Chapter 366 Freri's Reconnaissance of the Hateyama's Lower Layer

 The Hateyama Branch of the Adventurer's Guild was built at the only point where it was relatively safe to enter the mountain. If a person wanted to enter Hateyama by the proper route, he or she had to pass through it, and the guild was responsible for keeping out those without qualifications.
  After leaving the Hateyama branch at the foot of Hateyama, Alvin and the others finally made their long-awaited entry into the mountain. Alvin breathed in the air and felt that he was finally ready for the challenge.
Fuhhh... okay, we'll see how it goes today. As Mizer-san said, we should stay away from the eastern areas and focus on the western areas. Shinji, please summon Freri and Flair for me
Alright. Freri, Flair, I'm counting on you today
 Shinji summons Freri and Flair, in accordance with Alvin's idea of not sparing their forces. Flair is the first to talk out of the two who land on either side of Shinji.

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Leave it to me~noja, but Hateyama... it's been a while
Flair, have you been to this place before?
Umu! With the previous contractor before Shinji. Though, I don't remember anything more than the monsters were strong
 Flair's expression is nostalgic as she looks back on the past with her arms crossed, answering Renka's question. However, since it was so long ago, there was no useful information, and Flair seemed a little apologetic. Nevertheless, knowing Flair's strength, Alvin and the others regained their strength when they heard her say that the monsters were strong.
First, let's fight the monsters again and again.  We'll find the way to the <Middle Layer> when we're more familiar with it. Let's be careful not to get hurt too badly and keep going
Alright, Al-kun
All right. Then I'll take the lead as usual
Renka, I'm counting on you!
 The formation is the same as before, with Renka in the lead, followed by Alvin, Milis, and Shinji. It's the most secure order they've experienced in all their adventures. Shinji instructs Flair to line up to protect Renka, and Freri to keep a watchful eye on the perimeter, including the rear.
  Thus, <Running Wolves> are moving forward as one.
◇ ◇ ◇
 The first day of the exploration of the Lower Layer proceeded with plenty of time to spare.
 In the western area, there are many open spaces and few places where monsters can surprise them. Although there is a lot of nature, there are no plants that grow only in Hateyama, and the scenery is quite common.
 As for monsters, they encountered "goblin" and "stray wolf" several times, which was rather disappointing. Nevertheless, the size of the "goblin" and "wolf" has grown more than a size larger, and their physical abilities have increased.  The "goblin" and "wolvef" in the Hateyama area are called "High goblin" and "High Wolf", but they are no match for the <Running Wolves >and are easily defeated.
 Alvin and the others concluded that unless they are caught by surprise or trapped in a disadvantageous situation, they would not be caught unawares, and they descended the mountain without any harvest.
 As Alvin and the others returned to the Hateyama branch well before dark, they are greeted by Mizer sitting at the counter. After giving a full report, Alvin receives four keys to the private room from Mizer.
 The Hateyama branch offers rooms to adventurers who are staying here for the duration of their stay, and at the moment there is only one active party of adventurers, the <Running Wolves>. Therefore, each of them is able to rent a room, and they decide to use it as their base during their stay in Hateyama.
 After gathering in the rented room, Alvin and the others began to talk about their future plans.
It's nice that they're providing us with food. Let's stay here for a while and get used to Hateyama first
Teleportation Magic is not free either... so I agree with you to avoid wasting money
 Shinji immediately agreed with Alvin's opinion. Although they had plenty of savings, Shinji would not tolerate wasteful spending. Milis and Renka nodded without objection.

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Although we don't have any income today... we have room and board, so it's not a problem...
Really, there's really no place to make money in the <Lower Layer>...」  
I think the place is always deserted because it's not worth the danger
  Because <Hateyama> is not a dungeon, even if someone kills a monster, the corpse remains and the magic stone does not fall. And since the smell of blood may attract other monster, dismantling them is a risky business.
 The staff of the Hateyama branch also thins out the monster in the <Lower Layer>, so they do not buy the materials, and there are no rare medicinal herbs. Therefore, if someone wants to earn money, they can do so safely and efficiently in the <Demon's(Akuma no) Den(Soukutsu)>.
 Shinji and the others couldn't help but smile as they realized the reason why people don't come here.
Since we're tired from the unfamiliar mountain roads, why don't we try every other day?」 
Sure! Mil and Renka, are you okay with that?
I think so too
 Still, Alvin and the others are in no hurry to reach the <Middle Layer>. Instead, they will continue to look around the <Lower Layer> and try to find the best way to get to the <Middle Layer>. After the discussion, Shinji stood up.
I'm going to go to the archives before I go to bed.  Maybe I can find out something about the "Breath_Plant(Ibukigusa)"
Then I'll help you
 Shinji stood up, followed by Renka. Not only Renka, but also Freri followed Shinji silently. It is unusual for Freri to help with research, let alone Renka, but Shinji, who needed help, didn't say anything.
All right. I think I'll talk to Mil a bit more and then go to bed
Please, Shinji-san, Renka-chan and Freri-chan
Hmm, good night, both of you
 Shinji and the others left Alvin's room after saying their bedtime greetings. Renka walks next to Shinji to the reference room, and Freri follows behind her.
『I'm looking for something interesting. But there are a lot of skilled people here, and it would be too risky to monitor them with magic』
『I knew you'd say that...』
 A thought from Freri reaches Shinji as he holds hands with Renka. Most of the staff at the Hateyama branch are former adventurers. Inevitably, there is a possibility that some of them have good intuition or are sensitive to magic. If Freri uses a bad magic, the fact that she has succubus's blood in her veins will be revealed.
 That's why Freri is not using magic and is looking for people who can be manipulated visually.
『Why don't you try to be more restrained this time? The Leader is here too. So, it's too risky. Just be quiet and help me with my research』
 Shinji only asked Freri about it but she pursed her lips in boredom and decided to leave her alone.
 After arriving at the archive room, Shinji and his friends. When Shinji and Renka are looking at the bookshelves, Freri's thoughts reach Shinji again.
『Shinji. That girl might be nice. I can sense that she has a lot of sexual desire...♡』
 Freri's lecherous instincts detect the frustration of the woman in front of her. And Shinji looked where Freri is pointing.
 There is Iren who is slowly looking through a book.

  • The Lower Layer of Hateyama.
  • But first, a quick check. And why Hateyama is not popular. Well, it's better to earn money safely.
  • The government is taking care of the maintenance, so it's okay if it's not popular.

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