Chapter 3 The First Pleasure ★ - Part 1

This apartment is soundproof, so you can speak out loud. And since it's on the first floor, you don't have to worry about the people downstairs hearing you
 As one of the doors in the apartment is opened, Maria and Chihiro enter and close it.
 The room seemed to be a bedroom, a study room, a dressing room, in other words, a room filled with most of Maria's personal things.
 It smells like a sweet girl.
 Its interior atmosphere is the same as that of the living room, which makes one understand that this is her taste.
 And on the door of the closet, there is a uniform on a hanger, which indicates that Maria was changing her clothes here.
This is the first time I've had a boy in my room... not only since I came here, but since I was born, you know
 After said that, Maria pulls Chihiro even closer.
 She then closes the curtains and turns on the light to create a small glow.
 And Maria pushed Chihiro down on the bed.
Please call me Maria
 Chihiro felt her breath directly on her nose.
 And he thought to himself, "Why does even a mere breath smell so good?"
 Chihiro who is intoxicated by the smell of the room, the sheets, the pillow, and Maria, felt his thoughts going wild.
...Maria. This isn't right. There's no reason for you to go that far for me
 Even if it's too late...
 Chihiro said that with all the reason he had left. After all, it was something he had to be sure of before he was completely swept away.
 Maria, who heard Chihiro's words, rolled her eyes and then smiled.
...If you're asking me why. There's a reason
Because you are the weakest mind reader in the world
 For a long time, Maria has been looking for him. She's been searching for information on [Lost Item] all over Japan, and finding one that fits her needs.
 --If, as Chihiro says, the mind-reading ability is all that's needed, there's no reason why it has to be Chihiro. But Maria wasn't just looking for a mind reader. Because...
If you have a complex about your power, you must desire more power. However, those who think they can use their abilities to do good and actually do it would not understand my desires
 That's not enough for her.
 Even if someone can read minds, it's useless if they don't have the mentality to empathize with Maria. If they can't understand Maria's craving, they'll play with her and eventually leave her in fear of her unending greed.
 So, Maria doesn't want that.
 To do that, she's looking for someone who harbors frustration and despair in different forms. Thus, she looked for a weak mind reader.
Besides, what do you get from me?
 With a wistful look in her eyes, Maria continued.
My greed is too strong. It's so strong, I can't even control it myself. So far, I've been able to vent it on myself or cover it up with the damage from combat training, but I don't know how much longer I can keep it up
 If she can't control it, her desires will run wild.
 Then, she abandons her home and school, goes out at night, gets involved in cigarettes, drugs, and SM play, and soon reaches the level of self-mutilation to the point of bodily harm.
 In the end, she takes her own life, seeking the pleasure of death.
But when I die, it's over. I want to feel good for a long time. So I want a Master to control and manage me... and you're the only one in the world who can really do that
 Chihiro understood it now.
 Indeed, Maria's argument is all about "her own needs". It's not just about what's good for Chihiro.
 And the girl given him the right to live or die.
 In exchange, he understands the girl's endless desire, and slowly destroys her. "Keep killing" is his responsibility.
 Such a terrible thing is what Fukami Maria wants.
 Ever since she was a child, surely.
You said you've been venting on your own
Yes. But, I'm a total virgin, okay? I've been trying so hard to hold back so that one day I can give it to the one and only Master
 The one and only.
 That's... Chihiro.
Is there anything more?
 The face of the girl in front of him is still beautiful.
 To be desired by such a girl, to be given everything...
 There is no way he could hold back any longer without reaching out.
 And so, Chihiro slowly, voluntarily looked into Maria's eyes. As soon as he did, Maria's desires assaulted his whole body, but he dared to surrender to them.
 --It's okay. I'll give you everything, and we'll fall together.
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