Chapter 108 The Situation Proceeds without Shinji's Knowledge

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 After Shinji went out in the morning to talk with Lila and her three sisters.
 Iris stands in front of Shinji's room.
 She knocked on the door, but there is no answer. Unfortunately, as she returned to the dining room, she found Alvin and Milis getting ready to go out and about to leave from the dining room.
"......Are you two going on a date?"
 Milis nodded at Iris's words.
"Yes. Because, Shinji went out this morning to run some errands, and Renka said she went to shopping today. So, I thought I'd take my time and take a look around the city together with Mil"
"......I see, desu. ......I'm late"
 Iris raised her eyebrows in disappointment at Alvin's reply.
"You went to see Shinji?"
"......Yes. But, he's not here, desu. I want ask him to accompany me to...... training. ......Because I've got some free time, desu"
"Well....... I see. Mil, can we take Iris with us today? I know it's not a date anymore, but she needs...... some advice. How about it?"
 Alvin asks Milis while looking at Iris from side. It is a shame to lose the date, but if it's related to Iris, Milis doesn't feel like turning it down.
"It's fine. Then let's have tea together"
"......No, I don't want to interfere with your date"
 Iris tried to refrain Milis, but Milis forcefully grabbed Iris' hand and tried to pull her. And then, Iris also left the room as Alvin and Milis pulled her along.
"Milis says it's okay, so I'm okay too. Don't be shy"
"That's right. We'll help you!"
".......Thank you, desu"
 Milis assumed it's a problem with Iris searchs for party because the deadline was only a few days away. She is worried that something might have gone wrong with Iris. 
 But she hadn't even imagined that Iris would be asking her for advice about her love life also Shinji is Iris's target.
"Iris-chan likes...... Shinji-san?"
"Ah! That means spring has finally come for Shinji!"
 The three of them went into a fancy coffee shop in town and ordered their food.
 When Alvin tells Milis that Iris is in love with Shinji, she is surprised and freezes.
 In addition, Milis looks at Iris again and sees that her cheeks are dyed in embarrassment and she is playing with her hair, which is very cute and shows that Iris is serious.
"I, I see......? I thought there are some kind of problem with your promise with Galleo-sensei"
"......There is no problem, desu. I'll...... report it later"
 From her look of embarrassment, Milis smiled with relief as Iris reported with a smug look on her face.
"......So, brother Al, do you have any ideas? ......Also, I'm surprised when Milis suddenly got involved, desu" (*Note: brother Al -> Al-Ani -> アル兄, in here she talking to Al as Sister not Kouhai?)
"Well, you asked me to keep quiet and watch about your love life. But I'd like to know if there's anything I can do to help! Also, I think I can come up with a better idea if I'm with Mil!"
 Alvin gave Milis a look, while Iris flinched.
 Milis didn't know how to react. There is no way she could tell her about the sex friend, also she didn't know how much Iris knew about Shinji's backstory, so she couldn't say anything bad.
"So..... What do you want to do, Iris-chan?"
 Milis attacked from a safe point.
"......I, I'm aiming for the second. ......I want to be his second ......wife, desu"
"N? Second wife?"
(Oh, no, Shinji's girlfriend will be revealeddd!)
 Alvin tilted his head to Iris, who replied seriously, but Milis managed to keep her no reaction.
"Eh!? Shinji, does he have a girlfriend!?"
 Iris nodded to Alvin, who is surprised by the delay.
"......Well, Shinji-senpai said no when I was ask him. ......Also, there is a woman who confessed to him and she is very beautiful, but he turned her down, so his girlfriend should be important to him. ......Although, I can't become his girlfriend, I still can be his second wife......"
"Oh, I see. ......No, I didn't know Shinji had a girlfriend. I'm surprised, you know"
"Yes, I'm surprised too. ......So, he has a girlfriend now. I didn't get any hint of that......."
 Milis seems to be following Alvin's lead, who seems to be truly surprised.
 Milis is unconcerned. How much does Iris know about this?
 She wondered if Iris knew about the affairs, his sex friend, her own involvement, and other things she didn't want people to know.
"....So, you don't even know her? ......So, who is it?"
"Ah, but it makes sense. Because he's got a girlfriend, he didn't get charmed by Master's charm"
 Milis looks after Iris, who tilts her head, and Alvin, who is strangely convinced. However, the situation is not going to get any better just by watching, so Milis tries to find out more.
"If you want to be a second wife, he needs to get married first. ......And as far as I can see, he doesn't want to get married"
 He has a lot of sex friends, including herself. Even if he does not have a second wife, Shinji has a lot of partner.
".... That’s another problem, desu"
 Shinji's sex life is not known to Iris, but she is troubled.
 Looking at the situation, Milis could guess that the only information Iris had was that he had a girlfriend.
"I guess we have to make him understand the benefits of marriage, don't we? Even lovers want to get married"
"I agree with you on that"
 Milis nodded at Alvin's words.
 Milis knew that Renka also wanted to get married, and she had heard from Renka that the two of them were planning to get married.
".... I’d like to find out Shinji-senpai's girlfriend first and then ask her to made Shinji-senpai avoiding other women who approach him as a second wife"
"Oh...... that's it. Since, I became an upper-intermediate rank, the number of...... other woman invitations have suddenly increased. Of course, I've been rejecting them because Mil is my everything!"
"Fufu, there are a good number of people who are looking for a second wife......"
 Milis smiles bitterly and pats Alvin's head, who seems to have remembered something and has a sullen look on his face. Seeing that the two of them are naturally flirting, Iris is envious.
"......I have an Idea. If brother Al and Milis-chan flirt with each other more and more in front of Shinji-senpai, it might increase...... his desire to married......"
"That's embarrassing, Iris-chan!"
 Milis's cheeks turn red and she waves her hand in an impossible manner.
"No..... It might be a good idea. Well...... Then! I'll ask him out on a double date! That way, we'll know!"
"I thought you were going to say no because he's keeping it a secret until now, right......?"
 "It's okay to ask!" Alvin is very excited.
(Shinji-san, Renka-chan..... must be at the end of their rope to keep this a secret)
 Milis thought about this while appeasing Alvin.
  • This is the first time Iris, Alvin and Milis have discussed this.
  • Finally, Alvin finds out that Shinji has a girlfriend, and when he comes home from having sex with Lila and the others, he'll be greeted by a smiling Alvin.
  • Iris-chan's secret plan continues!
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