Chapter 32 A Very Common Shame Play - Part 2 ★

 They stood by the side of the large bed, and hugged each other’s body and kissed.

 Their lips meet, pressing hard against each other, but not immediately with their tongues. But after a long enough time, they finally moved to a gentle deep kiss.

 The pace was slower than usual.

 Both Chihiro and Maria felt that they were trying to force each other into a normal act. It seems strange that they can’t hug each other normally without being conscious of it.

 Still, this is not a bad thing.

「Somehow, I feel more embarrassed than usual」

 After tasting each other’s lips, Chihiro pushed Maria down on the bed.

 Maria then looked up at Chihiro, her cheeks flushed red, and muttered something like that. She looked like an ordinary girl when she was looking so innocent.

「You look beautiful」

「...Stop it. Stop talking like that」

 But Maria seemed to be in a good mood.

 So, Chihiro reached out and gently touched Maria’s breast, which was covered by her nightgown. He caressed the outer surface and pressed down lightly.


 Maria wriggled tantalizingly.

「Hold still as best you can」

「...Yeah. Okay. But it’s a kind of shame...」

 Not sure if that’s the right way to put it.

 But in her own way, she seemed to have found a way to enjoy this game. And despite her growing embarrassment, Chihiro is relieved to see that she still looked happy.

 So, he continued to rub her ample twins slowly.

 But really, the way her soft breasts changed their shape through her thin nightgown is both sexy and beautiful.

「Hey, Izumi-kun, don’t be too hasty, touch me」


 Maria let out a wistful sigh.

 She has an unusual sexual appetite and has to masturbate every day to keep it in check. However, she’s surprisingly vulnerable to the act of being rushed.

「Where do you want me to touch you?」

「Ah. ...my nipples, touch them directly」


 With that, she gently removes her bra, revealing her breasts.

 Her skin is white and smooth. The nipple at the tip of the bulge is plump and hard.

 Seeing that, Chihiro traces the area around the nipple with his finger.


 Maria reacts sensitively to that alone.

 Then, realizing that the effect of the hurry-up play is sufficient, Chihiro finally moved his fingers to her nipples.

 He touches it with a soft hand, then releases it. He stimulates them as if he is just touching them, faintly caressing them.

 Little by little, with very little force at each stroke, the nipple sank into the breast after a dozen or so repetitions.

 Then he would play with the nipple with his fingers, or put his fingers on the tip and rub it.

 This is a cruel yet gentle torment for Maria.

「...This is terrible. This is...」

 But it turns her on.

 It’s written on her face that she’s drowning in the pleasure of being tortured.

 This is far from normal play, after all.

「...I think it’s time」

 With that said, Chihiro pinched and pinched both nipples with his fingers.


 Maria’s body jumped at the sudden strong stimulation.

 Her breath came out of her mouth, and her body returned to its original position, but her breathing did not return immediately.

 It was a different sensation, but not nearly as pleasurable as the one she had just experienced.

 As this aroused Maria even more, Chihiro moved his body down to Maria’s lower body.


 At last.

 The stimulation that she’s been waiting for. That’s what Maria’s thought.

 But as if betraying Maria’s expectation, Chihiro traces his finger around the crotch of her pants and licks it with his tongue. His act makes Maria’s crotch wet even more, but the stimulation is still too soft. So――


 Maria squeezes her own breasts.

 She hugs them, as if to say, "I need more pleasure".

「It’s okay, Maria」

 Chihiro stops his torment.

 He then removes Maria’s pants, reaches down to her bare crotch, and suddenly pinches her clit hard.


 Seeing that she bounces again, Chihiro gently stimulates her again.

 He traces her secret lips and strokes her wet slit with his finger. Occasionally he caresses her clitoris.

「Oh, uh, uh...」

 Really, Maria has amazing self-control.

 She wants more pleasure. She must want to play with herself if she’s being made to feel this way, but Maria’s willpower to let Chihiro do most of the work is astounding.

 She held back until she couldn’t understand anything anymore.

 Still, after kissing her open-mouthed, drooling, uncharacteristic face, Chihiro began the torture again.

 He pinched and kneaded her nipples and clitoris without hesitation, and gave her a two-point bite. Her screams echoed in the soundproof room, but he continued.

「This, I’m cumming, I’m cummming...!」

 Even when Maria climaxed, Chihiro continued to stimulate her, making her climax again and again.

 Then, by the time he stopped, Maria was limp, her eyes unfocused and her breathing ragged.

「...Sorry, I overdid it」

 Well, Chihiro wanted to see more of that kind of face, because Maria was so cute and different from usual.

 And knowing that a gentle caress could be an effective torture, he got carried away.

 Then as Chihiro stroked the girl’s hair with an expression of apology, her hand grabbed Chihiro’s wrist.


「Don’t apologize. It felt really, really good. So...」

 Smiling, Maria opens her arms.

「Come here. Hold me tight and let cum inside me. Izumi-kun hasn’t felt good yet today, right?」


 This girl really is outrageous.

 Maria didn’t resist, in fact she opened her legs and accepted the slow penetration.

 Just as Maria had asked.

 They embraced for a long time, holding each other tightly, occasionally switching sides.

 After a long, deep and pleasurable embrace, Chihiro’s semen was spurted into Maria’s vagina.

 When the act was over, the two remained connected.

「Thank you, Master」

 Maria whispered softly as she wrapped her arms around Chihiro’s head.

「I’m honored that you would hold me, a slave, like this」

 Her own words of gratitude enveloped Chihiro’s heart.
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