Chapter 32 A Very Common Shame Play - Part 1

「...I see. That’s a lineup I tend to miss. I’m impressed」

 At the table in the living room, Maria, sitting diagonally in front of Chihiro, is operating a laptop and muttering. What she is looking at is the list of Maisaka’s recommendations sent to Chihiro as promised - the search results.

 While Maria’s hobby tends to be related to hardcore, such as SM, restraint, training, etc., Maisaka’s list is more softer.

 There are many works in which both parties hugged each other in mutual consent and girls moaned in sweet voices.

 It may be that Maisaka simply chose a line that would be relatively popular with the general public, but he also has "good taste".


「Why don’t you take a look, Nishizaki-san? I’ll buy it and download it if you like it」

「...No, it’s not like I want it」

 As they have eaten, bathed, and finished their homework.

 At times like this, the three of them naturally gather in the living room. It’s not that they don’t have other rooms, but it’s probably the most comfortable place for them to be.

 The last few days have been like this, partly because Chihiro’s training has come to an end.

「I’m rather worried that Izumi might be affected in some strange way...」

「...Haha, it might be too late for that」

 Chihiro chuckled.

 After all, he’s already passed the stage where he’s "interested but only formally rejects" lewd acts, regardless of whether he sees them or not.

 Well, more knowledge is always better than less.

「...Speaking of which...」


 Maria put her hand on her chin, tilted her head and froze.

「I don’t think we’ve done this much」

「It’s a little late for that」

 She prefers intense play and abnormal acts.

 The usual kissing, caressing, normal penetration... it’s not enough for her. After all, she wants to spend a lot of time servicing with her hands and mouth, or reverse cowgirl position.

 Although she starts in a normal way, she usually finds herself playing hard to get.

 Riko, on the contrary, is more comfortable with normal play, and thus, they often play as if they are lovers.

 And so, when Riko looked at Maria with a furtive glance, she stood up.

「Well, why don’t you try it sometime?」

「Oh, you don’t mind?」

「If you want to have a normal 3P, I’ll be in the way」

 ...Well, it’s not a normal act when it’s a threesome.

 Looking at Riko, who turned her face away, Maria giggled,

「Can you bear it if Izumi-kun doesn’t hold you?」

「I’m not that frustrated. Really, I’m borrow your room now」

 Riko said and walked down the corridor. She must be planning to use Maria’s room. If the three of them don’t do it together, Maria lends Riko her bed.

「Really, is she being honest or not?」

 ...definitely the latter, isn’t it?

 But instead of saying it, Chihiro asked Maria.

「What do we do now?」


 Maria turned and looked up at Chihiro with an unusually innocent smile on her face.

 And Chihiro looked into her eyes and could see that she was excited by the prospect of playing with the unknown.

「Since you’re asking, I’ll accept the request. It’s not every day that we get a chance like this」

 And so, they moved into the bedroom.
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