Chapter 324 Alvin's Life as a Successful Adventurer

 In the royal castle that symbolizes the royal city <Nord>. On that day, there were many people gathered in the audience hall.
 The man sitting on the throne at the top of the several stairs was Yuuri Zia(Tsuia), the king of the <Zia(Tsuia) Kingdom>, who ruled the continent. Adamos, the Prime Minister, stood beside him, and the other nobles stood in an orderly line at the bottom of the steps.
 A crimson carpet had been laid out from the throne to the doorway of the audience hall, and the nobles were standing on either side of the carpet, waiting for the main actors of the day.
 As each of them was thinking about the birth of a new nobleman, there was a knock on the door.
I've brought Alvin
Come in
 As soon as the Prime Minister gave his permission, the soldiers who were waiting in front of the door slowly opened the double doors. The king, the prime minister, and the nobles all looked at the other side of the door.
 Leading the way was a civil servant who worked at the castle. Behind him, Alvin walked with dignity, keeping a certain distance.
 Alvin's black tuxedo, which he had prepared for the occasion, enhanced his natural good looks. His manners, even when he was just walking, were excellent thanks to the many times he had trained at the Beltz house, and he did not look like a commoner who had been hastily trained.
 When the civil servant leading the way stopped before the stairs, Alvin also stopped. After a moment's pause, the official bows his head in a bow of respect to the king, and Alvin does the same.
 As soon as he had finished his bow and raised his head to face the corner of the room, there would be no obstacle between Alvin and the king, who would remain bowed.
Lift up your head
 Following the king's words, Alvin raised his head. The king's face, which a commoner would never see in his life, was full of majesty, and Alvin trembled as he looked into his eyes.
This man is the king
 Alvin was not really aware that he was going to serve his country as an honorary knight, but now that he was in front of the king, he realized that he was going to join the nobility and serve his country.
Alvin, the <Running Wolves>, you have saved the city twice, you have won the fighting tournament, you have contributed greatly to the country, and you are a strong warrior
 The king's words were strong and resonated well in the audience room. The nobles were already aware of the <Running Wolves>'s achievements, so there was no need for the king to explain everything.
 The king stood up and walked down the stairs. The Prime Minister, who followed him, received the tray from the civil servant and lined up next to the King standing in front of Alvin.
 On the tray was a ceremonial dagger to be given to those who would become Honorary Knight, and the king picked up the dagger.
I bestow upon you the title of Honorary Knight. And with that, I give you the name of Wolf!
It's my humble pleasure! I, Alvin-Wolf, swear to be loyal to Your Majesty and to be the sword that protects the people!
 Alvin bows his head and carefully accepts the dagger the king offers him with both hands. He then knelt on one knee on the ground, pressed the dagger to his chest, and said his vow.
 The words and posture of a knight's pledge of allegiance was taught to him at the Beltz house. The result of many hours of practice, combined with the very good looks of the king and Alvin, it was a scene that would look great in a painting.
 After a moment's pause, the nobles applauded.
 Alvin was blessed with a lot of applause, and he savoured the joy.

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 After the appointment ceremony in the audience hall, Alvin was led to another room. Alvin had waited until it was time for the party to be held after the ceremony, and the civil servant of the castle led him to the door of the party hall.
 The nobles were already inside the hall. Unlike the appointment ceremony, the party was not only for the head of the family, but also for his relatives if they applied, and there were many daughters and sons in attendance.
 Alvin chose Milis as his partner for the entrance. And to let people know that she is his real wife, he wears a ring of the same design. The ring was made from a gemstone that he had brought to the Heliotrope, and was a ring that he had planned to use for his wedding, but had Haruto to finish it in a hurry.
 It wasn't just the ring that caught the eye.
 Milis's party dress was mainly made of a pale blue fabric. The elegant lace obscured her ample cleavage, and the long skirt kept her bare legs out of sight.
 Her jade skin and golden hair, which had been polished over the past few weeks, had more lustre, making her innocent lover even more beautiful, not adorned with dresses and ornaments, but perfectly balanced.
It's really beautiful......
 It's no wonder Alvin was so taken with Milis when the civil servant led him to her.
Well, what do you think?
You look good, very...... good
T-thank you ...... Al-kun ♡
 Alvin offers his hand to his girlfriend, who is embarrassed beyond belief. This gesture also a gesture of escorting a woman, which was trained in the Beltz family.
Please take my hand, Lady....... I think?
......Yes ♪
 Milis's hand gently rests on Alvin's.
It's time
Okay, let's go. Come on, Mil
 As Alvin and Milis stood side by side in front of the door, the door to the hall opened.
The Honorary Knight Alvin Wolf and Madam Wolf arrived!
 Alvin and the others enter the hall. As Alvin and the others, who were the main actors of the day, were greeted with applause from the nobles, he spotted Christina of the Beltz family, who had helped him, and the nobles Pino Mazzola and Blade Valencia, whom he knew.
 His fellow adventurers Renka and Shinji had also joined the party, and Alvin found them smiling and applauding. Alvin was more than happy to hear the congratulations from his friends than from the nobles.
I never thought I'd become a nobleman when I worked so hard to climb Hateyama...... Really, I never know what's going to happen......
 He lost his parents at a young age and became an adventurer. But together with his friends, he faces difficulties, saves the town, and becomes a nobleman through his bravery. This adventure tale of rise to power will give commoners a dream.
 However, Alvin's goal has yet to be achieved.
We're almost to Hateyama......!
 Alvin's life as an adventurer will continue until he climbs Hateyama with his beloved girlfriend and friends.

  • This is the end of the Volume Eight.
  • Alvin has joined the ranks of the nobility and has achieved the highest rise a commoner can achieve.
  • On top of that, he has a lover he loves and friends he can rely on, a very fulfilling life.
  • If it weren't for the cuckoldry...... well, he has developed a sexual proclivity, and well, yeah, as long as he's happy, right? (lol).

Stay safe and stay healthy.....
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