Chapter 152 Three People Preparation ♡

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 It was a while before Alvin had his lewd dream.
 Shinji and Renka had gathered in Renka's room to have sex before taking a nap. Just as they were getting ready to make the bed, there was a knock at the door.
"Shinji can you wait a minute?"
 Renka went to open the door, though she was a little grumpy. After opening the door and speaking a word or two with the person on the other side of the door, Renka smiled and invited the person into the room.
"Sorry to disturb you, Shinji-san"
"Milis, what's wrong? Aren't you having a woman's day?"
 Milis stood in front of Shinji with Renka.
 Shinji can see that Milis is ready to have sex with him, her face already tinged with anticipation.
"I lied to Al-kun...... I was afraid I would get frustrated if I did it with Al-kun......"
"I see. Well, then it can't be helped. We're dealing with a succubus. It's a good idea to take precautions"
"Hah~...... So, it's the three of us today?"
 Renka is not happy about Milis' intrusion. But decided to share because of the reason.
 Shinji nodded and took off his pants and underwear.
 Milis and Renka's cheeks turned red at the sight of Shinji's cock, which was already erect and eager to fuck.
 As Shinji sits on the bed and removes the rest of his clothes, a thought comes to him from Freri.
I'll relay this to Alvin as a lewd dream
......No, what are you doing? It's going to be awkward
 As they exchanged thoughts, Milis and Renka undressed, both feeling no shame about undressing in front of Shinji.
 The mere sight of Shinji's sticky, lecherous gaze was enough to arouse them, and they were filled with anticipation.
It's probably fine. I'll take care of it if it something wrong happens......
That's rare. Freri has never said anything like this on her own. Maybe you have grown up to be more like a succubus?
 It is possible to make her stop by ordering her.
 However, Shinji felt that her partner was growing up, as she was the first one to try to corrupt someone else. Although Alvin was an important friend, Freri was also an important partner.
Maybe so. It's going to be such a fun ride for me
Well, you've been helping me, so okay, but you have to pretend that nothing is going on, okay? If it gets too bad, I'll stop it
 Therefore, Shinji stopped supporting either of them.
 It was up to Alvin's mental strength to get him excited about being cuckolded.
 Despite the strange interruptions, Shinji still wanted to have both of them.
 Rather, the situation of being watched by Alvin makes Shinji feel superior.
 Shinji laughed at the fact that two girls who had liked Alvin when they first met were now completely captivated by his penis.
 Milis, who had no way of knowing that Alvin was watching her, crouched down at Shinji's feet on the bed to give him the usual service first.
"Hey, Mil. I'm first, okay?"
"Nn, but I have to satisfy Shinji-san......"
 To keep up with the very aggressive Milis, Renka crouched down next to her, and Shinji placed a hand on each of their heads to keep them from fighting over his cock.
"You can put it between you two, right? Please get along"
"I understand, Shinji-san~ "
"Mou~...... I can't help it~ "
 They press their breasts against the penis from both sides and pinch it.
 Even with Milis's big breasts, Shinji's penis can't be wrapped up, and even with two people, the glans still sticking out.
 When their soft breasts are pressed against it from all sides, the tip of his penis begins to overflow. The pleasure itself is not that strong, but the visual satisfaction of having two people serving him is great.
"Rero…… Nn~ Rero…… Jyuru…… Shinji's penis is so wonderful~ "
"Mou~, It's my Shinji~ Hamu~ Nmu~ Rerorero...... Jyuru~ "
 Milis' tongue licks the glans.
 Her tongue, covered in saliva, crawls around the penis, mixing saliva and pre-cum. Milis is very aggressive and Renka extends her tongue and licks the glans as well.
(It's paradise...... I can't get enough of it......)
 The two of them lick it as if they were competing for a single penis.
 Sometimes, their tongues touch each other and the lips that press against the penis rub against each other, which is very sensual and lyrical. It's a scene that can be enjoyed forever, but time is limited.
"I want to ejaculate soon, so can you make it stronger?"
"I understand~ "
"Come on...... Give me lots of cum, Shinji~ "
 Milis and Renka readily agreed to Shinji's request.
 Milis's soft breasts rubbed up to the base of the glans, while Renka's firm breasts rubbed down to the base of the glans.
 Shinji's patience reaches its limit with the intense double paizuri that seems to crush every gap.
"Ah~ There was a lot of cum~ "
 Dopu~ Dopyu~ Doku~ Dobyu~
 Shinji's penis released a large amount of semen that he had been storing up.
 The white-colored fluid spattered Milis and Renka's faces and breasts, marking them both as Shinji's women.
(Double paizuri is the best......)
 When the long ejaculation was over, Shinji pulled his penis out of both of their breasts and lay down on his back. Shinji felt comfortable and relaxed, but his penis was still in the same condition as before he ejaculated.
 After telling Shinji that she liked his cock, Milis became more and more aggressive about sex.
 She stopped hiding her naughty side in front of Shinji.
"I'm sorry, Renka-chan, but I'm borrowing it first"
"Wait, Mil!?"
 Milis straddled Shinji, completely in heat. She put his penis at the entrance of the secret area and inserted it at once.
 Her vagina is so loose that with a single breath, the penis can reach the depths of her vagina, and she can feel the pleasure of Shinji's penis squeezing the depths of her vagina.
"Hah…… As expected, I love Shinji's~ cock…… It can rub…… All of my weak part... "
"Milis' vagina feels good too....... Come on Renka. You can straddle me on my face and I'll make you feel good"
"Gumu…… I get it…… Ah~ "
 Renka was surprised to hear that Milis liked Shinji's cock, and the sight of the two of them together gave her mixed feelings, but she did as Shinji asked, more concerned about Renka than Milis. 
 Shinji pulls Renka's hips up and touches her secret area to his lips, Renka is careful not to make him too heavy, but suddenly Shinji's tongue licks the entrance of her secret area. As he does that, Renka's mouth involuntarily leaks out a charming sound.
"Hii~ Ah~ Shinji~ It feels good Shinji's tongue~ Nn~ Ah~ Lick me more ......"
"Shinji-san~ I like~ I like Shinji-san's cock Shinji-san's cock feels so good Please poke me more~ "
 Shinji held Renka firmly so that she didn't raise her hips and continued to give Renka pleasure with his tongue.
 He licked and swallowed Renka's love juice without hesitation, which excited him even more, and he put more energy into his cock inside Milis.
 Renka was leaning forward on the bed with her hands on the bed as Shinji worked on her private parts, his skillful cunnilingus felt so good that Renka thought she was going to fall off her back, but she was too busy trying to hold back her climax.
 Milis was moving her hips up and down from the start, savoring the pleasure that the rubbing of Shinji's cock was giving her.
 The glans pushed into the back of her vagina, which was the point where Milis felt most comfortable, making a lewd squirting sound.
 The slutty and debauched Milis was shaking her large breasts up and down as she gobbled up the pleasure.
 The simultaneous effect from the two partners give them more pleasure.
 Furthermore, they enhanced each other and worked their way to climax.
 And finally, the three of them climaxed almost simultaneously.
 Shinji, holding Renka's hips with his one hand and Milis's with his other hand. He spurts out his semen into Milis's womb and sucked hard on Renka's clit.
 As Renka's clit is sucked hard, she finally climaxes.
 Pushi~ Pushi~ , she shaking with pleasure as she squirts her load and her body tense with the shock of her climax.
 Milis also climaxes as she receives a powerful ejaculation that makes her womb pant. Dogu Dopyu , she soaked in the afterglow of the most wonderful climax as she connected with the deepest part of his penis, which ejaculated violently.
 Milis and Renka were looking very happy and debauched.
 But Shinji wasn't satisfied yet.
 He started to move again for the next act.
  • Now it can be seen why Alvin was shown the lewd dream.
  • Good luck Alvin!
  • Renka was about to have lovey-dovey sex when Milis came and pushed her.
  • Milis is getting very aroused, isn't she?
  • I'm enjoying reading this story.

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