Chapter 94 A Sex Game with Lila

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Lila part again...
 Lili and Lilu left the house, saying they were going to kill time until nightfall. So, the time limit was until nightfall. It was still early afternoon, so they had a lot of time.
"Do you want to take a bath?"
"No, I took a bath before...... arrived, so I'm fine"
 Shinji started to take off his clothes. Lila tried to take off her clothes too, but she was too embarrassed to do so when she thought Shinji was watching her.
"So, you were planning to have sex from the beginning?"
"Well, it’s normal to clean up before going to the home of someone you love......"
 Lila gets on the bed after being pulled by Shinji, who is now wearing only his underwear.
 After Shinji sat down on his lap with his hands on his knees, he made her sit facing backwards on his lap. With a skilled hand, he removes Lila's clothes.
 He also took off her bra and grabbed her breasts with both hands, leaving her in just her underwear.
"Haa...... Nn~ Nn......
 He begins to carefully rub her breasts, which are too tempting to fit in his hands.
 It made Lila weakens and leans her back against Shinji.
 Feeling her body heat on his chest, Shinji continues his caresses on her breasts.
 The softness and firmness of Lila's breasts were first-rate. The skin seemed to absorb his hand, and the sensitivity was beyond reproach.
 He thought to himself, "I have to make her my sex friend"
"Ah~ Ah~ My nipple…… Feels good …… Nn~ Please…… Please rub more…… Ah~ "
 When he pinches her nipples a little harder, Lila turns her head back and makes a charming sound.
 He also touches her secret part with his finger while crawling his tongue on her neck, and when he touches it, it was already wet and he could easily insert his index finger.
"You're so easy to get wet, Lila"
"Because you're my favorite person~ Ah~ If you touch me... Immediately~ I'll be ready... Shinji-san's... It's hitting my butt ......"
 Lila's plan was to have Shinji use her body in any way he wanted while she conveyed her straightforward favors and drowned him.
 Lila who had only had sex once with Shinji knew that she could not lead.
 So, she decided to be passive and satisfy Shinji's desires as much as she could.
"Ah~ Ah~ Ah~ Your finger…… Your finger feels good~ "
"You have such a sexy body. You're ready, aren't you?"
"Yes...... Please.... Give me your cock...... Ah~ I want you to cum inside my vagina a lot... "
 While stirring her vagina with two fingers, Shinji sensed Lila's thoughts.
 Even though Shinji likes cuckolding, there is no way he would not be happy with the favor of such a beautiful and stylish elf woman.
 However, he had decided that his girlfriend would be Renka. Although, he has a lot of sex friends, and hold many women, he would only treat one as his lover. So, he had no intention of changing that.
 Instead of drowning himself, he wants to make Lila drown in him.
 That's why he decided to go along with Lila's plan and make her his sexfriend.
"Do you remember the cowgirl position we did before?"
"Yes...... Please feel good ...... Ah...... It's big...... Shinji-san's cock......♡♡ is filling me up ......"
 Shinji pulled his fingers out of her vagina and let Lila straddle him.
 Then, Lila takes Shinji's erect penis out of his underwear and places it at the entrance of her secret area. After that, she sits down and takes the big penis into her vagina.
 His penis penetrated its way into her vagina, which was as slippery like succubus's vagina until his glans hit the back of her vagina.
 Lila with pleasure debauched face, put her hands on Shinji's chest, and her breasts were pressed together, further emphasizing her large breasts.
 Shinji's penis spontaneously jumps at the sight of such a nasty sight.
"Ah... I'm getting so horny inside...... I'm moving...... "
"It's a very erotic sight...... Guh"
"Ah~ Hah~ My inside…… Feels good~ I'm the only one who feels good... Shinji-san ... Ah~ It's amazing …… My inside~ "
 Lila began to move slowly, but soon seemed to remember the movements of her hips that she had learned last time, and the awkwardness of her movements disappeared in a flash.
 Lila shakes her body up and down on top of Shinji, making a nasty water sound. Lila's breasts were bouncing boldly as she soaked in the pleasure of Shinji's penis.
 It's been a while since she's had sex, so Lila's body gets excited on its own, and her vagina clenches up for the man's semen. It was impossible for her to endure such a situation, and she climaxed for the first time.
 "Hah~ Hah~ I came... I'm the only one who came... I'm sorry... Shinji-san... Ah~ "
"You can come as many times as you want......."
"Ah~ Nn~ Yes... I'll do it again... If you get tired a lot... Ah~ Ah~ No~ I'm cumming again~ "
 Grabbing his hips, Shinji thrusts up into her vagina from below. He didn't forget to shake his body to enjoy the swaying of her breasts.
 Lila climaxes for the second time and her vagina tightens up.
"It's~ It's coming again~ Ah~ No good~ Don't move now~ Nn... I'm cumming againnnn~ ♡♡♡"
 Shinji continued to pokes her climaxing vagina without mercy, and she climaxed for the third time while her hair shook wildly.
 While Lila who is forced to climax continuously and can only tremble on top of Shinji, he ejaculates into her vagina.
 Dopu Dobu Dopu Doku
 Her vagina tightened to keep the semen in, and Shinji surrendered himself to the pleasant feeling of weakness.
 Lila also seems to have relaxed from her body, and she slumps down on Shinji's chest, while breathing heavily and smiling enrapturedly.
(As expected, the feeling of being hugged is fantastic. If I keep making him cum like this, can I make him fall?)
 Once again, he poked the back of her vagina with his penis, which never wilts, and she let out a sweet voice. He changed his position with ease and turn her over, and then started to pistoning her again in the missionary position.
"Ahh ~ Shinji-san ...... Ah~ There's still plenty of time...... Let's do it...... A lot....
"Of course. I'll ejaculate in your vagina a lot"
"Yes... Nn~ Please put out as much as you like~ Hah~ Ah~ Shinji-san…… Shinji-san…… "
 With Lira seemingly melted by Shinji's cock, he thought he could easily win this fight.
 Pan Pan Pan Pan Pan
 However, no matter how many times he made her climax, Lila just made a charming sound that seemed to feel really good and didn't lose consciousness.
 Doppu Dokku Dopyu ♡♡
 He stopped after three times last time, but this was his sixth creampie, doubled the last time. And The number of times Lila had climaxed had long exceeded twenty.
 Even so, Lila was able to keep her arms around Shinji's neck and her legs tightly entwined in love hold as she continued to gaze lovingly at him.
(She's too bottomless...... A normal girl would have gone down a long time ago)
 The only one who is this bottomless is Freri. Other girls would be exhausted and fall asleep if he made them climax this much.
 After finishing his last ejaculation, Shinji tried to pull out his penis, but he couldn't pull his hips back because of her tightly entwined legs.
"Hah …… Shinji-san …… Chu~ It's wonderful …… More…… Please do more…… "
"Ahhh...... it's almost time, so I guess that's it for today"
 They looked at the window and saw that the sun had set and it was dusk.
 The bed is a mess of semen and love juice, and the room smells foul.
"Muu...... That's right~ Shinji-san, how did you...... feel about me~ Is it felt really good......"
"Yes, it felt good, but that's it. I'm not going out with you. How was it for you, Lila?"
"It was very good...... I feel fulfilled when I have sex with Shinji-san...... "
 Lila's cheeks were dyed as she smiled, and she had developed an onna-like charm. (*Uh, I don't know what is it)
 That's all he has to say about that.... But he may have awakened a ridiculous sexual monster. It made Shinji a bit anxious.
 But it is also true that she could not be corrupted.
 So, for now, Shinji thinks, he'll just maintain his relationship with Lila like this.
"So, what are you going to do? Are you going to be my sex friend?"
"It looks like it's a draw today~ But I'll become your sex friends...... Please continue to do ecchi with me~ But, I have no intention of giving up ...If you change your mind, please let me know......
 Shinji couldn't help but laugh when he saw Lila say it so proudly.
  • Lila, a big-breasted elf, is a sexual monster on par with Freri.
  • Her sex toughness is just amazing.
  • Her other twins will have another chance.
  • So, this game was a draw, but he admitted that she was going to be his sex friend.
  • He didn't use any magic because he didn't need to corrupt her at any cost.
  • If she doesn't fall, she'll just be a convenient sex friend anyway! ()


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