Chapter 22 3P in the bathroom - Part 2

 The next morning, Chihiro woke up to find Riko asleep next to him.
 While remembered what happened yesterday, he is startled and jumped up.
 Fortunately, the noise didn't wake Riko up, so he decided to let her sleep like this.
...You have a beautiful sleeping face
 He turned his head to the side, and saw Riko curled up lightly, and slept soundly.
 Looking at her like this, she looks like an innocent girl. She's still in her first year of high school, the same age as Chihiro, so it's not surprising.
 Well, he should put the blanket back on her.
 He tries to reached out her hand once, but decided against it, thinking that it would be a dangerous thing to do if he woke her up.
 And because the temperature in the room is high, she won't catch a cold.
 She must be tired from last night's activities.
 Chihiro is recovering quickly thanks to the effect of [Accelerate of Sleep Effect], and Maria can recover from anything except fatigue.
 Of the three of them, Riko is the one who needs rest the most.
 And so, he left the bedroom as quietly as possible and went to the living room.
 In the living room, Maria is drinking coffee in her underwear.
Good morning
Yeah, good morning. Is everything okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. Though that girl probably needs to sleep a while longer
 Checking the phone on the table, it's past seven o'clock.
 While answering Maria, Chihiro walked over to the sports bag in the corner. Then a voice called out from behind him.
Izumi-kun, I'd like you to go shopping with me today if you don't mind
Shopping? Sure, what do you want to buy?
 He replied while looking for some clothes. If he's going out, he'd better wear something decent.
 The voice that came back to him is somewhat cheerful.
The details are still a secret. But it's what you and I need right now
I see
 He nodded as he picked out underwear, pants, shirts, tops... one after another.
 And from Maria's reaction, he had an idea of what she wanted to buy.
 What they need.
 When Chihiro heard that, something came to his mind as well.
 Things that he had vaguely thought of before, but had realized through his actions last night. And what to get to make up for it.
I think I also need to know a little more. You know, Maria
 In other words, obscene knowledge.
 The variations of the sex act, how a Master behaves with the slaves, how to please a girl... all of which he must know a little bit about now.
 If Maria's the only one, fine. Still, it's a bit embarrassing to be led by a girl, but it would be easier to absorb her preferences.
 However, if he wants to train Riko in the future, he should know more things.
 It will take some time for him to learn, so do it as soon as possible.
 However, Chihiro does not know how to do it efficiently,
I don't know if this is a good time to ask, but could you give me some advice?
 When Chihiro take his clothes and turned, he saw Maria giggling.
Yes, that would be perfect. I'll find you a good collection
Thanks... So, a creative works. That's the way to learn, after all
Creative works are easier to understand. Of course, there are aspects that are unrealistic, but it's better for Izumi-kun
I see
 The source of the [Lost Item]'s power is mental strength. A limitless image is also a power.
 Thus, with a nod, Chihiro went to bathroom to change.
 However, as he was walking past Maria, she took his arm and held him back.
Hold on. I haven't finished my talk yet. Novels, manga, anime, live-action... I'll tell you what kind of media I prefer, and I'll explain the advantages and disadvantages
 In the end, Chihiro went to the living room to change his clothes.

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