Chapter 155 You Look Bad

Ah! That apple pie is mine! Takasago-senpai!」
Umami...? No, it's not umami! Shiratori-senpai, please say something too!
 I glanced at Sato, a first-year student who was ranting and raving, and said brusquely.
I don't care. And in the first place, leaving sweets in front of Takasago is wrong
Nooo... my apple pie...
 The club activity today lasted only an hour. It was over by 10 o'clock.
 This was because the media had begun to gather in front of the main gate in order to get comments from the students in the aftermath of the "Mysterious Dissapearance Case" in Tokyo.
 This means that we can't do any club activities at all.
 Thanks to this, starting tomorrow, we will be practicing at the City Stadium, which is two train stations away.
 Honestly, it's really annoying.
 I haven't seen the video of the good-looking model yet, but I saw the news on my phone.
 It's definitely part of Confinement King's death game.
 In other words, Confinement King is at fault.
...I'd like to claim compensation from Confinement King. Let's just make him pay for today's play. And the train fare from tomorrow
So, is Kizuna-chan coming?
Yes, she said she'll be here soon. I think it's about time
 Takasago, surprisingly, agreed with Sato-san, who says she wanted to go shopping because it was her day off.
 To make matters worse, I had to go along with her, and Sato-san called up her good friend Kizuna Tachioka.
Anyway, Takasago-senpai, what are you shopping for?
Like a sports bra?
No... sexy stuff. I want something that Kan-chan will like
 Sato-san froze with a smile on her face, and I almost spewed out my coffee.
Ha-hahaha... is Kan-chan your boyfriend?
I don't know. But he's going to take care of me. Three meals a day, dessert, and a nap, yummy
 Immediately, Sato-san whispers to me in a low voice.
I don't know it... but it's definitely not good, right? Shi-Shiratori-senpai, I'm pretty sure she's in the clutches of a prostitute uncle or something
Well... being stuck with a prostitute uncle might be a good future plan for Takasago
You can't be serious...
 Or rather, Confinement King.
 I didn't think he's got his hands on Takasago too.
 I knew he was aiming for her since he gave her the rank of semi-favorite apprentice princess, along with me and Miss Bowel... but he's too quick for that.
 But there's no need to panic.
 I'm not as cheap as Takasago.
 So, in order to gain dominance in Confinement King's harem, I need to raise my own price even more.
I'd like to make good use of the detective JK, I guess...
 While I was thinking about that...
Sorry to keep you waiting
 The one who came up to me saying that was Kizuna Tachioka-chan. She's one of Sato's closest classmates, and she often hangs out with us.
 To put it bluntly, Kizuna-chan is cute.
 She is as small as Moribe and has a baby face. She always keeps her black hair tied up in twin tails at the top.
 According to Sato, she is a very strong person.
 She does all the housework for her parents and brother, who both work late.
Oh, we're still eating, so why don't you sit here, Kizuna?
 Sato pats the chair next to her, and Kizuna-chan sits down while bowing to us.
That's tough. The media is all over the place again...
 Kizuna-chan says so with a curious face, and Sato replies with a smile, "Ahaha".
Well, it seems to have happened in Tokyo this time, so it has nothing to do with us at all
 In fact, Takasago and I are still involved with Confinement King, so I can't say that we are unrelated.
 Then, Kizuna-chan turned her head toward me and opened her mouth.
Shiratori-senpai, you are very smart, don't you know who the culprit is?
 I give a bland reply.
 I don't want to deal with curious questions.
Isn't that Anna Kamishima?
 That's the end of the story. That was the plan, but the response was different from what I had imagined.
Oh, is it true? Well, someone I know said it's probably not her. They said there was someone else... That's scary. I just wish it would go away soon
Who is this person you know?
Oh, yes, he's a friend of my Onii-chan. I don't know him very well, but...
 Kizuna-chan's brother was in the same class as Confinement King, and his name also appeared in the chronological record of the Confinement King in the past. He must have been sent to the demon world once for opposing the Confinement King.
Hmm... so, your brother... he knows him, huh
 As soon as I said that, Takasago suddenly poked me on the cheek with the end of a straw.
Hey, hey, stop it. You'll get juice on my cheek
 I hurriedly wiped my cheek, and Takasago, still looking at me with sleepy eyes--
...Shirasaki, you look bad
 That's what she said.
 ◇ ◇ ◇
W-why? from behind...
 With Misuzu on all fours, I pull up her one-piece T-shirt.
 My fingers and tongue have already been playing with her pussy, and it's already wet and squishy. I could see drops of her love juice dripping from her pubic hair.
 As usual, we had sex while acting like Misuzu and Fumijima the pheasant man, hoping that they might have heard us.
 "Vote for Kaneko-san" and "Let me fuck you then", and we moved on to sex very smoothly.
 This was an unplanned sex, but it was a good opportunity. Of course I fucked her. No matter how many times I hold her, I never get tired of her.
Kuh... if you're going to insert it, then do it quickly. I won't fall in love with you no matter what you do to me
Fuhihi! I wonder how long you can keep up this attitude. Misuzu.
 The two of us were in a good mood.
 I picked up my own thing and penetrated Misuzu's vagina.
Kuhhhh!? It's coming innnnnn!
 Misuzu's hole is already soaking wet, and it's my special hole.
 It accepted my object without much resistance and penetrated slowly, as if it were leading itself deeper.
Ah, hiii, from the start... it's reaching all the way in...
What's wrong? You're getting all jumpy, but we're just getting started...
 I say, and start pumping hard.
 *Pound!* *Pound!* *Pound!* *Pound!* *Pound!*
 My hips slammed her ass hard, and the harsh sound reverberating through the small room.
Aaahhhh! Suddenly so intense, don't be so hard!
Shut up!
 I slapped her ass with my hand, slamming my hips.
Hyan! That hurts, don't hit me!
 I slapped her once, twice, without mercy. A pattern of red autumn leaves appeared on her pretty ass.
 With each slap, her vagina snaps shut and tightens around my cock.
Hahaha, come on, make more noise! Make some more noise!
Ah, ah, ah, hiii, no, s, stop it, hiii, ah...
 I spanked her ass and increased the speed of the pounding.
 The bed creaked, and I thrust up into her vagina again and again, enjoying her increasingly high-pitched moans.
 And then...
I'm going to cum!
 Tremble! Spurtttt! Spurttttt!
 I ejaculate selfishly without regard for her. And a large amount of semen poured into her womb.
Kyaaa, noooo, ahhh, I'm cumming! I-I can't believe it... your cock is jiggling inside my vagina... fuahhhh, cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming toooo...
 Misuzu arches her back and squeezes the bed sheet tightly.
 Like the howl of a wolf, she wrenched her white throat wide open and shuddered twice, then collapsed onto the bed in a heap.
Haa~, haa~, haa~... that's enough. It's over, it's over now... M-make sure you vote for Kaneko-san
 With ragged breathing, Misuzu stubbornly squeezed out her voice.
 However, despite her words, her face is still in a state of debauchery, begging for more.
 More than anything else, her vagina is squeezing my cock and refusing to let go.
 Of course, I don't have the option of not living up to her expectations.
Hee-hee, what are you talking about, Misuzu? You're already my slave, so I'm going to enjoy you slowly, patiently, and thoroughly until the next voting time, with your body
Ohhhh... stop it... please let me go...
 She smiled a sexy, completely debauched smile, a look of delight on her face, but with a hint of despair in her voice.
 Hmm... She really is a good actress...

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