Chapter 316 Durin, in Front of Smith・After

 After watching the Durin's dishevelled face accepting Shinji's semen, Shinji slowly pulls out his unwilted penis.
 The sight of the mixture of semen and love juices dripping from the entrance of her private parts was like a sign that he had conquered the body of a married woman.
She looks so happy... it's an incredible honour for an incubus
 As she slumped down on the bed and tried to catch her breath, he could see the look of a woman surrendering to pleasure on her face.
Durin-san, we're just getting started, okay?
Ah...♡ Fuuh...♡ Nnn...♡ Nchu...♡
 Shinji bends down in front of Durin's face and brings his penis in front of her mouth, and she licks and cleans his penis, which is stained with semen and love juice. Shinji smiles as he strokes Durin's head, who is sucking on his penis without hesitation, even though she is in front of her sleeping husband.
But I can't impregnate her. No matter how much I make her like her female parent, she can't be the child of a dwarf couple
 If the male and female parents are of different races, they will be half-blooded. An example of this is Freri, the child of a flower spirit and a succubus, who is half spirit and half succubus.
 A child born as a half-breed often inherits the racial characteristics of both parents. In other words, if a dwarf couple, Smith and Durin, wanted to beg a child from a human, Shinji and Durin, they would not be able to do so without the child taking on the characteristics of a human.
It seems that even the succubus's magic can't mess with that, so I guess I'll leave it at that for now. If Freri grows up and learns stronger succubus magic, maybe...
 It's not certain. But with Freri's growth, he can make her children look like their mother. The possibility was not zero, Shinji thought. However, it was irrelevant now.
That's enough. Then, come here
Nnh...♡ Okay, hold on...♡
 After pulling his penis out of Durin's mouth, there was a sight of the string of saliva bridging her mouth that proved she had been sucking hard.
 Then, Shinji took her hand and led her to the edge of the bed. Standing on the floor from the bed, Shinji led her to the wall of the room.
Hold your hands on the wall and stick your hips out
Why do we have to get off th’ bed...♡
 Even though she asked the question, it was obvious what he was going to do. For her, the standing back position was unknown territory as she had only been held in bed.
 She also had never been in this position with her husband, which piqued Durin's curiosity. With her hands on the wall, she offered her small but well-fleshed ass to Shinji. She grabbed the plump ass and Shinji inserted his penis into her vagina.

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Hhhhoh ♡ Ahh ♡ i-it's so deeep ♡
Standing back is good too, isn't it? Do you understand why?
Yeah ♡ Yeahh ♡ I get it ♡ I get it ♡ Because suddenly it's so hard ♡ Aah ♡ Aah ♡♡
 Durin's vagina, which was completely engulfed in the root of the penis, quickly gave in and convulsed in climax. When her soft ass and hips were in perfect contact, the sensation of her vagina being pushed upward was stronger than when she was backed up on the bed.
 Even though Durin was still climaxing, Shinji started to piston. The vagina that had just climaxed was tight and seemed to not want to let go of his penis.
It feels so good ♡ It feels so good ♡ It feels so good ♡
 Durin's mind was filled with pleasure.
 Her vagina, which had become accustomed to Shinji's size, was no longer satisfied with Smith's penis, and there was no going back.
Ah... ♡ It's coming... ♡ It's coming again... ♡
 Durin can feel Shinji's penis swelling. And her heart was pounding in anticipation of the most pleasurable vaginal ejaculation ever so Durin pushed her hips back and forth in search of the most pleasurable climax.
 The timing was the same as Shinji's thrusting forward and when the back of the vagina is pushed up, ejaculation takes place with the vulva and glans kissing.
 Shudderrrr ♡ Trembled ♡ Spurtt ♡
 Durin climaxed with an inexpressible cry of joy. The heat of the semen pouring into her womb made her hips tremble.
 While holding Durin's hips in ecstasy, Shinji slowly pulled his cock out of her as he poured every last drop of cum into her. He held her as she was about to collapse and whispered in her ear.
Sweat it out, and we'll continue again, okay?
Haa~... ♡ You ... are such an immense ... ♡
 Durin feels flattered by the invitation, and because it is a one-night-only affair, she can enjoy it even though she feels guilty.
Today is the last time... Please bear it, dear ♡
 Durin won't be seeing Shinji again for a while. She won't even be in contact with him until Alvin or Renka's weapon maintenance, which is more than half a year away.
 For Durin, Shinji is just the best thing that ever happened to her, and it's Smith that she's determined to support for the rest of her life.


  • This is a continuation of the Durin-chan chapter.
  • Her body has been completely corrupted by the lewd crests.
  • She's been developed so well that she won't be able to be satisfied with a Smith-centric affair anymore.
  • When the simmering sexual desire explodes, the supposedly chaste wife will go into a frenzy and start squeezing her husband's semen out of him. Good luck to Smith.
  • Let's move on with the story.

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