Chapter 157 Eve, Alvin, and Milis's Room

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This was happen in Eve, Alvin and Milis's room. 
 With their arms hugged each other, Eve and Alvin entered the room and walked straight to the bed.
 Milis who was the last one to enter the room, closing the door, and then she pretent to locked it. She made sure to remove the lock so that Shinji and the others could enter the room without making a sound.
 After she was doing so, Milis, who had been completely focused away from Eve and Alvin, turned around and looked at the bed and saw that things had gone badly wrong.
"Nn...... Onii-san......Eve's breast feels good, right? "
"Hah...... Hah...... Oh no, it's bad......."
 Eve was sitting backward on top of Alvin who was sitting on the edge of the bed.
 With her back resting on Alvin's muscular chest, Eve lifted her arms up and wrapped them around Alvin's neck.
 Suddenly, Alvin who was passive, move his arms under her armpits and his hands firmly grabbed Eve's large breasts.
(Al-kun! He's already charmed!?)
 After Alvin quickly fell, Milis was unable to move too because Eve is looking at Milis with a seductive expression.
(Easy~ It's really easy charming a man who's not used to woman )
 Eve began to charm Alvin since they were walking down the hallway.
 Furthermore, when Milis took her eyes off of Eve and Alvin, Eve had Alvin sit on the bed to made the charm stronger.
 Alvin thought about reaching for the bottle of sleeping powder when Eve turned her back to him to sit down, but he was too busy admiring her attractive body through her baby doll in front of him.
 Also, while Alvin's judgment was delayed by the charm because he too busy admiring her body, Eve sat down on top of him. Her soft ass sweetly stimulated Alvin's erect penis under his pants.
 Naturally, it's almost impossible for him to win when the succubus touches the erect penis.
 Not only that, Eve began to whispers him to touch her breasts, and Alvin does as she says and begins to rub them. It was at this point that Milis finally realized the state of Eve and Alvin.
(They're so soft......I want to keep touching them...... Her ass is soft too......)
 Alvin's thoughts quickly became filled with Eve. It made him didn't care Milis presence who is right in front of him, and his ability to think is severely impaired.
 The male instincts that had been forcibly awakened by the charm urged him to fuck the woman in front of him, and Alvin's hands instinctively pulled off her baby doll and bra as if he were going to pick them up.
"Ah~ You're so forceful...... Fufu~ "
 Eve's body was very beautiful, even to the same sex Milis.
 Although she has no orientation towards liking the same sex, Milis felt a strange surge of excitement in her heart. She found Eve to be very attractive.
(This...... I had been charmed too......?!)
 Milis wavered on her feet, and she knew that her cheeks were flushing.
 Eve didn't find it particularly surprising that Milis was able to withstand the charm because some girls are born with a high tolerance for magic.
 Instead, she gave Milis a charming smile, as if she enjoyed corrupting such girls. Because Eve prefers women to men.
"Let the maid join in..... Ah~ Before Onii-san can't take it anymore...... Quickly...... "
"......Nn, I understand......"
 Alvin's hands are not only on her breasts, but also on Eve's underwear. Seeing Alvin doing that, Milis no longer has time to hesitate. If Alvin continues to be charmed, it will hinder their next move.
 So, Milis walks over to Eve and Alvin.
 As she walks, Milis takes off the white apron dress of her maid's uniform and revealed a navy-blue one-piece dress and unbuttons the front from the top.
 Eve's smile deepens as Milis' skin is gradually revealed.
 By the time she arrived in front of Eve and Alvin, the front buttons were all undone. However, when Milis made a natural movement to unbutton her long sleeves, she took off the lid of the bottle of sleeping powder that she had hidden in the cuff, and spraying the contents all over Eve with Alvin.
"Koho...... What.... are you...... doing to...... me......"
 Eve was taken by surprise and inhaled the sleeping powder. So did Alvin, who was engrossed in caressing her.
 They both fell backwards and rolled on the bed.
 After confirming that they were asleep, Milis was finally able to catch her breath.
"Haaahhhh...... That was close......"
 Milis sat down on the spot.
 She exhaled loudly and said, "If it weren't for the sleeping powder that Shinji gave me as a precaution, I would have had to fight without equipment".
 When she had adjusted the front buttons of her maid's uniform, the door of the room suddenly opened.
 Shinji and Renka were the first to rush into the room. Behind them were Freri and Flare. Shinji had a small magic circle floating on his fingertips, as if he was preparing to use magic at a moment's notice.
 When Milis saw the four of them, her face lit up.
"I'm glad you're all here"
"Oh, yeah. The...... girl over here must be a succubus too. The girl who was in charge of me was also a succubus"
 When they saw Alvin and Eve lying on top of each other on the bed, Shinji and Renka knew what was going on.
"Al-kun was charmed, and I was also in danger......"
"It's a good thing you gave Milis that too"
"Freri, can you wake Al up?"
 Milis' cheeks were still red and her body was burning from the effects of the charm. It's the same for Shinji, who had been charmed by Clara.
 In the meantime, Renka removed the sleeping Eve from Alvin's body, and Freri approached the sleeping Alvin.
 After she arrived in front of Alvin, she shoved the flower she had made on her palm into Alvin's mouth without saying a word.
 Kah! Alvin's eyes widened and he jumped up with great force.
"Milis, I warn you about the flower. Just a single petal will relieve the burning sensation with the right amount of bitterness"
"Thank you, Shinji-san"
 Shinji, who had received two new petals from Freri, offered one to Milis, while Alvin stammered.
 Although concerned about Alvin's suffering, Milis is not in the mood to defend the charmed Alvin and decides to take a bite of the bitter petal.
 Milis's face contorted at the bitter taste, but she could feel the burning subside, just as Shinji had said.
"Hah...... Hah...... I'm awake...... Sorry...... for the hassle......"
"It's okay. It's within my recovery zone"
"Al, you should apologize to Mil, okay?"
 The bitterness was so strong that it calmed Alvin's sighs.
 Alvin bowed to Milis, who looked unhappy.
"I'm sorry, Mil. I'm sorry I showed my weirdness to you...... Ah, thank you for your help"
"It's okay, Al-kun. Are you okay?"
"Ou! This won't happen again!"
"Okay "
 Alvin and Milis smiled at each other.
 In fact, Milis didn't mind that Alvin had been charmed, because she felt she had no choice.
 It's hard to resist something that feels so good for her too.
 And Milis didn't want to blame Alvin's blunder because she is defeated by Shinji's cock too.
 Still, Alvin felt an indescribable sense of guilt at Milis' kindness. So, he was determined not to let the charm get the better of him this time and he decided to raise his will to fight.
 After receiving the equipment from Shinji and the others, Alvin and Milis prepared themselves and Shinji opened his mouth.
"Okay, at any rate, we've successfully infiltrated. Let's move on to the investigation"
 Everyone nodded in agreement with Shinji's words.
  • Milis-chan struggles!
  • Alvin had a bad time.
  • Well, a man is sure to lose if his penis is touched while under the spell of a succubus.
  • So, the only way to beat them is to attack from a distance before they close the distance, or raise the mental abnormality resistance before defeated by the charm.
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