Chapter 22 3P in the bathroom - Part 1 ★

 Maria is right, it is somewhat warm in the bathroom.

 As it would be a while before the bathtub is filled with water, there is a little time to kill.

 With the three of us together, naked, in a small room.

「Izumi-kun, what do you want me to do?」

 The first to enter the bathroom is Maria, who sat on the lid of the bathtub and turned around to let Chihiro decide.

 Chihiro followed her into the bathroom and nodded as he moved to the back of the bathroom - only a few steps away.

 Finally, Riko close the entrance to the bathroom, and so, Chihiro hesitantly opened his mouth.


「I can't think of anything」

「That's okay. What matters is your desire, so simply order us」

「In fact, I'd rather you didn't say anything too strange」

 Maria nodded humbly and Riko is blunt.

 The contrasting replies eased the anxiety and tension that is building up in him.

「...Then I want you both to wash my body」

 Maria exhaled with the sensual color in her eyes deepening.

「It's beautiful」

 The dark-haired girl leaned forward and extended her hand to Chihiro. When he casually holds out her hand, he pulls back, and in an instant, the two of them switch positions.

 Maria stands at the back of the bathroom, and Chihiro sits in the tub.

「I'm sorry, but you're going to have to wait there」

「W-What are you doing?」

「To wash Master's body, we have to clean our bodies first, right?」

 Maria answered Riko's question with a smile, knowing that if she didn't, she might end up dirtying herself.

「...Well, sure」

 Riko seemed to understand Maria's point of view, although she is not sure about it. But the fact that Chihiro wouldn't touch Maria right away might have helped Riko feel a little more secure. Thus, they sat down on the floor facing each other, leaving the lone bath chair aside.

 As they turn on the faucet, they take a basin of the hot water that is being supplied to the bathtub, cover their heads, and wet their bodies. When their skin and hair are sufficiently moistened, they begin to wash themselves individually.

 While Riko lathered her arms with body soap, Maria suddenly dipped her fingers into her thin bush and split open her private parts.

「Eh? Fukami-san, you're washing from there?」

「Yes, that's right」

 Maria replied lightly, but then her expression clouded as if she realized something.

「Oh... I'm sorry. I was just doing what I always do」

「Wait. What are you talking about?」

「Touching myself」

 Apparently, Maria often doing so when she washes her body because she can wash it right away.

 Well, it's a little too graphic for Riko to react.

 So, no wonder Riko's face is red from then on until she finished washing herself.

 Despite the extra spice, the girls' preparations proceeded basically without a hitch. The sight of their soft white bodies wrapped in foam and being cleansed gave a sense of glamour and sanctity at the same time.

 When the body soap had been washed away, Maria looked back at Chihiro.

「Sorry to keep you waiting, Izumi-kun」


 Maria and Chihiro's gazes intertwined, and their excitement increased at an accelerated rate.

 And so, first of all, the bath chair is pulled. Then, as she sat down on it, Maria asked him directly.

「Izumi-kun, I'll take the back, is that okay?」

「I-I'm in the front!?」

 Riko shouted. She must have been surprised, because it's the opposite of her current position.

 She must have felt more comfortable in the back. In the front, she would be face to face with Chihiro, and they would be able to see each other's genitals. In terms of embarrassment, it is much different.

 When Chihiro thinks about it...


「Yeah. Then please do it」


 He wanted to see Riko's embarrassed face anyway.

 Perhaps Maria thought something similar.

「Nishizaki-san, give it up」

「Ah, geez, I get it. So, what are we going to do?」

「Spread the soap on his arms, his chest, and his body. More than usual. Then rub your body against Izumi-kun」

 The girls switch positions, moistening Chihiro's body before picking up the body soap.

「What's that? Where's the sponge? By body... do you mean using my breasts too?」

「Isn't it obvious?」


 They both stared at Chihiro. But they didn't stop.

「So, let's begin...」

 With that said, Maria's ample breasts are generously pressed against Chihiro's back. Although he had touched Maria's breasts several times before, the texture is different from what he had experienced in the past when they were dry or sticky with saliva, probably because of the soap.

 Her arms are also close to him, rubbing against him in a slow movement. It's useless for the purpose of "bathing", but Maria intended to wash with her body, not her hands. She used a lot of body soap, and the bathroom is already filled with a sweet smell.

「...This is also surprisingly difficult」

「Hmm... if you want to practice, I'll accompany you anytime」

「Fufu, thank you」

 Despite the difficulty, Maria's service is careful and lascivious.

 The combination of her soft body, her sweet smell, and the faint moaning in her ear made Chihiro feel as if he were about to melt.

 Eventually, he felt a soft touch from the front. Riko hesitantly leaned close to him.

 Sitting on the floor, Riko got down on her knees, extended her neck and breast, and pressed them against Chihiro's chest.

 Her lips, which are so close together, showed her confusion.

「What is this, I don't know how to do this...」

 There is no choice but to kiss her or hug her.

 After all, she couldn't wash without getting close, and because Chihiro is sitting on the bath chair, she couldn't stabilize her posture and had to put her weight on him. And since Riko's character is such that it would be difficult for her to accept a kiss, Chihiro would have to choose the more physical option. So...

 ――Chihiro's erect penis touched Riko's lower abdomen.


 The girl shuddered, but soon pressed her body against him, as if she had given up.

(...I wonder how it feels to be forced into such an unwanted act)

 Suddenly wanting to find out, Chihiro called out to Riko.



 She looked up and met Chihiro's eyes at close range. Soon after, Riko seemed to sense Chihiro's intention, but it's too late.

 Chihiro's mind-reading ability is activated, and he can feel what she's feeling most.


 It's not disgusts or fear.

 Though, there is a certain repulsion in her expression, but she doesn't try to defy Chihiro.

「...Riko, I'll kiss you」

「Eh. Uh, yeah」

 He waited for her answer and then brought his lips to hers.

 They kissed deeply, their tongues intertwined. It's not Riko's first time, so she accepted Chihiro's movements to some extent. Perhaps due to the fact that they are both naked and touching each other, their movements are more aggressive.

 And since Chihiro's movements would affect Maria's movements, it's mostly up to Riko to decide how closely she would move. Still, the girl did not stop kissing Chihiro.

 Soon, their whole bodies are touching each other to the limit. Chihiro devoured Riko's tongue as she pressed her upper and lower body against Chihiro's.

「Nishizaki-san, give me your hand」


 Their lips parted, drool trailing down their lips.

 Then from behind Chihiro, Maria pulls Riko's hand and wrap them around her waist and her arm around Riko's waist. Now, with their arm wrapped around each other, Chihiro feels the tightness even more intense.

 Maria and Riko also feel each other's heartbeats pounding in their chests and backs.

 They warm each other with their body heat, and their bodies grow hotter.

「Oh, this is so good...」

 Maria breathed out in ecstasy, looking over Chihiro's shoulder at Riko.

「Don't forget to serve Izumi-kun. And give me some of Izumi-kun's spit too」

「...You, really」

 Now the two girls began to kiss.

 An intense kiss between two slaves in lust. Maria took the lead, but as she said, she rubbed body soap on Chihiro with her breast, arms and hips. Riko also began to imitate her movements.

 Their breathing became more and more ragged, and Riko began to wonder whether she is being served or used as a tool for masturbation.

 Chihiro, being sandwiched and caressed by their soft bodies, is steadily rising to the top.

「Riko, I'm sorry, I have to cum」

「Eh... wait, wait...」

 Riko stopped kissing Maria with a dumbfounded expression, and although she hurriedly tried to pull her body away, Chihiro's penis, once over the limit, would not stop.

 *Spurt* *Spurt* *Spurtttt*

 White semen splashed out, flying from Riko's stomach to her lower abdomen. The white liquid, different from body soap, made her body slippery.

「Ah, it's not fair, only Nishizaki-san」

「Eh, wait. Really, I just washed my body and now I have to wash it all over again」

「Oh. That's going to happen anyway. Because the fun is just beginning」

 As the water in the bathtub had reached a sufficient level, the supply is turned off and the shower is switched on. Then, when all the bubbles are thoroughly washed away, they all sank into the tub.

 Riko put her back against one end and stretched out her legs, while Chihiro put his back lightly against her.

 Maria, on the other hand, sank down to face Chihiro.

「Now it's my turn...」

 Maria take Chihiro's penis with one hand and inserts it into her own private crack.

 Perhaps it's the pressure of the water, but it resists a little too much, and the meat stick is swallowed up slowly. And perhaps she is feeling it, her vagina tightened up.

「Izumi-kun, give me a kiss...」


 With that, their tongues intertwined and they made each other drink saliva. At the same time, they both wiggled their hips slowly to heighten their sexual sensations.

 Just as Chihiro is beginning to forget about Riko behind him, her breasts and stomach began to move against his back.

 As if in a reversal of their earlier actions, Chihiro climaxed and spurted her semen into Maria's vagina.


 Maria shuddered in ecstasy.

 Apparently, she hadn't reached climax, but she is experiencing a very deep pleasure.

 When Chihiro reached out and patted her head, it didn't feel very good because her hair was wet, but the person being patted seemed to be enjoying the feeling, and her eyes narrowed.

 But then, someone gently pulled his arm.

 He is almost forced to turn around, but then Chihiro saw the annoyed Riko glared at him.

「Izumi, are you satisfied yet?」


 Looking back at her eyes, which could be taken as a give-up or a request, he could sense that she is not satisfied too.

 So, Chihiro smiled, shook her head, and reached for Riko's waist.

「Come here, Riko」


 After that, they embraced in the water and she came inside Riko, and then Maria, who had recovered, asked him again. They repeated the process over and over again, until the heat became too much for them to bear and they stopped the act, washed up and left the bathroom.

 Afterwards, feeling his strength had reached its limit, Chihiro fell asleep in the bedroom.

 As he lay there, feeling his consciousness fading away, Chihiro faintly heard Maria and Riko leaving the room, arguing about cleaning the bathroom and assigning beds.

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