Chapter 138 Shizuku and Magic Ritual・Sequel

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"Oho...... Hah...... Hee......
"You look exhausted"
 Shinji looked down at the breathless, disheveled and debauched face of Shizuku with a wicked smile.
 Shizuku is completely limp after being made to climax repeatedly. Her body was completely weak from the sheer force of the pleasure.
 Although her expression was debauched, she was still able to think.
(Finally, I was able to do it...... I was able continue to maintain my magic power even after coming...... Now I can catch up with Hayate-chan....... )
 The sheet was covered in love juice, but Shinji didn't care, he stripped off all his underwear and opened her legs and slid his body between them.
 Then, Shinji's big cock is touching Shizuku's private parts.
"I'll teach you some magic then"
"Aaahhhh~~~~~~~ ♡♡♡"
 Shinji's penis is inserted into her vagina, which wet enough by his finger caresses.
 And Shizuku's vagina, which has become very slippery, flexibly accepts the first penis and wriggles to invite it deeper and deeper. Shinji stopped his hips when the glans arrived at the back of the vagina, scraping through the tangled vaginal folds.
(I had been fingering her a lot. But it's still too hard in there. Well, I'll have to work on that)
 Kyuu , Shinji looked at Shizuku, who was screaming in a pathetic voice while feeling her vagina trembled from her climax.
 Her face lit up with pleasure as she turned her back to him. Her hands are clenched and wrinkled as she clings to the sheets. Both of her legs were stretched out, but she eventually fell onto the bed without effort.
"You can't let your magic dissipate"
"W, wait...... Don't move, please......"
 Shizuku begged for forgiveness in a pathetic voice as Shinji grabbed Shizuku's waist and slowly moved his hips.
 Shinji's S desire is satisfied by the fact that the person who has been acting cocky towards him is pleading with him, as she makes a lewd face.
"If you wait, you'll never get used to it. Here, work on your magic power"
"Oh~ Ah~ No~ No~ Nn~ I can't~ I can't do this~ "
 Pan …… Pan …… Pan
 Shinji slowly starts to swing his hips back and forth.
 He also put his hands on the bed between Shizuku's face, and repeatedly the penetration while observing Shizuku's expression as she tried to turn away.
 Shizuku was ashamed of being observed, because she is aware that every time Shinji's big cock thrusts into her, the pleasure rushes through her body and makes her face look debauched.
(Foreplay is nothing compared to this~ My magic power~ I must maintain my magic power~ )
 Shizuku couldn't even keep her expression in check as she exposed her debauched face.
 Still, she tries to maintain her magic power as Shinji tells her to, but it won't work in her disturbed state of mind.
"Ah~ Hah~ Ah~ Cumming again~ "
 In the end, Shizuku climaxed again without being able to formulate the magic properly.
 She tried to rebel against Shinji's relaxed demeanor as he looked down at her, which made her body twitch and shudder.
 But as soon as the glans poked the back of her vagina, she would once again lose all strength from the corners of her eyes, and her face would turn into a horny mess.
"Here, maintain your magic power"
 Shinji's words were advice to help Shizuku succeed in the magic ritual. After a number of similar exchanges, Shizuku's glare faded and she began to concentrate on obeying Shinji's words and maintain her magic.
"Yes, yes, keep it up and accept the pleasure. No matter how many times you come"
"Hah~ Ah~ Ah~ It feels good... No... It feels warm~ Nn~ "
 Shizuku's body was becoming more and more obedient to Shinji.
 Her secret parts were in a terrible state of shock from the pleasure Shinji was giving her. She was dripping with love juices and making lewd water sounds every time Shinji's big cock was thrusting into her.
(It's really good It's really too good~ )
 Shizuku climaxed again.
 She exhaling and soaking in the afterglow of her climax. Shizuku no longer had time to think about this and that.
 But because of this, she was able to succeed maintain her magic that was in the corner of her consciousness, even as she came.
 Her body, which was nearing its limit, did it instinctively.
"Yes. You did it. Great job"
 It was the first time Shizuku had ever been so exhausted. So, Shizuku gave a gentle smile to Shinji.
 However, the magic ritual is not over yet. In fact, the real work is just about to begin.
 Shinji took his hand off the bed and grabbed Shizuku's weakening wrist. As he pulls back her arm, his penis is buried all the way to the root, pressing against the back of the vagina.
"Oh...... Magic power.... My magic power...... Ah~ Ah~ "
 Shizuku moaned in pleasure as her vagina was squeezed.
 But, as long as the practice was successful, there was no reason to shy away from Shinji. As she though that, he starts pistoning while pulling on her arm. It was not the slow development of her body that he had been used to, but an intense one where Shinji himself was trying to get pleasure from it.
 Pan Pan Pan Pan Pan
 Every time Shinji thrusts deep into her, Shizuku's mouth emits a sweet, winning sound.
 There was no restraint in Shinji's hips as he pounded into Shizuku's pussy, tangling her in a whirlpool of pleasure.
 Although, he treated her like a sex toy.
 And it's a sex act that is far from a magic ritual. But it feels insanely good for her.
 The overwhelming pleasure of making love with Hayate seems like child's play, and leads Shizuku to a deep, deep climax that she's never felt before.
(Amazing~ It's good~ I hate it but it's feels so good~ ♡♡♡)
 The glans that had been thrust deep into her vagina shivered and trembled.
 Shinji spurt out his semen into her vagina along with his increased magical power.
"Maintain the magic power!"
 Doppu Dopyu Bupuu Buu View
 The large amount of semen that had been stored up flowed into Shizuku's vagina and womb.
 The first impregnation was an unknown pleasure for Shizuku. The sensation of being filled from the inside of her body, and her instincts as a woman made her realize that this was happiness.
 At the same time, she felt as if Shinji's magic power was mixing with her own. Knowledge that Shizuku had never known before, such as how to construct a magic circle and how to put magic power into it, blended in. However, Shizuku, who was immersed in a deep climax, did not feel it.
"Phew, good work"
"Haaaa~......♡♡ Haaa~......"
 Plup ♡, The penis is pulled out.
 Shizuku's appearance after the magic ritual was terrible, with both hands and legs thrown out on the bed, semen dripping from her secret parts, ecstatic face, unable to move.
 She didn't look like she had been held by a man she didn't like.
 But she had a face of a very satisfied woman.
  • Shizuku has learned body enhancement magic!
  • Shizuku had been made aware of the pleasures of being a female!
  • However, the mind is untouched because the body has only been made to cum so much.
  • She still needs to be taught more magic.

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