Volume 1 - Extra 2: Girls' Fragment / Fukami Maria - Part 2 ★


「Yes. I was wondering where you do it?」

 On the bed in the bedroom.

 Maria talks with Chihiro, savoring the feeling of exhaustion afterwards.

 "By the way, I never talked about it in detail, did I?", Maria’s thoughts.

 She told him that she does it every day and that she often does it in the bathroom, but she didn’t tell him anything else. However, Chihiro reminded her of this.

「Well. I don’t have a specific place in mind. But I dare to say that there are many places...」

 The bathroom, as Maria already told him. Then her room. And the school bathroom.


「Surprising? But if you wanted to do it on school, there’s no other place that would be appropriate」

「You shouldn’t say "to do it" so casually」

 This is what Maria gets for bringing it up. Though she’s starting to learn how to be honest about her desires, she’s still very naive.

「But, isn’t it dangerous? Like your voice?」

「Yes, I’m careful about that. I try to use the least crowded bathrooms and keep my voice down as much as possible.」

 The area around the art room and the science room are ideal because they are not popular in the morning or after school. Still, it doesn’t mean that no one will come, but the excitement of being spotted can be exciting.


 A sigh escapes her lips.

 Remembering the time when she masturbated alone in the bathroom, Maria got excited again. All the more so because she;s not just imagining it, she’s telling Chihiro about it.

「Since you’re here, why don’t I show you how it’s done?」

 Maria sat up and spread her legs in a position where Chihiro could see her better.

「Oh, wait...」

「It’s okay」

 Without saying a word, she runs her fingers between her legs.


 Maria’s private parts are wet from what she’s just done. There is more than enough water, including the semen that Chihiro has ejaculated. So, just by inserting a finger there and lightly scratching it, Maria can feel it.

「Ah *pant...*」

 She likes to be exposed.

 Although there’s a limit to the physical pleasure Maria can get, there’s almost no ceiling to the mental pleasure. It’s a necessary stimulus to tame her lecherous and helpless body and mind.

 Of course, being seen is always dangerous.

 So, even though she says "exposure", she doesn’t do anything extreme. At most, she wore training clothes without gym clothes or jerseys, or underwear that emphasized her breasts. That’s the main thing she used to do to arouse her shame.

 But now, there is someone who will watch.

「Watch me, Izumi-kun. I’m going to masturbate myself」

「Eh, yeah」

 Chihiro gulped and swallowed.

 Sensing it on her skin, Maria begins to masturbate.

「Nnn *pant...*」

 Fortunately, her body is more than sensitive enough.

 Without any preparation to heighten the sexual sensation, Maria suddenly rubs herself hard. She grabs one of her breasts with her left hand and rubs it roughly, while inserting two fingers of her right hand into her secret place and thrusting them in and out repeatedly.


 She can feel it.

 More than usual.

 The excitement makes Maria want to do something even more indecent. She squeezes her nipples and clitoris with her fingers and climaxes lightly from the intense pleasure.

 *pant* *pant...*

 Maria thought as she repeatedly took short breaths.

 What a waste. It would be a shame to climax with just my fingers. That’s what inside her mind

「Yes, that one...」

 Then, after crawling across the bed, she opened the small cabinet that was placed beside her. She then takes out a small tool from it and returns to her previous position.

 In her hand, Maria holds a pink tool. A cable extends from a small egg-shaped object and connects to a device with a knob.

 The item was called a rotor.


「...Let’s continue」

 Maria dared to announce to Chihiro, who couldn’t take his eyes off her, and turned the knob on the rotor to maximum. She pinched the egg-shaped part, which began to shudder at high speed, and pressed it against her clitoris.


 An immense pleasure.

 The vibrations produced by the machine were a stimulus that could not be reproduced by a human finger or tongue. They are strong and do not slow down with fatigue. The torture is ruthless and unchanging.

 Maria continued to press the device, which produced a stimulus too strong to be easily tolerated, against the most sensitive parts of her body.

 And then, instead of resisting the pleasure, she enjoys it and climaxes.

 At the moment she comes, her fingers leave her body, and she lies on the bed slumped. The intense stimulation is perfect for climaxing, but the downside is that it is exhausting.

「...Maria does this all the time」

 Chihiro murmurs in a feverish voice.

 Feeling comfortable with his passion, Maria replied.

「Not all the time. Just occasionally」

 She’s not lying.

 She rarely used the rotors because she felt that if she relied on them too much she would never be able to let them go. Only when she couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to feel really good.

 Also, lately, she hasn’t used it as much as she used to.

 It seems that she’s more fulfilled than before.

「Oh, by the way, Maria.」


「Can I, too? By myself.」

 Maria looked over at Chihiro’s penis, which was almost bursting at the seams. Even though he had just taken so much out of her, seeing Maria in such a state seemed to have excited him.

 He can’t speak for others, but he’s usually pretty good.

「No, no. I’ll give you oral, lie down」

 With a giggle, Maria woke up her languid body and crawled over to Chihiro.

 Then, in a small voice, Chihiro said.

「...I’m glad I got to know you a little better today.」

「...Yeah, me too.」

 One day, the night passed quietly.

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