Chapter 227 Uncle No Regrets (Kuinashi ojisan)

C... Claudia
 A business hotel room in front of the station. My sister(Onee-chan) came back with a pale face and collapsed on the floor as soon as she enter the room.
 I couldn't help but choke up when I saw my sister(Onee-chan)’s fingers on her left hand bent in a strange way.
 In a panic, I called the front desk and asked them to call an ambulance.
 When asked about the situation in the ambulance, I told the paramedics that my sister(Onee-chan) punched a pole because she was drunk, and when I told them that my sister(Onee-chan) had broken her heart, they looked strangely convinced.
 After treatment, they found that her three fingers were fractured. According to the doctor's diagnosis, she would have at least three months to recover.
What kind of monster did you fight?
 I asked my sister(Onee-chan) as she came out of the examination room, and she gritted her teeth in frustration.
...The maid from the other day
Huh? The other day...? The one who was dizzy after one hit?
「Don't worry, I just let down my guard. Not a problem. I only require one right arm
You are careless...
 It's one thing to avoid the attack of my sister's(Onee-chan) who has "Eyes to See Through(Mikiru me)" is a big deal... but it's quite another to injure her this badly. There's no way it won't be a very big problem.
Don't worry. I'll take care of that maid. Next time I'll show no mercy
 But I don't think the cunning devil will miss this opportunity when my sister(Onee-chan) is injured because our location must be already known, so we wouldn't dare to return for a while.
 As I thought so, I and my sister(Onee-chan) stopped a cab, got in, and told the name of the hotel.
 As soon as the car started moving, I picked up my phone  and contacted Shiratori through a social networking message.
 I type in a brief description of the situation, ending with "What do you think?" and send it.
 It is already midnight.
 I thought I would get a reply in the morning, but only five minutes after I tapped the send button, my phone shuddered.
 The sender appeared on the screen as "Swan". Of course it was Shiratori.
 I tapped the screen, and a short text appeared.
How about heading to Tokyo? The special TV program is also being held in Tokyo
I get it...
 Although we'll be living in a hotel since we've moved out of our old apartment, Tokyo is still our home ground. We have our usual informants, and we can get in touch with the police to some extent.
 That's what we're going to do... I put my finger on the screen of my phone to type that, but at the same time, the phone shakes again.
Please contact me when you find a place to settle down. I'll have a friend from an entertainment agency set up a meeting for the special
 When I saw such a text, I couldn't help but say to myself, "Is she an esper?"

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 ◇ ◇ ◇
 Late at night, as I noticed the faint sound of the front door being opened from the downstairs, I opened my eyes.
Did my old-man(oyaji) go to the convenience store?
 I thought it was probably so, but I was curious.
 The room was tinted orange by the nightlight. It's not a messy place for a semi-reclusive life, because my sister(imouto), Kizuna does a good job of cleaning it.
 With a quiet step, I got out of bed and walked down the hallway.
No way, is not a thief, right?
 Looking down from the second floor through the stairway, I saw a figure carefully taking off a pair of shoes so as not to make any noise at the entrance.
 Even though it's the middle of summer, the figure is wearing a long, albeit thin, black coat with twin-tails.
...Kizuna? What is she doing?
 It's a characteristic of teenage boys that a long coat in the middle of the night immediately leads to the idea of "outdoor exhibition". Probably watching too much AV.
It's too hot...
 Kizuna took off her coat, muttering quietly, and I saw her in a long-sleeved black T-shirt and jeans.
 I was relieved to see that she was wearing clothes, but it was an unusual outfit for a girl who prefers girly clothes.
 I felt as if I had seen something I shouldn't have, so I went back to my room, killing my footsteps.
 ◇ ◇ ◇
 When I returned to the maid's room, I found Centipede(Mukade) and Cockroach(Gokiburi) having a six-nine.
These guys... after all the trouble I went through...
 I returned home with a victory over the foreign(gaijin) woman.
 But, after reporting to the head maid and having Torture treat my injuries, I came back in high spirits to find this.
You guys... you're making too much of it!
 It's usually Centipede(Mukade) that get into trouble. Once a week, she hides under a bed of Earthworm(Mimizu) or Cockroach(Gokiburi).
 As I wrinkle my brow, Cockroach(Gokiburi) raises her reddened face from between the Centipede's legs.
You know, it was amazing
What amazing?
I just happened to be passing by, but there was a door that was slightly open
A door? Which one?
Confinement King-sama's bedroom
What? Did you peek in? You idiot!
 If anyone finds out, she'll be punished for sure. When I panicked, Centipede(Mukade) looked up in the air with an enraptured face.
Haa~... it's amazing
 That's... I'm absurdly curious.
W-what kind of... a-amazing?
In a word, Confinement King-sama Musou(Warrior). Playing a four-player multiplayer game against Misuzu-sama, Masaki-sama, and Akira-sama at the same time
 I couldn't help but widen my eyes.
 But just as I was about to lean forward to listen to the details, Lili-sama suddenly appeared in front of me.
 I jumped out of my skin and straightened myself up.
 Cockroach(Gokiburi) and Centipede(Mukade), with their clothes in disarray, took up an upright position.
 With their shorts tangled around their ankles and their breasts bare, Lili-sama laughed, turned her head toward me, and spoke.

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Tapeworm(Sanadamushi), you have done well tonight, Devi, and the Confinement King has a reward for you, Devi
A-a reward for me?
Follow me, Devi
 I follow Lili-sama down the hall. We're headed for the Confinement King-sama's bedroom.
Li, Lili-sama. I thought... the Confinement King-sama should be having fun...
No problem, Devi
 As I stepped into the room, I knew immediately that everything was going to be okay.
 The smell of male and female sex filled the air. On the bed, the favorite princesses were lying there, covered with a white slime.
 They looked as if they were out of breath.
 In the midst of the background, there was the naked figure of My Lord(Omo) sitting on the bed.
 My dear Lord(Omo), just the sight of Him made me sigh at His divinity.
 My eyes are glued to the mighty King-sama's towering form as if he were about to strike the heavens.
 While still looking at Him, Confinement King-sama raised his head and turned his eyes toward me.
 Immediately, I felt a tremendous pressure. As expected of Confinement King-sama, the pressure I feel is not something a foreign(Gaijin) woman can do.
 It’s bad. I can't catch my breath. My heart is beating at an incredible rate.
 My blood was pumping so fast that even the blood capillaries in my fingertips were throbbing.
Hotta-san... right?
 When Confinement King-sama called my name, my voice rose in delight. My body is tense, I'm so nervous I can't stop shaking.
I heard you had a great performance tonight. Thank you
 At that moment, I was shaken to my knees and fell to the ground.
Ah, ah, ah... Co-Confinement King-sama said thank you, t-thank you to meeeeee!
 I wonder if it's called "Brain Ecstasy". My head was flooded with pleasure substances, and I felt a tremendous climax.
 My body shuddered in small tremors, and I felt a tightening in my chest. I also felt a drop of water dripping from between my legs.
 As my eyes widen, I hold back my eyeballs from fluttering, and wipe the drool that is about to spill from my mouth with the back of my hand.
 As I was afraid to look directly at His face, it was difficult to tell for sure, but I sensed that He seemed to be retreating a little.
 Apparently, I had exposed my face to a little too much aggression. It was a terrible mistake.
 In a panic, I made up my mind.
T-Thank you, I'm so happy! I'm Confinement King-sama's faithful dog, a miserable creature who survives only thanks to Confinement King-sama. I would be more than happy if Confinement King-sama used up my body, my blood, and even a piece of my flesh. Long live Confinement King-sama! Long live Confinement King-sama! Long live Confinement King-sama!
Uh... Y-yeah
 For some reason, Confinement King-sama seemed to be more and more disturbed when I said the three cheers.
 I wonder why. I was just saying the obvious.
 When Confinement King-sama puzzledly asked, "Isn't that a bit much?" Lili-sama replied, "Not at all, Devi".
 Too much? What does that mean?
 I don't know. Maybe I misheard.
 In the first place, it is unreasonable for a microbe like me to try to guess the will of the Confinement King-sama.
Well, Tapeworm(Sanadamushi). You'll clean Fumi Fumi's things with your mouth, Devi
 Lili's words made me stiffen involuntarily.
With... with my mouthhhh!?
 I shouted out loud, and Lili-sama looked at me questioningly.
No, Devi?
I-it's absolutely fine!
 There was no reason for me to be unhappy
 In my mind, a half-naked giant man was raising his fist, saying, "I have no regrets in my life".

  • So there is some reward for Tapeworm(Sanadamushi) (lol).

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