Chapter 130 Running Wolves Charges In

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 After instructing Shizuku, Shinji returned to his room in the temple and immediately took a nap. He woke up a little before the appointed time and left the room after adjusting his equipment.
 The four members of <Running Wolves> and ten temple soldiers gathered in a corner of the temple.
"From now on, we will subdue the heretics meeting place under the cover of darkness. When I checked the documents of the building in question, I found that it was originally built as a storage warehouse. The entrance is above ground and the stairs lead down to the basement, where we believe the meeting place is located. Half of us will enter and the rest of us will stay on the outside to guard. It's for anything that might happen. Is there anything else from the adventurers?"
"No, nothing from us"
 After looking around at his companions, Alvin replied to the captain of the temple guards, who was talking quietly.
"Then let's go!"
 The captain of the temple guard gave the order to depart from the temple.
 After leaving the temple, <Running Wolves> and a group of temple soldiers were able to quickly move to the building where they could see the entrance to the meeting hall. They checked the entrance under the cover of the darkness, but not even a single guard is standing there.
 It didn't look like there are magical device to Shinji's eyes either.
"Okay...... The five of us will go down first. All the adventurers should follow us after I signaled"
 The captain of the temple guard whispered to Alvin and then ran to the entrance of the building with his soldiers. They succeeded in surrounding the entrance, but nothing special happened.
 After peeking from the top of the stairs and checking the bottom of the stairs, the Temple Captain beckons Alvin and the others to follow him down the stairs.
"It's about time......"
"Yes. Let's stay strong"
"Okay, let's keep going"
 Alvin gathered to the top of the stairs, followed by Milis, Renka and Shinji. When they had all gathered, Renka and Shinji looked down the stairs and saw that the soldiers who had preceded them are already gone.
"Have they already gone down?"
"No, no. Is this a..... pool of magic power or a.......?
 Unlike the teleportation traps, it seems to Shinji that it is always active.
Shinji. It's a gate. A magic that can be installed to allow anyone to move to another location...... but you need to be as high as a high-ranking spirit to be able use it
Really?....... It's just movement, right?
Well, it’s quite possible that the place you dive into is a trap
 Based on the exchange of thoughts with Freri, Shinji opened his mouth to talk about what he found out, while pondering.
"It's like a gate that leads to another place. Anyone can come and go. But I don't know where it leads. The soldiers who went before us must have gone to the other side"
"Then we have to go help them!"
"My night vision is no good. ......I can't see beyond this"
 While keeping Milis distracted, Renka calmly looked at the darkness at the end of the corridor, but could not see anything.
"Shinji, Renka, how's the detection magic?"
"No. ......The magic of the gate is too strong for me to see anything"
"Let's try skipping the vision.......<Magic Eyes>"
 Alvin told Renka to use a detection spell, but the results were not good. So, Shinji follows Renka and use other magic.
 He uses his second special spell, <Magic Eye>, after the <Spirit Summoning>.
 Shinji closed both eyes and held up his staff. The magic power creates an eyeball that floats in the air.
 This eyeball is connected to Shinji's vision, and he could see far into the distance by letting it fly. Unlike the <Eagle Eyes>, this eyeball is able to move in narrow and small place, but it could not see over a wide area. It is a magic that only allows a person's vision to travel.
 The reason why it's treated as a special magic was because of its versatility and ease of use in various petty crimes. (*Note: for peeping or anything)
 Following Shinji's words, the first eye floating in the air went through the gate.
 Even as it dives, Shinji's vision is still connected to the eyeball.
"Okay, I can see......but this is ......."
 The first thing that jumped into Shinji's vision are four temple soldiers lying on the ground. A puddle of blood was spreading on the floor as they were lying in pairs holding each other's swords.
 Also, there is no sign of the captain of the temple guard.
 The surrounding area is brightly lit, like the halls of a large old temple, with lights hanging on the walls illuminating the place despite the night.
 At the back of the temple, there is a symbolic object of the church that being overturned.
 Here and there in the hall, sexual acts are taking place.
 A naked woman is straddling a naked man who is not wearing any clothes and shaking her hips. If that was all there was to it, it would be just an orgy, but the men on the bottom are generally quite thin and frail. In contrast, the woman on top was full of life.
 He could only see and not hear, but one of the men turned over and made a screaming gesture. Perhaps he had ejaculated.
 Then the man, who had been so thin and frail, shrank even more. Only the man's skinny penis continued to grow warmer.
(The life is being sucked out of him......?)
 And that's not all. The other half was sucked into a crystal that was placed on the overturned symbol.
 He doesn't know what it is, but he knows it's bad situasion.
 Shinji immediately deactivates his <Magic Eyes>.
"A soldier is dead! And more man is being attacked! They've been drained of life, and they're all going to die! Come, Freri!"
"What?! Let's go!"
"We're going in! The person who goes first seems to be dead!"
"What!? We're on our way!!"
 Renka shouted to the temple soldiers who had guarded the entrance. While feeling the hustle and bustle on the entrance, Alvin commanded <Running Wolves> and Freri who was summoned to jump into the gate first.
 The scene exactly as Shinji had seen it.
 Alvin and the others are shocked by the harmony of women's charming voices, men's inaudible screams, and fishy smells.
Shinji, the women are demonized by factors from the outside world. It's almost liked a succubus, but it's not like our world
A succubus from the outside world......!
 As soon as the naked women noticed Alvin's presence, they all turned around at once.
"Ahhhhhhh...... A....... a....... hh......."
 One man's body withered as he shivered with his voice pitiful. Alvin and the others came to their senses at the sight of this terrible scene and raised their weapons.
"Ooh...... Ooggh ......!"
 The men who were lying on the ground, looking like mummies with only bones and skin, rose one after another. At first glance, it looks as if a corpse has risen, and the red eyes are shining brightly, and there is no sign of sanity.
 The women who were straddling the men also stood up and turned to look at Alvin and the others.
They're all dead. It seems if someone is sucked to death, they become one of them
"She's a succubus! The man's corpse is a monster!"
"<Mental Abnormality Resistance>!"
 Shinji briefly describes the enemy, and Milis casts a spell on his friends. It's a way to counteract the charm that is commonly used by succubus.
 Five temple soldiers rush in behind Alvin and the others. Each of them, gasping at the devastation, picked up a sword.
 On the place, Alvin and the other five, plus five soldiers. In front of them, there are 6 women who have been turned into succubus, and over 20 dead men. And then.
"Today is the day for sacrifices. I'm going to enjoy myself since I got the man I like"
 A succubus emerges from behind the overthrown symbol.
 The body, which boasts an outstanding style, is clad only in a black bikini, which is very stimulating. Her large, bat-like black wings sprout from her back, and her black, spade-shaped tail undulates like a living thing. The twisted black horns protruding from her golden hair.
 The captain of the temple guard is clinging to her beautiful bare feet. The dignity he had before his departure is nowhere to be seen. He is completely charmed and his pathetic appearance is pathetically like a monkey in heat.
Shinji, that's a high-ranking class......!
 Not only did Shinji receive Freri's warning, but Alvin and the others could also feel the pressure of the magic from the last succubus to appear, and were certain that it was a powerful enemy.
"Well, okay. It's only for a short time, but I'm looking forward to working with you "
"Come, Flair!"
 Shinji shouted at the same time as the succubus winked at him.
 That was the signal for the battle to begin.
  • They went in and found the succubus from the outside world.
  • The man and woman who had become evil (charmed) were skillfully lured into the meeting place. The woman was turned into a succubus and the man into an energy tank. 
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