Chapter 133 Milis's Lewdness

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 Alvin took a bolder step different than usual.
 He turned Milis over on her back, making the excuse in his mind that it was the succubus's fault. He do that because the sight of Shinji and Renka having sex, which he had peeped before, suddenly came to his mind.
 According to that, Alvin lifts Milis's hips and positions her in the Doggy Style position.
 Milis who had been lifted also felt a surge of excitement as Alvin forced her into a position other than missionary for the first time.
 As she says that, Alvin penetrated her from behind and Milis demand him like an animal because it's the most pleasure position for her. Her body that had been penetrated, reacted to Alvin's desire and want to be pinned down. Furthermore, her vagina writhed on its own.
"It, it felt too good......"
 Milis's tight vagina gives him so much pleasure that Alvin ends up cumming early.
 Alvin's penis is no match for Milis's vagina, which has been trained by Shinji.
 Milis could feel through the contraceptive which had been applied that Alvin had ejaculated in no time at all. Although the violent swinging of his hips felt good, it was not enough to satisfy her.
(Al-kun...... Try harder...... Move more......)
 Alvin's penis came back to life as she tightened her vagina. After pulling out, Alvin put on the next contraceptive and then inserted it again.
 Thanks to the fact that he had ejaculated once, he seemed to be able to keep it up for a while this time.
 Alvin shook his hips as hard as he could.
(Al-kun.... I like you...... I really like you.... )
 Like when doing it with Shinji, Milis is feeling the pleasure from behind.
 But she can't help but compare Alvin and Shinji's sex.
 The sex with Alvin was nice enough. But now her body knows what feels better.
 The sensation of a penis filling her vagina to the fullest. The pleasure of being pushed up into the depths of her vagina. The climax that drives her to crazy. And the magnificent impregnation that fills her womb and vagina. Also, his never-ending energy.
 Milis knew it.
 As she though so, Alvin ejaculates once more, and their act comes to an end.
 After cleaning herself up, Milis adjusts her clothes and looks at Alvin's face as he lies in bed. He was so tired from the intense sex he had had after the fight with his strongest enemy that made him fell asleep immediately after lying down.
(I'm sorry, Al-kun. It's necessary....... It can't be helped...... Because it's the succubus fault)
 Immediately after being embraced by her lover, she went to be embraced by another man.
 Milis herself thought she looked apologetic, but her expression was debauched.
 After Shinji cleans up Renka's unconscious body, he leaves the room. As soon as Shinji left the room, someone pulled his arm.
 The person who was silently pulling his arm was Milis. This was enough to give Shinji an idea of what Milis was looking for.
 Without saying a word, Shinji led Milis to his room, and instead of resisting, Milis quickly slipped into his room.
 As soon as they entered the room, both Shinji and Milis stripped off their clothes as if they didn't need to say a word.
 When Shinji who is naked, sat down on the side of the bed, Milis crouched. Seeing Shinji's penis is already erect, Milis wraps her breasts around his big cock.
 Shinji's penis that could not be fully squeezed by Milis's large breasts, was sticking out of her cleavage.
"Kuchu...... Nmu...... Nbe......"
 Milis' tongue started to wet Shinji's penis after she collected some saliva in her mouth. She slowly slid it between her breasts, letting the dripping saliva soak in.
 The dripping saliva made the breast slippery. And the room filled with the lewd sound of saliva and pre-cum mixing.
 Shinji had trained Milis to made him always ejaculate once before he had sex with her.
 Milis also willing to serve Shinji. Rather, she felt like she is thanking him for making her feel so good.
 Especially when Shinji fucked her, she looked so happy that Milis was willing to do it.
 Bupyu Doppu Buk Dopyu
"Ah...... There's a lot of it......"
 A powerful ejaculation after holding back to the limit stains Milis. Shinji's semen sprinkled from her neck to her cleavage.
 Milis gazed in fascination at his penis, which had released more semen than Alvin had twice in one go.
"It's my turn now"
 There were very few words exchanged between Shinji and Milis as they were both pleasure-seeking sex partners, and Shinji tried not to talk too much while having sex with Milis.
 It was convenient for Milis to be able to concentrate on sex.
"Ah~ Ah~ Anh~ It's big~ It's deep~ "
 Shinji inserted his penis into Milis, who was on all fours on the bed. Her body rejoices at the sensation of the huge cock scraping the vaginal wall, and she is shattered by the pleasure of the glans reaching the back of her vagina and stimulating her.
 Pan Pan Pan Pan Pan
 Milis's vagina tightens up as she welcomes the penis she's been waiting for. Shinji slammed his hips hard from the start and Milis was at his mercy.
 Her breasts swayed boldly with each thrust, and she could do nothing but moan sweetly.
 It was nothing compared to the lover she had been until just a few minutes ago.
 And Milis couldn't imagine her life without Shinji.
 As if reading her mind, Shinji opened his mouth.
"Do you like my cock?"
"Fueh~ Ah~ Shinji's cock~ Anh~ Cumming~ It just feels good~ Ah~ "
 Milis climaxed and her vagina clenched tightly around Shinji's cock as Shinji thrusted hard into her vagina.
"I'm so glad you came to me like a lover. Naughty Milis likes her sex friend's cock more than her boyfriend"
"No~ Don't say it~ Ah~ No... Ah~ You are messing around too much~ Ah~ Cumming~ Cumming again~ "
 Shinji whispered in Milis's ear while giving her the kind of penetration that Alvin could never give her. She is being made to climax over and over again in a short span of time, and her consciousness was becoming fuzzy.
"Don't worry, don't take it the wrong way. The only thing I like is Milis's body. I'm just reconfirming so that you won't get the wrong idea"
"That's right~ The one I love is~ Al-kun~ Ah~ So, I just like Shinji-san's~ Cock~ Hyan~ "
 Because of the continuous climaxing, she ends up speaking the words Shinji urges me to.
 Shinji's twisted sexual habits made her enjoy the idea of sleeping with a sex friend, even though she knew she was already in deep trouble.
"I'm going to cum now......."
"Yes ... Me too~ Cumming~ I'm cumming~ I love my favorite dick~ ♡♡♡"
 Milis climaxes while saying the words Shinji is looking for.
 She pulls her hips in tightly and Shinji pours in a large amount of semen that he has stored in his testicles. Their hips and ass were pressed tightly against each other as they tried to make each other feel as good as possible.
 When the long ejaculation was over, Shinji pulled out his penis.
 His semen that couldn't be contained dripped onto the sheets from the entrance of her twitching pussy.
"Hah~~...... Hah~~...... Thank you so much~ "
 With a rough breath, Milis looked ecstatic.
 Seeing this, Shinji showed Milis his penis, which was still covered in semen, and Milis sucked it into her mouth without being told.
 It's natural that she would clean her favorite cock.
  • Shinji wanted to make her say that she only loves cock.
  • Milis-chan's body is already Shinji-kun's.
  • Or rather, at the point when she likes his dick, but isn't her heart already taken? I can't help but wonder.

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