Chapter 7 Oral and Cowgirl Position ★ Part 2

...Ah. There's a little bit of your smell on the bed
 As soon as they entered the room, Maria knelt down on the bed, put her face to the sheet, and sniffed. It's embarrassing for Chihiro to watch, but strangely satisfying to see the euphoric expression on her face.
Now, shall I undress you?
 Satisfied with the smell, Maria reached for Chihiro's body in a kneeling position.
 *Puchi* *Puchi*
 The buttons of his shirt are slowly unbuttoned with an unfamiliar touch. Once all the buttons are undone, the shirt is pulled out of his arms with a slight rustling sound and thrown to the floor.
 Now for the pants.
 Maria, sitting upright, puts her hand on the belt and carefully unfastens it.
 Suddenly, an unhappy voice came out of her mouth.
What's the matter?
No, I was just wondering if it's really possible to remove this with my mouth
What, what are you talking about?
Well, it's hard to say, but... something in a lewd novel?
 Maria is thinking about something strange again. Now that she mentions it, Chihiro is not sure if he has ever heard of a story in which a person handles a belt or a pants fastener with their mouth or tongue.
 However, the question is whether it is possible.
 As she unhooked and undid the zipper with her slender fingers and pulled the pants down her legs, Maria continued to mutter.
If I do it badly, I might hurt myself. But, Izumi, you'd like to do it if you can, wouldn't you?
...Well, yeah
 He nodded his head, wishing he hadn't brought it up.
Well, I'll try my best ...let me practice next time
 As she was saying this, her hand went to the trunks and she took them off too. In this act, there is a perverse pleasure in the act of a girl taking off his clothes.
 After that, Maria took off the socks as well, and when he was completely naked, she pulled him by the hand to lie down on the bed.
Oh, I can finally do it...
Did you hold back?
Yes. I've been holding it in since I woke up this morning. ...All the time
 The girl's voice is rapidly melting.
 Her self-control is slipping and her pent-up sexuality is beginning to release.
 Without touching her negligee, Maria puts her hand on Chihiro's leg. Then, as if guided by her hand, she raises her knees and opens her legs into an M-shape, bringing the girl's face closer to Chihiro's crotch.
 *Pant* *Pant*
 Saliva drips from her open mouth and soaks his penis.
 Thickly, over and over again.
 When she has secured enough lubrication, she closes her lips and kisses the glans lightly. Her tongue then reaches out and licks the tip, then sucks on it with her mouth.
 Chihiro's voice leaked out from the small stimuli that kept coming.
 Maria's eyes narrowed as she watched Chihiro's reaction, and she continued her ministrations.
 The succession of gentle stimulation seemed like she is playing with him, but in fact, she is changing the angle and direction of the stimulation little by little each time.
 She is eagerly trying to find out how to make Chihiro feel.
 Imbalance between skill and enthusiasm.
 Her ambition compensates for her current poor movements, and she is improving rapidly.
 At this rate, in the not too distant future, Maria's services would become those of a refined female slave.
Oh, I'm cumming!
 Chihiro ejaculated uncontrollably as Maria's fingers softly stimulated his scrotum and her lips sucked on it.
 The semen produced during the day is spewed out in a gurgling stream.
Nnn, fuu...
 Maria tried to catch the slime in her mouth, as she had done yesterday. To do so, she covered half of the penis with her lips and welcomed it into her mouth.
 This time, however, the movement of the penis is a little more violent.
 Perhaps the fact that she is not supporting it with her fingers is a problem. The rod came out of Maria's mouth as Chihiro ejaculated, staining her fair face white.
I'm sorry, Maria
Nnn... don't apologize. It's good to see you doing well
 With a gulp, Maria swallowed the semen in her mouth and licked it around her mouth.
 She scooped up the remainder with her fingers and carefully licked it into her mouth as if it were candy. In the end, it all gets swallowed and vanishes into her body.
...Of course, it doesn't taste good, does it?
Well. It doesn't taste good. But it sticks to the tongue and is very sticky. But the thought of drinking something like that excites me. Maybe that's what people mean when they say it tastes good?
 Maria's eyes shone brightly after saying that.
 But then, she lifted herself up, crawled on all fours, and looking down at Chihiro.
Izumi-kun, you're probably tired, so let's go a little light today
Yes. So, just lie down
 And then, while covering him, Maria skillfully removes her pants.
 Then she sits down with her wet crotch against Chihiro's glans. Slowly, his penis is swallowed into her slit.
 The inside of her vagina, where she had just lost her virginity yesterday, is narrow and soft, and it envelops the rod and squeezes it tightly at the same time.
Oh... oh, this, this is amazing...
 Maria's hips lowered to the base with a delighted expression on her face, and she let out a pleasure-soaked breath.
When I move myself, it feels so good, that I can't move...
 Chihiro could understand this feeling. This is especially true when masturbating, after all, when someone is strongly stimulated by their own actions, they tend to stop moving.
 This is necessary to get pleasure and to climax.
 I think it is similar to the way a woman shakes her hips in cowgirl position. If he thinks of Maria's sexual desire, which Chihiro felt firsthand, the pain may be even stronger.
 It must take some getting used to in order to control it.
 Also, it must be hard work to defy the pleasure by relying only on one's will when one is not used to it.
 And to help her, Chihiro should move too. If the pleasure of working with another person's will is present, the climax will be much easier. Even just thrusting his hips up while lying down will help a lot.
 But Maria is blocking Chihiro's movements.
 She holds his legs with her feet, and even puts her hands on Chihiro's stomach to make it difficult for him to move.
 Her eyes look down at Chihiro with debauchery.
Let me do it. Okay?
 Maria's mind now is filled with the pleasure of being tortured. And its content is――
 ―― I had to keep moving my hips even when the pleasure made me stop. It's not for myself, but to make the other person feel good.
 That's what makes her feel good.
 She tells Chihiro that she is so excited.
 Then it's too late to stop.
Okay ...You'll do it
Thank you, Izumi-kun
 At Chihiro's nod, Maria begins to move slowly.
 At first it is in small increments. And before she had moved an inch, she shuddered and fell back. But she soon resumes her movements.
 It's really slow.
 It's flooding him with a tremendous amount of her love juices, making a gurgling sound as she increases her movements.
 And while feeling the sensations.
 The amount of pleasure is gradually increased.
 After a few minutes of getting the feeling, Maria began to grind her hips. This time, it became too wide and she started to pull out.
 As if in a panic, she dropped her hips,
 She let out an inexpressible scream and shuddered.
 Tears welled up in her eyes as she is on the verge of climaxing, and her breath is leaking intermittently from her mouth. Maria is already in a state where she couldn't even see what she is doing, but still she doesn't stop.
 Occasionally, she slowed down and continued to shake her hips, and eventually, a rhythmic pounding sound began.
 Of course, Chihiro's pleasure increased in proportion to this.
 The most sensitive part of his body continued to receive intermittent feelings that he did not intend to receive. Moreover, it's a beautiful girl who was desperately serving only for Chihiro.
 His hips are about to bounce several times, but he tries to hold back, remembering the exchange earlier.
 So, he restrains himself to the limit, even though his penis is about to ejaculate,
Ah, ah, ah!
 Maria's hair is a mess and she can't even close her half-opened mouth.
Maria, I'll cum
Yes, let it out, let it out inside me!
 Right now, the room filled with screams, and when Chihiro thrust his hips one last time, Maria looked up at the sky and shuddered.
 At the same time, her vagina tightened, squeezing out all of Chihiro's semen.
 The ejaculation lasted for several seconds, during which time Maria remained rigid in an upward position. When the ejaculation is over, she relaxed her whole body and put her weight on Chihiro.
 It's heavy. Heavy, but light.
 It's the weight of a person.
 Chihiro could feel with his whole body that she was much lighter than his own body.
Hey, Izumi-kun. Did it feel good...?
 While breathing hard, Maria looked up at Chihiro. Her eyes are moistened with anxiety while she's debauched with pleasure.
 It's such a cute gesture that he couldn't help smiling.
Of course. ...Thank you, Maria
 Then her expression softened and she closed her eyes.
Well... that's good
 She'd been such a wreck. Maria must be exhausted.
 ―― Thank you.
 She said in her mind, and then Chihiro lifted his right hand.
 After placing it on Maria's hair, he realized that he is about to do something too embarrassing.
 He wondered if he should restrain himself from patting her head.
 As he hesitated, Maria moved her head faintly and her mouth relaxed in happiness.
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