Chapter 350 Clumsy Girlfriend is Lovely - Part 1

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 The next day, after I had disciplined Kurosawa-san thoroughly, I had a lunch break.
「Open your mouth. But it's not like I want to feed you, you know」
「Fu~min, eat my food」
「Fumio-kun, you like my omelet, don't you?」
 Right now, the chopsticks are coming at me from three places.
 Of course, it's from Kurosawa-san, Fujiwara-san, and Masaki-chan who surrounded me, and I felt like a baby bird being fed endlessly by multiple parent birds.
 But then I caught sight of Shima-san beckoning me from the corridor outside the classroom.
 As I was afraid that I would be forced to eat three lunches, it was a perfect opportunity for me.
「I'll be back in a bit」
 And so, taking advantage of the situation, I broke through the enclosure and slipped out into the corridor.
「What's the matter?」
「No worries, just lend me your face」
 I followed Shima-san up the stairs and reached the landing in front of the rooftop, only to find Tashiro-san with a serious expression on her face and her arms folded.
「I've been waiting for you, Confinement King!」
 Tashiro-san muttered in a very low voice, glaring at me.
 Then, Shima-san walked up next to Tashiro-san and said to her, as if to push her back.
「Come on, Ui-chan, just say it!」
 While I'm confused, Tashiro-san took a deep breath and shouted.
「Y-You bastard! W-What do you think you're doing? D-Don't get carried away! You idiot, stupid, fool!」
 Tashiro-san shouted at me as I stared blankly at her and she continued to spoke.
「W-What are you babbling about? Rest time has already passed!」
「Well... I didn't say anything...」
「Eh? Ah... then shut up! Just shut up! 」
「Yeah, well... okay」 
 By the way, it's quite refreshing to hear Kansai dialect read with such barbed words.
 And then...
「Eh, eh, uh...」
 Tashiro-san's eyes began to wander, as if she couldn't find the words, but Shima-san began to whisper in her ear and she answers her talk with, “Okay, okay”. Then, she continued to spoke.
「That's right. I've had enough... er, I mean, I've had enough of this... er, S-Shima. What's that again?」
 Shima-san then whispers while holding her temples as if holding in a headache.
「Yes! That's right! I'm going to stick my fingers in your ears and make your back teeth rattle, you fool!」
 Tashiro-san lets out a satisfied exhale and gives a big smile.
「How about it! Confinement King!」
 I beckoned to Shima-san and asked her in a whisper.
「What's going on here?」
 Shima-san replied with a wry smile.
「Yesterday, you skipped Ui-chan's turn. That's why Ui-chan came to me crying. She said she was upset because Misuzu pretended to play hooky and thus skipped her turn」
「Oh... I see」
 Then I understood what was going on.
 Tashiro-san is trying to make me angry and make me punish her in the same way Kurosawa-san did.
 However, since Tashiro-san doesn't generally speak ill of others, her vocabulary of swear words is too poor for me to abuse her.
 As a result, she consulted Shima-san, and this is what she came up with.
「What do you think? Pissed off? I bet you feel like punishing me! Yes, you would! I know you do!」
 Looking at Tashiro-san's expectant face, I found myself smiling all the way around.
 In fact, I'm the one who skipped her turn, so I guess I should discipline her exactly as she wants.
「Yes, you're right. Come to the library after school」

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