Chapter 249 Requests to the Spirits

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 Hayate who was so excited to squeeze the cum out of Shinji came to herself when Shinji's penis wilted.
 After that, Hayate looked down at Shinji, who was limp but looking very satisfied and disheveled, and she felt satisfied that she had succeeded in returning the favor.
"Onii-san, it was good, wasn't it? I will satisfy you again next time "
"Hah...... oh, thanks......."
 The smug Hayate got off of Shinji, adjusted her clothes, and returned to the inn with Sylphy.
 Seeing this, Shinji also adjusted his clothes and tried to return his thoughts to the matter he was going to discuss with Hayate before having sex with her, but he immediately received a thought from Freri.
Hayate is almost done, I enjoyed watching Shinji being tortured
She's so good at it, it's adorable. It's easy to hypnotize a girl like Hayate
 Shinji gave a small smile of remembrance, but then shook his head lightly as his thoughts wandered.
Freri, Flair, Marie and Sylphy, do you have a minute?
 They all responded to Shinji's question.
I have a favor to ask you all. Of course, I'm going to reward you as much as I can, so will you please listen to me?
 After hearing the affirmative again, Shinji spoke.
Three days later, after the tournament, there will be a mock battle between Flair and Himeno, the dragon man. At that time, I was thinking of asking Marie and Sylphy to support me so that the two of them can fight with all their might and not cause any damage to those around them
 If Himeno, a dragon man with a dragon horn, and Flair, a high-ranking spirit, clash head-on, it's clear that damage will occur to those around them.
 Without the cooperation of Marie and Sylphy, Shinji plans to limit the number of simulated battles between Himeno and Flair.
I wonder if I should prepare a space where the two of them can fight? ~
Okay, I can work with Marie to create and strengthen a magical wall around them
Thank you for your quick answer. So, what do you think?
 With the help of two high-ranking spirits, Marie and Sylphy, it is possible to create a magical wall that has considerable strength. And deploying it in a dome shape is sufficient for a mock battle field.
I'm good~. As a reward, I just want to spend another night with you~♡』
Marie! I told you Shinji is my master~noja!
That's why I'm only borrowing him for one night~, Kyaa~♡』
 Shinji let out a sigh at the thought that Marie and Flair had begun to chase each other.
Eh? --One night? Ehh?
 Sylphy is not so naive as to not understand the meaning of Marie's words. Rather, she was filled with astonishment, "When did this happen!?".
Shinji-san's dick~ is amazing~ It's thick, hard, long, and unequaled~ ♡』
Marie, when did you......
 When she heard the entranced voice of Marie, Sylphy finally understood that Marie was really having a physical relationship with Shinji.
I trained Shinji's cock
Just because it's trained by succubus...... it doesn't mean that Marie is the only one who can do it! I want do it too~noja!
Nfu~ Then let's do it again with the three of us~ ♡』
T, three of us!?
 With the addition of the smugly boastful Freri, Shinji's head was lightly restrained as his thoughts began to swirl in a jumble.
 It was reasonable because three women together are adulterous, and four would be even more noisy.
......For now, Marie and Flair will be together
I'll go with you too
......Freri, too? all right......
 Shinji sent his thoughts to settle the matter, and Freri immediately corrected him.
 It seems that the reward for their hard work will be a foursome, and Marie and Flair have no objections.
 From Marie's point of view, the last time she had sex was so pleasurable that she had no complaints just to be able to do it again. In fact, she and Flair were both crushed in the embrace, so she was hoping that Freri would join in.
 Flair agreed too because sex with Shinji was very nice, but Shinji had to be pushed to the limit of his strength.
 But it's a good thing, and Flair isn't complaining.
 In the midst of all this, Sylphy was completely lost in the shuffle.
 The fact that three other spirits wanted to have sex with Shinji was too much of an anomaly for Sylphy to think about.
If you're going to help me, Sylphy, you'd better have something in mind
 Shinji didn't try to impose. He left everything up to Sylphy's judgment.
 And then, Sylphy was lost.
 Still, she was interested in having sex with Shinji, who was making all three of the spirits melt.
 Sylphy who had been away from sex for a long time, had forgotten the happiness of being held by a man as a woman. Because she was too busy working for the goddess.
 Should she make a safe request, or should she beg for sex?
I'll cooperate. But let me think about the reward
Thank you, Sylphy
 In the end, Sylphy didn't have an answer and chose to put it off.
 Shinji was grateful for the cooperation and smiled a little, thinking of all the tricks he could pull after the mock battle.
Flair, can you win?
Of course. I don't want to look like a fool in front of Shinji~noja!
Okay. I'm counting on you, Flair
 Shinji's words were sent to a confident Flair.
 As a spirit who serves a master, it is an honor and a blessing to be trusted so much by her master.
 Marie and Sylphy were envious of Flair, so they appealed to Shinji, who was not their true master.
Me too~, I'll do my best~
Me too. I'll make sure the place is perfect
Oh, I'll leave it to you two
 Shinji's words made both of their hearts dance.
 Although they had always intended to work hard, they were motivated differently when they received words of trust.
Freri is my support
 Shinji's last request to Freri was to support him in what he was about to do after the mock battle.
 After the mock-battle, Shinji was planning to use this one opportunity to force Himeno to have sex with him.
(I'd love to have the magic power of a dragon man. I want her to fall, so....... I need to teach her pleasures that are better than love)
 The evil hand of the man who lives as an incubus is closing in on Himeno.
  • This is a story about asking for the cooperation of the spirits.
  • Prepare to fight with all the power you've got.
  • It's hard to get a reward peck, Shinji!
  • Finally, Sylphy learns that Marie is also involved.
  • It seems that when the spirits get together, they get all excited and happy.
  • Now, it's time for the fighting tournament.
Stay safe and stay healthy.....
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