Chapter 18 The First Training ★

 She takes a step or two away from the chair and, at an especially slow pace, puts her hands on her uniform jacket. One by one, she unbuttons the buttons, with dyed cheeks.
 Then, with a more elegant gesture than expected, she took off her sleeves and hugged her uniform, making a troubled face.
Take off your clothes and put them on the floor
 Maria's voice rang out.
 But, Riko stared at her.
Riko, do as she say
 With that, the uniform fell off.
 The ribbon is then removed and falls off too. At this point, Riko stopped her hand as if hesitating.
 When she opened her mouth to say something, Maria's voice came, "Master", and turned her head to Chihiro and shook her head silently. It seems she wanted him to leave Riko to her own will.
 With a small murmur, Riko reached for her blouse with trembling hands. She unbuttoned all the buttons one by one from the top and let it fall to the floor, revealing a white bra. Its design is girlish, with a small ribbon in the middle.
Don't look...
 A plea escaped from her pink lips, but Chihiro ignored it.
 Of course, Maria didn't avert her gaze either.
 As if she had given up, Riko removed her skirt. White panties of the same design.
 Her eyes are closed tightly.
 And after a few seconds, as if she had made up her mind, she put her hands behind her back and undid the hooks.
 Her bra falls to the floor.
That's the last one
 Maria's voice added to Riko's shame.
 It's also a command to hurry up.
 Her panties then are lightly pulled down and her legs are pulled out one by one, starting with her right leg. After taking it off, the bush between her legs is shown and its modest, as if she had been taking good care of it, and it's kind of cute.
What's next?
 Riko asked, looking up.
 Chihiro then pulled the chair he is sitting on lightly and said.
Sit here, and lick it
 Riko obeyed obediently.
 She squatted in front of the chair and unhooked and unzipped Chihiro's pants. Unlike Maria's, her movements are sluggish and not entirely resigned to the task but it arouses his lust.
 The exposed penis is already half erect.
 While seeing that, Riko reaches out her tongue and touches it fearfully.
 As soon as she touched the glans a little, she frowned. Still, she didn't complain, but continued to caress the glans with her tongue, inch by inch.
 The faint stimulation made Chihiro's impatient penis fully erect.
 Gradually, Riko's movements became more and more aggressive.
 She flicked her tongue as if she were licking soft ice cream or something. At least, Chihiro can tell that she's trying hard despite her reluctance.
 Maria giggles and leaves her chair.
 She crawls over to the side next to Riko and whispers softly into her ear.
That's not enough for Master. You need to move in more dirty ways. The more embarrassing you think you are, the better you will be as a servant
 She had been a virgin only a few days before, but she seemed to have calmed down so much that she didn't feel it.
 And the seductive whisper melted Riko's thoughts in this unusual situation.
For example, like this
 Gently swapping places with Riko, Maria opened her mouth wide and took Chihiro's penis into her mouth. And while watching Riko's eyes widen, Maria moves her lips with a squelching sound.
 After that, she takes her mouth off the cock, and then, she drools all over it and squeezes it with her fingers. She takes the scrotum in her mouth and rolls it deliciously.
 With a sweet exhale, she looks back at Riko.
Come on, try it. Just do as much as you can. Oh right, and don't brush it with your teeth
 Riko opened her mouth a little and sucked the glans fearfully. When she did, her teeth touched the penis, and Riko shivered.
 She must have thought Chihiro would be offended.
 But, Chihiro laughed and patted Riko's head.
Take off your clothes
 Riko stands up honestly.
Come to think of it, I've never had Maria brush her teeth against me before...
 It was a mumble to set the scene, but somehow Riko reacted to it.
 So, with the penis in her mouth, she stared at Maria and started to move her mouth, looking for a position where her teeth wouldn't hit the penis.
...Master, that was nice, but it's not helping her
Well, maybe
 But in the end, this worked out well for her training.
 Riko can't stand the thought of being inferior to Maria, even when it comes to sex. No matter how much she is told that she is Chihiro's slave, she must be rejected on an emotional level.
 On the other hand, she is at the mercy of the odd kindness Maria sometimes shows her.
 Chihiro felt her pleasure increasing as she continued her poor but desperate services.
...Okay. Riko, I'm going to let it out, so take it in your mouth
 Riko is surprised and stopped her mouth.
 But Chihiro didn't care, he thrust his hips forward and triggered his ejaculation by thrusting down her throat.
 And so, his hips quivered with the sensation of mucus pouring out of the tip of his penis.
Guh, ueh...
 Riko's face contorted as her throat is stimulated and the semen is expelled. She spits out the ejaculated penis and coughs.
 Naturally, semen splashed onto her face and hair, staining everywhere.
Ah, oh...
 Riko moans as she catches the semen in a daze. And so, a small amount of semen remains in her lightly opened mouth. However, she can't bring herself to swallow, nor does she have the courage to spit it out.
 Maria sighed and turned her head to Riko.
It's no use. Let me help you
 Girl to girl kissing.
 Maria must have put her tongue in right away. After all, Riko tries to push Maria away with both hands, but Maria holds Riko's head before she can.
 *slurp* *smooch* *squelch* *lick...*
Fu, kh... nn...
oh, uh, uh...
 Saliva is exchanged frequently, mixing with semen to create bubbles.
 Both of them slurped at the same time.
 After a few moments, Riko is freed from Maria then breathed hard and let out a voice like a sob.
I haven't even been kissed by Izumi yet
...Ara. Fufu, you have a surprisingly cute side, don't you? Do you want Master to kiss you?
No, it's not...
 She hurriedly denied it, but it was too late.
Riko, come here
 Chihiro took Riko's cheeks between his hands and pulled her close to him, and as she said earlier, he kissed her as if he were holding it.
 Then, he put his tongue in the same way Maria had done, and tasted the girl's mouth with his saliva. Gradually, Riko relaxed her body and is left to her own devices.
Then I'll take this one
 Maria said, sucking on Chihiro's penis.
 Her tongue began to move, not in a way that prioritized ejaculation, but also not in a way that is just for fun. And now, Chihiro in the middle of the two, with an oral service that leads to ejaculation after sufficient sexual stimulation.
 If that's the case, let's enjoy it longer that. That is Chihiro thought.
 And so Chihiro continued to kiss Riko for a long time while supporting her whole body. He didn't care if Riko tried to move her face away from him, even if she couldn't breathe well and her breathing became rough. But, eventually, Riko learned to breathe through her nose.
 Finally, when he let go of her tongue at the same time as he ejaculated inside Maria's mouth, Riko looked rather regretful.
Not enough?
No, not really
 But her face said she wanted more pleasure.
Don't worry. It's not over yet
 Chihiro began to straddles Riko, who looks slightly pleased, and thrusts up into her vagina, making her wiggle her hips. The blowjob and kisses were enough to make her wet, so there is no need for foreplay.
 *Squish* Maria, on the other hand, hugged Riko from behind, licked her neck and squeezed her breasts as Riko wiggled her hips, killing her moans.
 And after a few moments, Chihiro ejaculated inside Riko and held her while she lay down.
 Maria then straddled Riko and asked Chihiro to kiss Riko while she licked her private parts.
Master, this is your first threesome, isn't it? How's it going?
...It's great
 Maria laughed, which was unusual for Chihiro.
 And after that, Riko climaxed as soon as Chihiro ejaculated into her vagina for the second time, causing her to gasp and then pass out.
...I'm a little jealous of this girl. Because I would never be able to have the kind of perverted sex that makes me want something even though I don't want it
After all, for Maria, it's “a sex that you really want”
Yes... Even more so when I look into your eyes, I...
 With Riko on the floor, they continued to fuck. Maria screamed and begged for more until Chihiro passed out from exhaustion.
 Maria's desire, which had been so intense, is now even more out of control due to Chihiro's ability. This was the result of yesterday's frustration as well.
 Thanks to this, Chihiro is again exhausted, but the exhaustion is not painful, it is somewhat pleasant.
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