's hips began to move. Shinji spoke nastily to Flair, who began to move up and down in small movements, supporting herself with her hands.
"I thought you were going to talk?"
"Wait... I will talk it~noja... Nn~ Nn~ Nn~ Nnn~ "
"You look like you're moving yourself and it's making you feel good"
"I can't help it... I need to calm down once... So I can talk-yoja... "
 There should be an option to pull out once and calm down, but that option didn't come to her mind, who couldn't bear to cum because she was being hurried.
 After Shinji pointed this out to her, she regained her composure and her movements became bolder.
 But then Shinji stopped her. "Why...?" Flair said while gave Shinji a confused and pleading look.
 Shinji lifted Flair's hips and pulled out his penis. "Don't pull it out... " She said when Shinji pulled it out, not caring that her vagina was tightening up.
"I'll make you cum if you get down on all fours"
"... ! ...Kuh~... "
"See, is that okay?"
 Pride and carnal desires struggled inside Flair.
 Getting down on all fours means being blamed from behind. She felt uncomfortable with the idea of being in a position where she could be dominated by a male.
 But Flair knows how good it feels to be poked from behind. Today she is not being sensitized in a way that makes her crazy. She knows this because she has been penetrated once.
 She knows she's going to have a great sex experience.
 Slowly, Flair gets down on all fours.
 She was silent, which was the only resistance she could muster. She was red with shame as she presented her beautiful peach ass to Shinji.
"Good job, you're doing great"
"Nnnnn~ ♡♡♡ Nn~ Nn~ "
 The skirt of her dress is pulled up and Shinji inserts his penis.
 Shinji pokes the back of her vagina while rubbing the inside of her vagina tightening his penis as she waits it.
(Ah... No... This cock is so strong~noja...)
 Pan Pan Pan Pan
 Flair's thoughts were filled with feelings of pleasure.
 Flair begins to move her hips in time with Shinji's movements. He pulls his penis out to the edge and inserts it all the way in. The strong tip of his penis rubs up against the most comfortable part of Flair's body.
 Flair's face was sloppy and debauched. Her mouth, which was tightly closed to prevent her from screaming, was her only resistance. Her body had been corrupted and she was devouring the pleasure.
(Aah... Cumming... I'm cumming~noja... Cummmmming...)
 Flair tried to push her hips so that his penis would poke the back of her vagina to climax, but Shinji pulled his penis and did not poke the back of her vagina. On the contrary, he even stops his pistoning motion.
"If you want to cum, you have to tell me"
"...N~ Nn~ Kuh... Hah... Hah... "
 Flair shakes her hips in an attempt to climax, but Shinji slowly and slowly pulls his penis out of her vagina. The sensation of decreasing pleasure and the desire to cum finally overcame Flair's pride.
"...Please let me cum I want it~noja~ Pleaseeee ♡♡♡"
 As soon as Flair begged, Shinji grabbed her slim waist and resumed his deep pistoning movement into her vagina.
"Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ Nn~ Cumming~ I'm cumming~nojaaaaa ♡♡♡"
 Flair screams in delight at the pleasure she's been waiting for.
 It's not a human and a spirit on the bed, it's just a male and a female.
 The glans pushes up into Flair's womb. She sensed that Shinji was about to ejaculate. She prepares for the impact of the seed by pressing her seductive hips against Shinji's waist.
    Dopyu Dopyu Dopyu Dop... Dop...
 A large amount of semen is released from his penis. Flair's womb sucks up the semen and fills her vagina with it. The amount of semen that can't be contained in the vagina leaks from the vagina and stains the sheets.
(Amazhing... I'm be ruined... I can't resist... If I'm a woman... I can't win against this cock... )
 The shock of her climax had tainted the thoughts of Flair, who had exposed her disheveled face, with pleasure. In addition, the sensation of the semen pouring out of her is just too good....
 She let go of the sheet that she was holding so tightly and fell down on the bed in a limp position from all fours. Flair's mouth was dripping with drool.
 Shinji pull out his penis from Flair. That was enough to make Flair moan.
 He flipped Flair over on her back, exposing his erect, strong penis to Flair's eyes. It seemed to indicate that Shinji was still willing to fuck her.
 Yesterday, that had been terrifying.
 But today, Flair didn't feel scared. She could not help but stare at the penis that had made her feel so good.
"Flair, talk about it"
"Gu... It's promise after all ..."
 At Shinji's urging, Flair realized that she had been staring at his penis with lustful eyes. Shinji's nasty smile irritated her, but she had to speak.
"Minato is probably from another world. He doesn't have a clue about common sense, and he uses a language I don't understand. "Am I going to make a contract with him?" That's what I said to higher-up. Originally, my higher-up had planned for him to learn about this world from her while she was still in the here."
 Flair muttered to herself, "My higher-ups also told me to support him"
 Shinji is ready to listen to the end.
"But Minato is like that, isn't he? He doesn't even want to do anything voluntarily. Because It's my job and I'll lend a hand if I'm asked. Affinity magic is part of that. But he should have at least taken care to hide my name. Is that clear?"
 Flair looked at Shinji after she had shared her guesses as to why she had been requested by her higher-ups. She seemed to have calmed down a bit while she was talking, and Shinji could see the frustration in her gaze.
"That's enough. Thank you, Flair"
"Hmm, that's good to know. Can I have it back when you're done?"
 Flair said, glancing at the claimed penis in front of her and then out of sight. She is aware that although her mind is calm, her body is attracted to the penis.
"I'm not going to tell you why I called him the otherworlders. It's not that I can't tell you. But, it's that I can't"
"I see. I see. It's good of you to answer before I ask. You should be rewarded for that..."
"This is not a reward... Ah~ "
 Shinji started to move again with the words he said to control her.
 Shinji covered Flair. The penis is inserted into the secret area, which is again dripping with semen and love juice.
 Flair resisted. She tried to push Shinji away with both hands, but she was not strong enough, and it was only a matter of form.
"Ahh~ Nnn~ Stop~ Stop it... "
"It's only your mouth which says you don't like it, isn't it?"
"Don't make me feel any better... ♡♡♡"
 Shinji fucked Flair mercilessly after she admitted that sex with Shinji felt good.
 And so, for the second day in a row, Flair is fucked until morning...
"Fuaahhhh~ ♡♡♡ No more~ Stop~ ♡♡♡ Please don't cum inside me again~nojaaaaa ♡♡♡"
 Flair's face was covered with pleasure as she screamed in disgust.
 As the sun rises, Flair's face is still disheveled as she lies next to Shinji, who has finished fucking her.


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