Chapter 140 Running Wolves Return to Their Home Temporary

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 After arriving in the temple at <Medio>, <Running Wolves> decided to return to the party house to reserve a Pegasus's carriage that would take them out of city again the next morning.
 They had camped in the midway point and spent the night there, so they didn't arrive at <Medio> until noon.
 The road to <Oeste> is as long as the road to <Suru>. That's why they decided to leave early tomorrow morning. It was also to tell Akane, who was at the party house, that they would be going away again.
"I'm back!"
"Welcome back everyone"
"......I'm sorry to bother you"
 When Alvin and the others arrived at the dining room, Akane and Iris were having lunch together in their casual clothes.
 As Iris saw Shinji, her expression relaxed with happiness, which is very cute.
"If you haven't had lunch yet, I can make you some"
"You're on break, aren't you? So, I'll make it"
"I'll help you, Renka-chan"
 Renka and Milis restrained Akane from leaving the table while they ate, and went into the kitchen, but Akane following behind.
"......Senpai, come here"
"Yes, yes"
 Iris tapped the seat next to her. Shinji sat down next to Iris and nodded at her, then she checking him visually from top to bottom.
"......Huh~, no injuries, desu. ......I heard you went too far, so..."
"Thank you for worrying about me. It was a tough opponent, but we all managed to pull it off. Hey, Alvin"
 From Alvin's point of view, Iris seemed to be seriously in love with Shinji. It's no surprise, since she's consulted with him several times, but Alvin hopes he'll be rewarded by Iris. Although he saw that Iris continues to appeal to Shinji despite the fact that she knows Shinji has a girlfriend named Renka.
(Well, It's lonely because it's like being separated from my sister......)
 It's a little heartbreaking that Iris, who calls him a brother and adores him, is so infatuated with another man, even if it's one of his own friends.
 Also, if Shinji and Iris get together, she will be a second wife, and since Renka is okay with Iris appealing to Shinji, there is no reason for Alvin to have any say in the matter.
"......Senpai, will be going to <Oeste>, desu? ......It's sounds good"
 While Alvin was alone with his thoughts, Shinji and Iris were talking about the city they were going to.
"It's one of those places that every wizard/witch wants to visit at least once, so I guess Iris-chan is no exception"
"Yes, thanks to the...... magic guild, there are a lot of rare spell books, desu. So, I want to go there, but...... after I save up enough money, desu"
 Iris continues with a twinkle in her eye.
"......Also, my dream is to join <Tea Party> in the future, desu" (*Note: お茶会 -> Osakai)
"You've been saying that for a long time, haven't you, Iris? The official name is <Witches' Tea Party>?" (*Note: 魔女のお茶会 -> the name of party)
"......Yes, that's right, desu. ......It's my dream, desu. ......Nn, Senpai?"
 When the word <Tea Party> comes out of Iris's mouth, the air around Shinji changes.
 Alvin, who was sitting in front of him, did not notice at all, but Iris, who was in love with Shinji, noticed the change in Shinji. His expression remained calm and smiling, but he seemed to be in a bad mood, as if he had something on his mind, and Iris was puzzled.
 <The Witches' Tea Party> is the face of the Magic Guild, which is made up of ten of the Guild's best wizards.
 The Magic Guild can register as a double membership with the Adventurers' Guild, and all members of <Tea Party> are high-ranking adventurers. As a member of <Tea Party>, they can receive a huge amount of money from the guild for research, and each of them are working on their specialties.
 It was Iris's dream to become a member of the <Witches' Tea Party> in the future, and live her life doing research on magic.
 It was a high goal that could dream of, and it was not something that would upset her.
 Seeing Iris's confusion, Shinji's mood returned to normal.
"I think it's a good goal. Let's do your best"
 Iris wanted to know what Shinji was thinking that made him so unhappy, but she didn't think it was the right time to ask, so she just nodded. Shinji was grateful for that.
(Iris-chan is watching me very closely, isn't she?)
 He reached out and lightly stroked Iris's head, which made Alvin feel very uncomfortable as Iris looked so comfortable.
"What is Shinji's dream, really? You used to say you wanted to make money and live a life of luxury! But that's not your real dream, right?"
 Shinji stopped stroking Iris when Alvin made a desperate suggestion. Shinji who was asking them about their dreams, smiled, knowing that saying anything too random would only make him look bad.
"To cross another world"
 That was the only thing Shinji said.
 Alvin and Iris blinked at that one word.
"You know that spirits are summoned from other worlds, right? I'd like to go to another world, not this one"
 Shinji rephrased, and they finally understood what he was talking about.
"That's another...... big dream"
 Alvin couldn't fully respond to the scale of the conversation.
 Alvin knew that his goal of climbing <Hateyama> was a goal that he could achieve. He knew that the only way to achieve it was to gain experience and improve his grade as an adventurer.
 Shinji's dream, however, he has no idea how to achieve. Therefore, he could only admire it with confusion.
"......Research with Senpai, desu"
 Iris, on the other hand, looked at him with a sparkling gaze.
 Moving around the world is a difficult task that many wizards have tried and failed at. It is much more difficult to send oneself than to summon oneself.
 Thinking about the future of herself as a wife studying with Shinji, Iris is even more determined to make her dream come true.
 The honeymoon they would spend together while working on their research would make Iris' imagination swell.
"Well, it's still in the realm of fantasy with no real prospects"
 Shinji shrugs his shoulders and Alvin and Iris laugh. After the cooking was done, Renka, Milis and Akane came back to the dining room.
"I made pasta today" (*Note: バスタ -> Basuta)
"Let's eat vegetables too, Al-kun"
 They put the plates of food on the table. Lunch was soon served, and the conversation about dreams was over.
 Alvin and the others are talking amicably, not realizing that Shinji's dream of traveling the world is a means that leads to another goal.
  • Temporary return to home.
  • Iris had come to visit.
  • They talked about the city they were going to next, and their dreams for the future.
  • Iris-chan is aiming for a higher rank, but not in Hateyama, but in the magic guild.
  • Shinji, on the other hand, seems to have a lot on his mind.
  • The world crossing he talked about as his dream is an extremely difficult task.
  • It is currently impossible to invite living people into spirit world, even if they are spirits.
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