Chapter 127 Nomination Request from the Temple

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 Just as Hayate had left in the morning.
 Shinji and the rest of <Running Wolves> come to the guild to earn some money in the dungeon. It's not obligatory to tell the guild where they are going, but it is advisable to tell the guild where they are going so that the guild don't have to search everywhere in case of emergency.
"Good morning, everyone from <Running Wolves>. I'm sorry, but could you come to this way, please"
 Alvin and the others had come to tell the receptionist that they are going to dive into the dungeon, but the receptionist tried to lead them to the back of the guild. In the back of the guild, there is a room that adventurers are only allowed to enter when they receive a request.
"I understand!"
 Alvin knew this, and was happy to follow the receptionist, and of course Shinji and the others follow him.
 When they entered the back room, the receptionist urged them to sit down on chairs together.
 Alvin was restless because it had been a long time since he had been asked for a nomination and a request form was presented to him.
"This is a request from the Temple. There have been signs of heretics in the southern city, and the Temple soldiers have investigated and confirmed their presence. They would like you, <Running Wolves>, to join them in the fight"
"Heretics, huh?"
 After reading over the request form, Alvin gave it to Milis, and when Milis was done, she gave it to Renka and Shinji in turn. In the meantime, Alvin continues to think about whether or not to accept the request.
 Alvin and the others were mainly hunting monsters, so they haven't received many requests to fight against people, including bandit extermination. He has slayed people before, but he remembers that it didn't feel good for him.
"Mil, Renka, Shinji, what do you think?"
 If they accept the request, they want them to come to the temple right away. The travel time would be short, since Pegasus would be carrying them, and the investigation was almost finished, so they wouldn't have to stay long.
 They had planned to go to the dungeon, so it's possible for them to go straight to the temple.
"I'm fine, Al-kun"
"Me too. I'll be fine"
"Well. I don't have a problem with it either, since Alvin can kill people directly. ......Also, as long as Alvin is okay with it"
 Alvin heard the words of his friends and made up his mind.
"I'll be fine. Well then, I'll take it!"
"Then it's accepted. Good luck"
 The receptionist took the request form from Alvin and offered him a gold medallion with the symbol of the temple on it.
"Please take this as a sign of acceptance"
"Thank you very much! ......All right, let's go, everyone"
 Shinji and the others responded vigorously to Alvin's call.
"It's just me again......"
 As Shinji stood in front of the door of Miko room at the far end of the temple, he thought back to why he had come here.
 After leaving the guild and arriving at the temple, Alvin and the others showed the priest the gold coin and were taken to a room in the temple.
 Alvin, Milis, and Renka entered the room and Shinji was about to follow when he suddenly was stopped. With the words, "Miko-sama is waiting for you".
"......Because you have been summoned by Miko-sama. I will explain the request to the other"
 When he bowed politely, Shinji knew he had no right to refuse.
"I'm sorry, I'll be back in a bit"
"Okay. See you later"
 Shinji sent off by Alvin, who seemed to be in a normal state of mind, with Renka looking worried at the mention of Miko and Milis looking very envious.
 The priest who was leading the way led him to the place where he had arrived, in front of the room where he had been transferred into a few days before.
 Resigned to the fact that there was no point in standing around, Shinji knocked on the door.
"Please come in....."
"Excuse me"
 Shinji hears the reply and enters the room. Inside, the owner of the voice, Miko Arian, is waiting for Shinji.
 Shinji approached Miko Arian and tried to look respectful, kneeling and hanging his head as one of the adventurers. But Miko Arian did not like that.
"There is no need to do that....... Apostle Shinji-sama......"
 Before Shinji could bend over, Miko Arian stepped forward.
 The correct etiquette is for the recipient of respect to remain motionless, but Miko Arian breaks that rule and steps in front of Shinji, just below her chest.
"Is that so?"
"......Yes. ......The Miko of the goddess and the apostle are...... equal....... and I don't...... want you, a potential future husband, to kneel on my...... knees"
(Oh, you're serious about that?)
 Miko Arian, whose cheeks were slightly red, looked very cute in Shinji's eyes. But Shinji could not accept Miko Arian's favor honestly as he felt that the word "future husband candidate", which he had not agreed to, was a hint of the goddess' influence.
"So, what can I do for you?"
 Shinji tried to be as businesslike as possible and just ask what she wanted. But Miko Arian's dress, her cleavage, and her sweet, inviting scent are breaking Shinji's reasoning.
"......? I just......I jsut wanted to...... meet you. The other day, I was...... lending my...... body to the goddess the entire...... time, so......"
(This is didn't have something to do with the request?!)
 Miko Arian's thin fingers gently touched Shinji's hand. Both her slender hands wrapped around Shinji's hand. Then, Miko Arian slowly lifted his hands, passing in front of her large breasts and stopping in front of her face.
 Miko Arian placed her forehead against Shinji's hand and made a praying posture, looking down.
"......Beware of...... injuries like the last one. ......Miko Arian is..... praying for the ...... safety of Apostle Shinji-sama......"
"I will try my best not to get hurt......."
 Miko Arian's heat is transmitted to Shinji.
 Shinji doesn't understand the pure goodwill behind Miko Arian's healthy attitude, but he can't do anything about it because Goddess Arian's word "responsibility" weighs heavily on him.
(It's a shame...... These breasts are really a shame, but ...... I've made up my mind to make Renka my real wife)
 Shinji tried to put some effort into carefully removing his hand from Miko Arian's, but it was too late. Because before he could do so, Shinji's hand was pressed against Miko Arian's large, soft chest.
"Wait...... Miko-sama!"
"Nn.... If you had time, I wanted to heal you with these...... ...... Ah "
 The feeling of the magical breasts that captivate men spread across his hands and Shinji's fingers unconsciously put a lot of effort into them. The voice of Miko Arian lured him to move his hand unconsciously.
 Shinji suppressed the urge to attack her and hurriedly withdrew his hand.
"I still have a request!"
"Okay....... When the request is over, come here again...... "
 Miko Arian smiles as she fixes her robe, which has fallen apart due to Shinji's touch. Shinji pretends not to notice the fire of lust in Miko Arian's eyes, bows and leaves the room.
 Upon leaving the room, Shinji exhaled heavily. He lowered his eyes to see his erect penis.
(What kind of Miko is her? She is better at seduction than a succubus)
 Shinji walked down the hallway of the temple as slowly as he could, sighing again.
  • Miko Arian reappeared.
  • Shinji was hit with a special attack of big breast.
  • Only one of party was called out due to Miko's selfishness.
  • He was only able to touch her breasts because there was no time. The Miko is very aggressive.
  • The heretic's request has also started to move.
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