Chapter 167 The Battle between Miko Arian and Shinji

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 The two people fell into bed together, but it was Miko Arian who took the initiative. Even though it was inevitable, Shinji didn't want to have real sex yet, because he wanted to talk about a better future.
 When Miko Arian was on top of Shinji, her large breasts looked more prominent, and as Miko Arian lowered her hips, her soft ass crushed his stiff penis.
"Danna-sama...... you're in so much pain...... Arian will make it easier for you......"
"Ugh...... Let's talk...... first"
 Miko Arian wanted to connect right away, but knowing that Shinji wanted to talk, she decided to start with caresses first.
 Miko Arian climbed down on top of Shinji and removed his pants and underwear in one breath. His exposed penis was erect and Miko Arian's cheeks reddened at the majesty of it.
 Miko Arian loosens her gown to expose her breasts, and Shinji's penis trembles in anticipation as they sway in the air.
 Miko Arian lifted Shinji's hips and pulled him closer, bringing his ass onto her lap.
 Then, she pulled cleavage of her breasts with both hands and swallowed Shinji's penis with them. She squeezed her soft breasts from both sides, and his penis shivered involuntarily.
"Danna-sama...... Don't worry about Arian, just talk to me...... "
"Ugh.... Ggh...... If is like this...... I can't have sex with you......."
 Even though it is firmly pinched, Shinji's big cock is peeking out from the cleavage of her breast.
 Nbu , Arian letting her saliva drip down on his glans from her protruding tongue and sliding down his penis, while her hand rocking back and forth on her breast.
"Arian doesn't care what order I will take as long as I stay close to your side......"
"Even though, you can say that...... but in the world, there are...... statuses and ......ties, ....... you know"
 When his penis was sufficiently slippery, Miko Arian began to squeeze it.
 Shinji involuntarily rebelled against the strong pleasure when Miko Arian was rubbed carefully from the tip to the middle of his penis with her paizuri and blowjob. Shinji's mind was trying hard to think, but the pleasure was pounding into his head and dulling his ability to think.
 The next thing he knew, Shinji was moving his hips slowly and loosely.
 "I see...... Well then, Danna-sama.... I'll give you a squeeze...... You can move too...... "
"Oh...... no.......not that ......! If you just want to be by my side...... then you don't need a marriage certificate......."
 Gyuutsu the pressure of Miko Arian's breast increased, and the pleasure he got from moving his hips increased.
 The pace of Shinji's hips naturally increased. The more he poked it, the better he felt, and Shinji was completely captivated by this magical cleavage.
 Normally, Shinji wouldn't give in to such pleasure so easily, but the effect of the charm was huge.
"I want to be Danna-sama's wife.... I'll serve you more...... Danna-sama...... Danna-sama.... "
"Ggh ......I'm going to...... cum!"
 Miko Arian who was not convinced by Shinji's words bobbed her body up and down, naturally her pleasure increasing even more as she bobbed her hips in time with Shinji's movements.
 Shinji also slams his hips against her breast. Shinji's hips which slam against her breasts, making a lewd watery sound from the pre-cum and saliva, making him feel as if he was having sex inside her vagina.
 Shinji's endurance didn't last long.
 He spat out a large amount of semen that he had been storing up against Miko Arian's breast and pussy.
 Dopu Bubu Doku Doku
"Ah...... Warm...... Please let it out...... "
"Ogh...... Uh...... Hah......"
 While Shinji was ejaculating, Miko Arian tightened up her cleavage. After the semen was squeezed out of his urethra, Shinji went limp and weak.
"Danna-sama...... It's so much ...... I'm so glad ......"
 Shinji's penis was finally released.
 The cleavage between her breasts was sticky with Shinji's semen. The sight of this stimulated a sense of immorality that defiled the Miko and made Shinji's penis boil even after he ejaculated.
 Even though he had ejaculated once, he hadn't regained his composure at all. There was nothing he could do.
 It was really uncool, but there was no way he was going to give up.
 Shinji decided to do something that would be shameful to his usual rational mind.
"If I can't make my girlfriend my main wife, I'll stop being an apostle......"
 Shinji's sudden words was enough to make Miko Arian stop moving.
 The current Shinji cannot lie. In other words, he is not lying when he says he is going to stop, he is serious.
"If I can't make Renka my wife, I won't work as an apostle!"
 Shinji's last resort was to protest.
 He had been carried away by the current wave, and he had been set up by Goddess-sama in the first place. So, It's not like he voluntarily embraced Miko Arian.
 He's trying to get a compromise by saying that he can't accept responsibility for his actions.
(This is so pathetic......)
 Miko Arian's heart flutters when she sees Shinji blushing from embarrassment.
 Seeing the new side of her Danna-sama that was not always seen in front of her, she became attached to him and wanted to do something to help him.
"Danna-sama...... Is so cute......"
"Oh, gosh......"
"But I understand...... I'll ask Goddess-sama.......
 Miko Arian closed her eyes with a gentle smile on her face.
 Shinji couldn't hide his confusion at Miko Arian's honest withdrawal. He had thought that this would only lead to a liability issue after the real sex.
 Shinji watched over Miko Arian as she did so.
 Shinji was beginning to regain his composure, thanks to his repeated deep breaths.
"Danna-sama...... I got permission......"
"I'll stepping down from my role as Miko and marrying Danna-sama as a mere Arian. If I'm no longer a Miko, I'll become a mere woman...... and a commoner...... This way, Danna-sama girlfriend will become main wife...... And Arian can also become a wife......"
 Abandoning her position, Miko Arian said.
"Winged people are so rare that they are not included in the...... special exception of the two-person marriage limit...... So, Arian can become the third lady......"
"Eh, are you sure......?"
 Miko Arian nodded, smiling at Shinji's question.
 At the same time, a thought from Goddess Arian arrived in Shinji's head.
You're so stubborn. I've lost. If my daughter asks me to do something like this, as a mother I have no choice but to give in. You took the heart of my daughter away from the mother. ......But I won't compromise anymore. Keep up the good work
 When Goddess Arian said that, her thoughts were cut off.
 Finally, Shinji began to feel that something had been done.
 There were no more obstacles for Shinji and Miko Arian to connect.
"Danna-sama...... Let's do it...... "
 Shinji's penis hardens again as he looks up at Miko Arian, who has completely stripped off her loosened gown and is now completely naked.
  • A miko with big boobs needs to be taught.
  • Shinji's pouting!
  • Good job, Miko Arian!
  • Miko Arian was thrilled by Shinji who look like a spoiled child because he is usually a rational person.
  • As Miko Arian is so excited by Shinji's rambunctiousness, she asks the Goddess (her mother) directly and decides to marry him off.
  • Goddess also wants Shinji to work, so she decided to give him a break.
  • Finally, Shinji took the Miko from a goddess in bed.

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