Chapter 220 Something is Wrong

Onii-chan, wake up...
 When I woke up, Saori-chan was looking into my face.
...Good morning
It's not early... it's afternoon
 I say so when I lay down on the bench on her lap.
 After my stomach was full, I felt sleepy and rubbed my eyelids, and when Saori turned red and said, "D-do you want a lap pillow?". I didn't hesitate to do so.
 “Even though they have the same petite physique, Masaki-chan is a bit more chubby than her”, I thought so as I fell asleep easily.
 Now, as I woke myself up, smiling back at Saori-chan, I heard an announcement from far away, "The competition will resume soon".
I'm sorry for waking you up. I had to go help Takasago-senpai...
No, I'm sorry, too. Thanks
 I took out my phone to check the time, and found that I had been asleep for about fifteen minutes.
What are you going to do now, Onii-chan?
Well... I guess I'm going home. Saori-chan's competition is over, and if I stay any longer, I'll be called a voyeur again
I see... okay. Be careful
 Saori-chan looked disappointed for a moment, so I reached out my hand to her head and spoke.
I'll be here to cheer you on in the next competition, so do your best, Saori-chan.
 She looked surprised for a moment and then smiled very happily.
 ◇ ◇ ◇
Onii-chan will come again... ehehe
 I was a little disappointed that big brother(Onii-chan) was going home, but big brother(Onii-chan) said he would come to support me in the next competition.
 I want to make it through the qualifying round next time and stay with big brother(Onii-chan) longer.
 As I arrived at the track & field club, Coach Jolanda was back.
 Beside her, Claudia-san is sitting on a pipe chair with a bandage on her head.
What's happen?
Ahaha, I'm knocked out. I was attacked by a pervert
Eh, a pervert? Are you okay?
Yeah, I just got hit in the head. The doctor said it's just a bump, nothing serious
 I'm relieved.
 But a pervert is bad person.
 Just then, Ninagawa-senpai, who was preparing for the 100-meter final, interrupted us while stretching.
It's a bit noisy, isn't it...? I heard that there was a burglar on the street, and there was an ambulance in the parking lot earlier, which caused quite a commotion
 Then the coach frowned, looked back at the members, and spoke.
That's pathetic. They're probably not good people, being perverts and street thugs. Everyone should stay away from suspicious people!
 Then, Shima-senpai, who was nearby, said to me in a ridiculous way.
You know, you shouldn't approach suspicious people, Moribe
Onii-chan is not suspicious
No one said it was Kijima, though, right?
 I puffed out my cheeks, and Shima-senpai laughed, and then, for some reason, Captain hit Shima-senpai from behind. - tinytranslation.xyz
It's not nice to speak ill of those who are not here, Shima
Ui-chan... it hurts
I made it hurt
 As we exchanged glances, the coach clapped her hands.
Now, those of you who made it through the preliminaries, prepare yourselves! Those who lost in the preliminaries may be regretful, but please support those who are still here
 "Yes", everyone replied, and began to move in unison.
Takasago-senpai, I'll help you stretch
 I walk up to Takasago-senpai, but she raises an eyebrow suspiciously. Then, for some reason, she put her face to mine and sniffed.

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Senpai, what is it?
I smell Kan-chan's scent
Kan-chan is... umm, I think Shuntsu(順子) is a sequence of three tiles, called or concealed
 To be honest, I don't know much about mahjong.
 I've only played the X68000 version of “Janshin Quest” and the PC98 version of “Super Real Mahjong PIV” just to see what they were like.
Well, I don't know much about mahjong...
 I said, and Takasago-senpai tilted her head with her usual sleepy eyes, "Hmm?" .
 At the same time, I heard Claudia-san calling out to someone behind me.
Hey, can you spare some time this evening?
 Shiratori-senpai's voice replied.
What? Did they know each other?
 I couldn't help tilting my head.
 When I turned around, my eyes met Shiratori-senpai's, and I hurriedly turned my face away.
 ◇ ◇ ◇
 After parting with Saori-chan, I made a door appear on the outside wall of a nearby public restroom.
 It was a 30-minute walk to my house, two stops by train.
 But if I use "the door", I can get home in an instant.
 As I stepped into "the bedroom", I could hear the sound of happy laughter.
 There were girls chatting on the sofa set with tea cups in their hands.
Oh right... Misuzu and Akira were waiting for me in the bedroom
 But they were not the only ones there.
 As soon as I closed the door behind me, everyone turned to look at me at the same time.
Oh, Fumi-kun, you're back
Welcome back, Master
 Misuzu and Akira were the first to notice me.
 In addition, there were Masaki-chan, Chihiro, and Yamauchi-san, aka Lolisla.
Come to think of it, it was Masaki-chan's turn to be taken care of tonight...
 It's very bad.
 It's a splendid double-booking. -tinytl
 Moreover, the combination of Misuzu and Masaki-chan has some problems.
 Masaki-chan's presence was not surprising, but what was unexpected was Chihiro and Lolisla.
 Moreover, Lolisla is the real Yamauchi-san.
 However, as soon as she saw me, Yamauchi-san suddenly shrunk down to the size of a small child, and then, as if frightened, she shouted "Hiiii!?" and hid herself behind the sofa.
No... she's too frightened, you know
 Misuzu, Akira, and Masaki-chan, who had never seen Yamauchi-san suddenly shrink to the size of a child, rolled their eyes and froze.
Of course, they would be surprised if she suddenly shrunk to a child's size.
 As the three of them stiffened, I called out to Chihiro.
What's happen? Didn't you have a job, Chihiro?
You know... please stop asking me what my job is as soon as you see my face. .
Ahaha, sorry, sorry.
Well, that's okay. I'm here because I was called
 I tilted my head, but at the same time, I heard a voice behind me.
Lili called her, Devi
 Lili appeared in the air, spinning around instantly.
The maids caught some interesting people, Devi. And so, I called up some people I thought they might know, Devi
Interesting people?
 Lili smiles and snaps her fingers, and the image of another room appears in midair.
 It shows three people in suits sitting on their knees, and a foreign woman in a tank top who looks like a South American, lying down with a defiant attitude.
 Misuzu and Chihiro shouted.
The people who kidnapped me!
「The ones who kidnapped me!
 I see, the black van that kidnapped Kurosawa-san while Kasuya-kun and I were arguing. It seems they were in it. And the ones who kidnapped Chihiro.

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