Chapter 23 Unusual Shopping - Part 2

 Afterward, Chihiro and his friends completed their shopping at the adult store. They bought a number of many "toys" and lotions, mostly led by Maria.
 Chihiro decided to buy the collar, so Maria paid for the other accessories instead.
You seem to have a lot of these things
No. I only have one rotor. If I start buying more, there will be no end to it, so I've been holding back so far
 Maria also picked up some adult DVDs and artwork for Chihiro. Although he was reluctant to buy items with too much explicit skin color, he persevered and put them in his basket.
Why don't we buy a few more collars, anyway?
 Chihiro added, meaningfully.
 And while shaking off the sudden thought of Aika's face, Chihiro picked up two more collars. A white one and a pink one, both simple. He also bought three leads as well.
 The total amount of items purchased by the two of them is quite a lot of money.
 The clerk, a surprisingly young woman, looked at them with a mixture of surprise and envy. Still, they paid the bill individually and left the store.
 After that, they returned to the station and had lunch at a family restaurant.
 They had the option of going to a nice restaurant, but since they had spent a lot of money earlier, they decided to save money. While Chihiro and Maria ordered the daily lunch, only Riko had the fried shrimp hamburger steak with a chocolate parfait.
 After the meal, they finally decided to buy a collar for Riko.
 Riko dragged Chihiro and the others to a store that looked like a fashionable general store, and after examining many chokers, she chose a thin brown one. It had a small plate around the neck, and it looked like something that could be used in daily life.
Here, take this
 Riko handed it to Chihiro in a good mood. The price tag on it showed a number much higher than Maria's collar, but Chihiro gave up and paid the bill.
Is this a present?
Yes, sort of
 The cashier asked Chihiro in a cheerful voice, and he answered honestly. Then while he looked at Riko and Maria alternately and tilted her head, he smiled and asked Riko.
What will you do with the goods? If you're going to use it right away, the bag's tags can be removed
Oh, that would be great
 Chihiro returned with the choker, which is ready to be worn, and handed it to Riko.
 Riko's cheeks turned red with embarrassment, but she put it around her neck without complaining.
It looks good on you
 A nearby sales clerk assured her with a smile, and Riko seemed not to be disappointed.
 Riko's aggressive behavior did not stop after leaving the store.
 She took Chihiro and Maria with her, and when they arrived at the store, she left Chihiro halfway and went shopping for clothes and underwear with Maria.
Hey Izumi, which do you think is better, this or this?
 She sometimes calls Chihiro and asks for his opinion.
 Having been taken around by her sister several times before, Chihiro asked Riko the opposite.
Who do you like better, Riko?
Heh, me? Well, this one is good looking, but this one is prettier
Yeah, you're right. I think Riko would look good in this one
Really? I see
 He managed to convince her with a smile.
 And as he breathed out a sigh of relief, Maria came up to him and whispered.
You're more experienced than I thought
I don't think so
Really? Well, in any case, there's no need for that kind of tactics for me. The only time I ask you is when I want you to color me
 Maria had already left Chihiro's body when he felt her dangerous urge to do so.
 Once again, he realized how hard it is to understand a girl.
 And then, they kept him waiting near them as they picked out underwear, and asked him what he liked, which made him worry about people's eyes on him, but they finally finished their shopping. In the end, they also bought some clothes, and Riko took some care of Chihiro's clothes during the shopping, either to pass the time or on a whim.
Wouldn't you look better if you wore women's clothes?
 Riko looked around at a cheap store while asking Chihiro that question, which could have been a joke. But then, she bought a pair and gave them to Chihiro with her own money.
 He is so moved by this gift that he did not expect it.
Thanks, Riko.
Don't worry. But don't get me wrong. It's just a thank you for the gift
 It's a give-and-take, a return for the choker.
 ...Even if that's what Riko really meant, it didn't change the fact that it made him happy.

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