Chapter 88 Orgy after Welcome party・Part Four

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The fourth part of orgy....
"Ah~ Ah~ Hah~ Nn~ "
 The sound of a woman's charming voice and the sound of water splashing echoed in the bathroom.
 Sitting in the bathtub, with Shinji warming up in the hot water, Flair inserted his penis in her vagina and began to shake her hips spontaneously. After entering the bathroom, he had summoned Flair too.
 It's a pity that Shinji couldn't see Flair's face because her back facing to Shinji, but Shinji couldn't help it.
"Shinji ......You were kissing Emily just now. Let's have lots of kisses with me too......"
"I want to do it too~ "
 Freri put her arms around Shinji from behind, pressing her large breasts against his body and licking his ears.
 Renka kisses Shinji, squeezing his right arm with her hands.
 Emily is holding Shinji's left arm and forcing him to kiss her.
 He's pinned down on all sides, and he can't move!
 And there are Milis, who wants to have sex but doesn't love him, and Akane, who is waiting as a maid. They had exposed their naked bodies within Shinji's view, but they don't actively try to pull at him.
"Really... I~ Hope it to be gentle~noja Hah... But~ Even though it's one sided~ I don't feel bad~noja Ah~ Mufufu~ "
 Flair laughs as she turns her hips, feeling happy for the first time even though Shinji has a dominant position over her.
 Fire spirit's vagina is warmer than a human's, and the tightness of the vagina makes Shinji feel like he's ejaculating.
 Because of the instinctive ejaculation in the room, Shinji no longer wanted to endure.
 However, he decided to use the new erotic magic that he had developed for Flair, because he thought that it would be a badge of honor for her.
 The magic is.......
"Ah~ ♡♡♡"
 Flair's hips which are shaking at the same pace, suddenly stopped.
 She endured a light climax, while shaking her body as if she hadn't realized how strong the pleasure was.
Shinji, did you use magic?
Yeah. I've got a special one prepared for you from Freri
 So, what is the effect of the magic that Shinji used?
 The effect magic is to give his penis the ability to give pleasure to women.
 Races with a strong resistance to magic, such as Freri or Flair, are less likely to be affected by magic that increases sensitivity or estrus. In that regard, Shinji used this magic on himself, so the opponent's anti-magic power is not activated.
 This magic gives his penis a function that it does not originally have, making Shinji's penis worthy of being called a woman-killer.
(Why... It's suddenly happened~noja... Even though my sensitivity didn't increase before... Shinji's cock became more comfortable~noja ......)
 Unaware of such magic, Flair is confused and starts to move slowly, slowly exploring.
 Despite the simple movements, the pleasure she feels from the vaginal walls rubbing against his penis is numbing and sweet, melting her thoughts.
"Ah~ Ah…… It feels good~noja…… Shinji's cock…… Feels so good …… Hah~ Hah~ Nn~ Oh~ Shinji~ Shinji also moves …… I want it~ "
"Freri, Renka, Emily, step back for a moment"
"I understand~ "
"Oka~y~ "
 The debauchery of his thoughts easily revealed Flair's inner thoughts.
 Shinji strengthens his entire body and stands up in the tub with all his might.
 Then, he held Flair's legs and thrust up into her vagina in what could be called reverse ekiben position.
"Ahhhhhh~ ♡♡♡"
 She climaxed with that one thrust, because the pleasure is too strong for her.
 Shinji who saw Flair's body trembling and weakening with her secret part squirting, gently returned his penis to its normal state.
(Ah, it's bad, I can't do this to anyone but Freri)
 While reflecting on the situation, Shinji begins to shake and thrust Flair's body in order to ejaculate into her vagina.
"Fuah ... Ah... Nn... Ah~ It's sensitive~noja... But, even though like this... Even though~ It's normal... Ah~ Cumming~ Cummmmming~ ♡♡♡"
 Flair was in a daze, but after being repeatedly thrust deep into her vagina, her consciousness came back clearly.
 She turns around and put her arms behind Shinji's neck to keep her from falling, and the swaying of her shapely breasts is emphasized as she moves up and down.
 Shinji also ejaculate into Flair's vagina with a boiling feeling of ejaculation.
 Doppu Doppu Dokku Dokku ...
 A large amount of semen poured out and filled Flair's vagina.
 It filled the depths of her womb, and Flair let out a big, lustrous breath of satisfaction.
 And when the ejaculation is over, Shinji pulls out his penis and put Flair down in the tub.
"Shinji ...... what did you do to me~noja? "
"I'm sorry, I made it a little too hard"
 He lightly stroked Flair's exhausted head.
 Flair, who no longer has the energy to complain, is quietly being stroked by Shinji.
I'm looking forward to it, Shinji
See you later
 Shinji moves in the bathtub while exchanging thoughts with Freri.
"Well, I'll continue"
 Shinji reached out Renka and the others again.
 As a result, he cum inside each of them once, except for Freri.
"Oh ...... That felt so good ......."
 Shinji leaned his back against the bathtub and stretched his arms upward.
 Emily sat on Shinji's lap, slumped over as if she'd had her fill.
"Shinji, thanks for your hard work~ "
"Okay...... It was great, guys. Let's do it again"
 Shinji laughs as he says this.
"As expected, ...... Shinji, you're ...... You're really pervert ......"
 Renka laughs as she says this in a dumbfounded manner.
"I can do it any time, Shinji "
 Emily smiles good-humoredly.
"Shinji-san ...... Please have sex with me again~ "
 Milis stares at Shinji with a wicked smile.
"As you wish, Master...... Let's do it again~ "
 Akane stares at Shinji with an enraptured expression.
"U, umu... I'm good... "
 Flair looks like she's not complaining as she turns her head away.
...... Shinji, it's your harem ♡」
 Shinji nodded at all of them, receiving a thought from Freri, who was watching the scene with satisfaction.
  • Shinji has learned to kill women! (sexually)
  • It's increased their sensitivity increased and made their defense down. 
  • He directly attacked them with pleasure, ignoring their defenses.
  • It's like Shinji's sex friend harem is just beginning.


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