Chapter 67 Checking the New Bed, Milis

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 Shinji is not particular about furniture.
 He preferred simple and calm furniture, and he chose to buy it from a selection of furniture that was available in the store.
 The furniture was ready for delivery the next morning, so Shinji asked for the quickest possible delivery.
 Coincidentally, the furniture Shinji ordered and the lovely furniture Milis ordered were made in the same workshop.
 The furniture for Milis was also delivered at the same time, as they had it in stock, and they got a small discount.
 The furniture for Alvin and the other three was scheduled to be delivered the day after tomorrow.
"Well then, I guess I'll be staying home tomorrow morning"
"I'll be there in the morning, too. Since I'll have to move a few things"
"Mil, Can I help you with something?"
 Alvin said, but Milis shook his head.
"It's okay! Al-kun, instead of helping me, you need to sort out and dispose of what you need and what you don't need"
"Mil, help me..."
"Mou~... we can start at noon "
"Al... you should do that yourself"
 Milis responds to Alvin's pathetic voice with a smile. Alvin, who is happy, seems to have chosen not to hear Renka's little comment.
"Well then! I wonder if this will be last day both of us live together. Shinji, let's go home "
"Okay. I'll see you tomorrow, Milis"
"Yes, Shinji-san. See you tomorrow..."
 Milis smiled at Shinji's parting words.
"Are you comfortable in your new bed?"
"Yes... Ah~ The new bed... Nn~ It's so soft and comfortable... "
 The next day, Shinji was holding Milis in his room.
 After the furniture was brought in, Shinji visited Milis' room.
 The room was now more stylish than when it was empty, with pretty girlish furniture and a bed brought in.
 Sitting on the corner of the bed, Milis, who had been opening and organizing the boxes of luggage she had brought from the inn, looked up and saw Shinji.
"Shinji-san... I knew you'd come..."
"Did I keep you waiting?"
 She locks the door of her room.
 The key to the room is kept by the individual, so if she locks the door from the inside, there is no need to worry about it being opened from the outside while Milis is inside.
"No... I was cleaning up too..."
 Milis's cheeks reddened when she was left alone with Shinji.
 A stranger would think that Milis had a crush on Shinji. In fact, it is sexual desire that she is harboring.
 Milis, immersed in her repeated cheating sex with Shinji, looks at him expectantly.
"Milis. Can I try out your bed?"
"Please... "
 After getting Milis's permission, Shinji lay down on the bed on my back.
 The new bed is a good one, and Shinji's body enjoys the soft and comfortable feeling of sleeping on it.
 Milis, who had been sitting on Shinji's upper body, slumped down on him. Through the priest's uniform, Milis's rich chest was crushed by Shinji's chest.
 Shinji looks at Milis, squinting at the comfortable feeling.
"...Do you feel good~ "
 Shinji stroked Milis's head without daring to ask what.
 Milis takes this as a reply and puts one hand inside Shinji's pants and underwear, pressing down on his chest with varying degrees of force.
 Milis starts to play with Shinji's semi-erect penis.
(I knew it was big...)
 Milis stroked his penis with a nasty hand.
 She stroked the underside of his penis with her fingertips and handled the rod. She touches the whole thing as if to smear the pre-cum from the penis onto the penis. She also gently stimulates the ball sack.
"You're getting better at this, Milis"
"It's Shinji-san's fault... "
 Milis began to take the initiative to perform foreplay to have sex with Shinji, even without the activation of the lewd crest.
 Shinji, who was stared at by Milis with an indescribably sexy smile, poured magic power into the lewd crest to increase Milis' sensitivity.
    Her vagina tingles, a shiver runs down her spine, and a pleasurable moan escapes from her mouth.
 Then Shinji's hand goes to the sensitive secret part. Two of Shinji's fingers were inserted into the already moist secret area.
"Ah~ Shinji-san... Please touch my pussy more... Hah... Ah... Your fingers... Shinji-san's fingers... It feels so good... "
 Even in the foreplay alone, Shinji's caresses are so skilled that Milis's mouth is drooling.
 In Alvin's foreplay, Milis can get wet, but she can't get horny. Milis can't help but compare Alvin and Shinji's sex.
"Shinji-san... Shinji-san... That's enough... Hurry up, hurry up, please put it in me... "
 Milis begged Shinji.
 She wanted Shinji's penis to poke deep into her vagina as soon as possible.
 She can't make this kind of request when I'm having sex with Alvin. She was too ashamed to show her lewd self to the man she loved.
 Shinji's skillful caresses were enough to bury Milis's shame and make her fall into pleasure.
 Milis can show her nasty side when she has sex with Shinji.
"Then, Milis needs to make sure the bed comfortable"
"That's right... I hadn't even checked the texture yet"
 Milis stepped back from Shinji, stood up and took off her clothes. Shinji also took off his clothes and stripped completely naked.
 Milis, still wearing her simple white underwear, lay down on her back on the bed first.
 When she opened her legs with her hands, Shinji placed his penis in the normal position, sliding off the underwear that hid her private parts. Then he inserted it without saying a word.
"Ahh... It's entering me... ♡♡"
 Milis accepted Shinji's penis with an entranced look on her face.
 She let out a pleasant moan as she welcomed Shinji's big cock deep inside her vagina, which she had been waiting for. Milis was completely captivated by Shinji's big cock.
(She doesn't even seem to feel guilty about Alvin anymore. Does she enjoy the immorality of comparing sex? Though it's making it easier for me to do so)
 Shinji is finding out from Milis about the sex situation with Alvin.
 Alvin only has sex in the normal position. Therefore, when Shinji holds Milis, he starts from the normal position.
 He thought it would be easier for her to compare them if they were in the same position.
 As a result, Milis is becoming as crazy about the first normal position as she is about her favorite back position.
Zouchu Nouchu Guchu Guchu Guchu
(As I thought it's so big... I'm rubbing all my good point... Shinji-san's thing feels better than Al-kun's... More... More... Poke me more... ♡♡)
 Like Alvin, Milis who was covered by Shinji, entwined her arms and legs around his body and pulled him closer to her as usual.
 It feels good just to have skin to skin contact.
 It felt even better when her rich breasts were crushed and her hardened nipples rubbed against Shinji's skin.
 The new bed creaked under Shinji's powerful hips. The new sheets were soaked with her love juice.
"The new bed~ Good... Good... It’s feels good~ Nmu~ Rero... Rero... Nchu... Nn... "
 Milis is crazy about sex with Shinji, but she thinks her love for Alvin hasn't changed.
 Sex with Shinji just feels good.
 She doesn't feel any of the heart-warming happiness that she feels during sex with Alvin.
 That's why Milis loves Alvin.
 Even if she was being held by another man, Milis's only love was Alvin.
 Shinji stops moving his hips and kisses her deeply, entwining their tongues together.
 Milis responded with a tongue-lashing kiss...but it was unusual for Shinji to kiss her so deeply for so long.
 The answer was immediately clear.
"Hey, Mil. Is the door locked?"
 Alvin's voice came from outside the room, and Milis's head immediately went cold.
 Milis had been so engrossed in sex that she had missed it, but Shinji had heard the sound of the house being unlocked.
"Al-kun... What's wrong? You're cleaning up, aren't you...? "
 Milis tried to keep her voice as normal as possible. Shinji's penis was still large and pressing against the back of her vagina.
"I'm bored! Why are you locked up?"
''Right now...I'm organizing my underwear... I'm so embarrassed...Al-kun, go away...''
 Milis's vagina tightens and begs Shinji for semen, as she is excited by the fact that Alvin is right across the door.
 She has no intention to endure, as she was originally planning to ejaculate soon.
 At the timing of the interruption of the conversation, Shinji put his weight on the vagina of Milis. And pierced it to the back.
 Then, he poured his semen into her while kissing her tightly lip to lip to prevent her from moaning.
(Even though Al is right there... I'm cummmming~ ♡♡♡)
"Sorry, sorry. I'll wait you at the inn!"
 As Shinji's semen pours into her vagina, Milis quietly experiences a very deep climax.
 Shinji and Milis, immersed in the afterglow of their climax, heard the sound of Alvin's footsteps leaving and the front door of the house locking. They slowly parted their lips.
"That was the tightest I've ever felt"
"I, I don't know... "
 Shinji pulled out his penis, which was still hard, from Milis, who turned her face away in shame.
 With Milis on her back, Shinji grabbed her thin waist again. She also remains sexually aroused and does as she is told, lifting her hips and getting down on all fours.
"Even though you know better than I do... Okay, there's still time, so I'm going to poke you in the back, just the way you like it.
"Nn~ Yes... Please give me plenty... "
    Milis trembles with delight when Shinji's penis is thrust into her.
 Shinji slammed his hips into Milis's ass while rubbing Milis's rich breasts without hesitation.
 For the rest of the morning, Milis was indulged in cheating sex.


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