Chapter 288 Headed to the Beastman Village

 The cart, which had been made lighter by Shinji's <Levitation(Floating)> magic, was pulled by the members of <Blue(Aoki) Sharp Fang(Eige)>. Renka and Alvin are in front of the cart, while Milis, Shinji and Freri are behind it.

 Hiyuri, the client of <Blue(Aoki) Sharp Fang(Eige)>, joined Shinji and the others walking behind the cart, riding the horse which was pulling the cart before.


We'll be there soon, so please do your best!


 Hiyuri cheered Shinji as he continued to use his magic. From her point of view, it was up to Shinji to deliver the fruit to the village, and she was anxious to see how he was feeling.


 But Shinji still has a lot of magic left in him. He also used Freri's magic just in case, so there was no need to worry about running out of magic, but there was no way Hiyuri, a layman, would understand.

 As Shinji was concentrating on his magic, Milis was talking to Hiyuri.


Shinji-san will be fine. And it’s almost there too...... Oh, I hear something loud

It's the sound from the village workshop. In our village, we make ingots for shipment to Este Town


 Hiyuri's ears twitched as she explained what she had heard.

 If Hiyuri was able to distinguish the sound, then of course the members of the <Blue Sharp Fang> were able to hear it as well.


We're almost there. Let's go for it!



 The voices of the three members of <Blue Sharp Fang> echoed.


 In this way, Alvin and the others were arrived at the beastman village safely.






Finally, we have arrived!



 After passing through the entrance of the village, Alvin and the others stopped the carts in an open area. Then, Shinji released his <Levitation> magic as the <Blue(Aoki) Sharp Fang(Eige)> members slowly lowered the cart to the ground.


 Shinji felt that the beastman village had a similar atmosphere as Este Town. It was because he could hear the sound of hard metal striking here and there, echoing from all over the village.


 This village is close to the mines, and there are many beastman who go out to the mines. For this reason, one of the village's main businesses is to process the ore they dig up into ingots and bring them to Este Town for sale.


Thank you all for your hard work


 Hiyuri got off from the horse and congratulated the sweaty members of <Blue Sharp Fang>. As Pard and the others wiped sweat off their faces, Hiyuri smiled and came over to Alvin and the others.


I'd like to thanks everyone from <Running Wolves>. You've been a great help

You're welcome!

And I'd like to thank you in some way.......


 Alvin shook his head at Hiyuri's suggestion, who bowed again.


Don't worry about it. We're going to go back to Este Town after a short break

That's all fine and good, but......


 Hiyuri is troubled by Alvin's refusal. It's a shame for Hiyuri, who is a beastman, to not return the favor after receiving it.

 As Hiyuri was wondering if there was anything she could do, a cat-beastman maid and several soldiers came from the back of the village.

 As they passed through the entrance of the village, a soldier acting as a gatekeeper was sending a message to Hiyuri's house...... in other words, to the head of the village, the chief.


Thank you very much, Hiyuri-sama, for your hard work. Soldiers, please take the fruit to the warehouse in the mansion



 The soldiers who came with the cat-eared maid began to carry the boxes full of fruit out of the broken cart.


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I'm back, Folt. Thank you for your help

No, it’s fine. This is my job too♪


 The gray cat called Folt smiled as she wagged her cat ears and tail happily. Then, Folt, dressed in a standard long skirt maid uniform, turned to Alvin and bowed lightly.


I would like to thank you, adventurer, for helping Hiyuri-sama. The Lord has asked me to deliver a message, so I will tell you

Ah, yes. Please do


 After getting Alvin's approval, Folt spoke.


Thank you for saving my daughter. I'm sorry I can't talk to you in person. I'm going to send you a gift as an expression of my gratitude....... Please accept this gift


 Folt held out a bag of gold coins. The amount of money inside the bag is a fraction of the price of hiring an upper ranking adventurer.

 Alvin, who had refused the thank you earlier, thought it would be rude to refuse the thank you that was prepared for them, so decided to accept it.


Thank you very much

Hiyuri-sama, I have been informed by Lord....... that you must return to the mansion. The Lord is waiting for you

I understand.......


 Once she had thanked them, there was no more reason to talk to Alvin and the others. And with a very regretful look on her face, Hiyuri finally smiles her most beautiful smile while feeling her heart skip a beat.


 Her smile was as if she was showing off her beautiful face.


I really appreciate it. If there is anything I can do for you, please come to the village square. I will never forget the kindness you have shown me


 If Alvin and Shinji were simple-minded men, they would have reacted with embarrassment, but Alvin has always been devoted to Milis, and Shinji would never have fallen for something like that.


I understand. Now, if you'll excuse me


 Alvin said with a simple attitude, and <Running Wolves> headed back to their home.

  • This was Hiyuri's return meeting.
  • Hiyuri is the daughter of the so-called village chief.

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