Chapter 115 On the Night after Discovery is Too Lewd・Part Five

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"T, this is embarrassing......."
 Shinji asked Renka to release her embrace and get down on all fours above Iris.
 Renka felt a mixture of jealousy and excitement as she watched Shinji and Iris having sex, but she still calm.
 Even though Renka and Iris are friends, but they are less involved than Akane and Milis. So, there is an indescribable embarrassment in being together with Iris.
"Soon, you won't have to care it"
"Hyan~ I hope~ It's not a big deal anymore~ "
 As Shinji hugged her, he took off her clothes and touched Renka's private parts with his fingers, which was in black underwear. The entrance of her private parts already twitching and it can easily take Shinji's fingers into it.
"Ahh~ Shinji~ Please Listen to me~ Fahh...... Nn~ Please.... stop first...... Nn ...... Nn...... Ah......"
 Shinji moved his fingers slowly to make it easier for Renka to talk, and knowing Renka's weak points, he avoided them as he continued to caress her.
 Renka let out a moan of pleasure, but was frustrated by the lack of pleasure she felt compared to normal.
"What do you want to say?"
"Iris...... Is above me~ It's embarrassing...... "
"......Renka-san, you have a very nasty face, desu~ "
 While caressing Renka, Iris regains consciousness from her daze. While Iris looks up at Renka's panting figure from below, her eyes remain moist, indicating that her lust has not subsided.
"Iris-chan, touch Renka's breasts for me"
"Hyan~ Iris...."
"......It's senpai's idea, desu ......Muu~......They're big after all...... desu "
 As Shinji said, Iris took off Renka's bra and started touching her breasts with her hands.
 Iris's expression is one of envy and she doesn't hesitate to play with Renka's breasts. Renka can't help but moan in a lusty voice as Shinji works her vagina and Iris works her breasts.
"Iris~ Don't touch them too much... Nuu~ "
"......Renka-san, you look comfortable......"
 Renka tried to protest while staring at Iris's face, but Shinji pulled out his fingers and inserted his erect penis. As a result, Renka couldn't protest and her face relaxed pleasurably.
 Iris pointed this out to her, and her face became even redder.
"Renka's vagina...... is the best"
"Ah~ Ah~ Nn~ Ah~ "
"Senpai, how's mine......? "
 Shinji grabs Renka's hips and thrusts his dick into her from the back.
 Renka's vagina, which is Shinji's exclusive pussy, is superb, and even when he thrusts deeply from the start, it gives pleasure to both Shinji and Renka.
 Iris pinched Renka's nipples and Renka's body shook as she watched Shinji and Renka slamming their hips together, making nasty water sounds.
"Iris-chan was good, too. It'll get better as we get more familiar with each other, so let's have sex until you have...... learned"
"Ah... Shinji~ Concentrate on me.... Nuuuu~ Don't tease my nipples too~ "
"......Yes~ Please teach me a lot~ Senpai~ "
 With each thrust of the penis, a spray of love juice splashes onto Iris's lower body underneath Renka.
 Although Renka shakes her head in disapproval at the overpowering pleasure, Shinji and Iris don't let go their act.
 Shinji saw Iris is very excited about the threesome, even though it's her first time, and he knew that she is a naughty girl who masturbated a lot, so he decided to ask her for more.
"Iris-chan, can you kiss Renka?"
"...O, okay, desu Nn... Chu! Nmu! Chu! Rero! "
"Fueh? Nmu! Nn... Nn ... Nn ... Rero "
 It's impossible for Renka, who had been soaked by Shinji's penis, to react, still Iris's arm pulled Renka's cheek.
 Then as Iris and Renka's lips are close together, Iris is actively trying to intertwine her tongues, and Renka's eyes are black and white, but she accepts Iris' tongue as she is carried away.
(Oh...... Women can do it too!)
 Shinji is mysteriously excited.
 Shinji's penis became even more aroused by the sight of Renka and Iris intertwining, and he felt his ejaculation building up to a final spurt.
 Pan Pan Pan Pan Pan
 Renka's vagina tightens up.
 And Shinji shoots his semen into Renka's womb. The tightening of Renka's vagina squeezes every drop out of his ejaculating penis......
 In the end, the only thing that matters are that the two of them are still connected.
 When they came to their senses, Renka stopped kissing Iris and pulled her face away and he saw the string of saliva coming from Renka and Iris' lips.
"Shinji, Iris, you scared the ...... hell out of me"
"I'm sorry, I may have been a bit naughty"
"It's ...... Senpai's fault, desu ......Renka-san is so cute ......"
 Renka posed in half angry and half stunned. She felt good about kissing Iris too, and she could tell by the rage of Shinji's penis that he was excited, so she forgave him......
 When she heard Iris' words, Renka turned her gaze to Shinji. When their eyes met, Shinji nodded and inserted his penis into Iris's vagina again.
"Fan~ Ah~ Senpai~ Still ... "
"Shinji is an unequaled man, he can still do it, you know? Also, you’ve got a pretty face, Iris......"
 After the first time she had sex, Iris's vagina was still sludgy with semen and love juice. And Iris, who was aroused by the kiss with Renka, accepted Shinji's penetration without difficulty.
 Every time Shinji gently thrusts deep into her vagina, Iris's mouth lets out a sweet squeal and her face relaxes.
 While looking down at Iris, Renka played with her fingers on Iris's nipples, causing Iris to shiver and shake.
"Renka-san~ That's no good~ No~ Ah~ Senpa……i~ Nuu~ My head~ It's going to be crazy~ Nah~ Ah~ Ah~ "
"Ah~ Shinji~ Wait~ Iris~ I'm sorry~ Ah~ "
 Shinji pinched Renka's clit in front of him with his finger as he continued to shake his hips. The numbing pleasure caused Renka to lose all strength in her arms, and she collapsed on top of Iris.
 As Shinji's cock thrust into Iris, their body shook and their nipples rubbed against each other, making them feel good.
"You two get along, okay?"
"Ah~ I understand~ Nn~ Hah~ "
"Senpai~ I'll do as you say~ Nnn~ Cumming~ I'm cummmmming~ "
 Iris climaxed, boosted by the pleasure of her nipples rubbing against each other.
 She shivers and her vagina tightens to squeeze out the semen, but Shinji holds back his ejaculation and pulls out his penis.
 He moved to the side of them and brought his penis between their faces, and Renka and Iris kissed the glans as if they were in agreement.
"Both of you, drink it...... Cumming!"
 His penis bounced and a large amount of semen is released from his penis.
 The semen stains Renka and Iris' faces. Shinji looks on with satisfaction as the two of them happily receive the semen that is being spewed out of them.
 When he finally spits out his semen into their mouths, they both gulp it down and swallow it.
 The two tongues crawl around as if they are competing with each other for the penis that has yet to deflate.
"Okay, all I want to say is you two must...... get along"
"We're licking you together...... "
"...... Yes, that's right, desu ......"
 He watches the two women laughing lewdly as they are stained white.
 Shinji stroked their heads in an attempt to further inflict his uncontrollable lust.
  • Threesome time.....
  • Iris likes Renka's breast so much that she can even do lesbian kissing.
  • When they are on the bed, they can't help but notice that Shinji is the top.
  • He' s ready to take care of both his wife and his second wife.

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