Chapter 34 Lewd language Service - Part 2 ★

 Maria, in black lingerie, and Riko, in white underwear, are sitting side by side on the floor in front of Chihiro. Maria has a black leather collar around her neck, and Riko has a stylish choker around her neck.

 Maria is sitting upright. Her cheeks flushed with the pleasure of submission, and her posture straight.

 Riko is sitting cross-legged. Her hair is curled up in one hand in embarrassment.

 Immersed in the pleasure of looking down at her classmate in her underwear, Chihiro opened his mouth.

「How much do you know about "those words", Riko?」

 Then Riko’s strong eyes flashed with confusion.

 She looked up at Chihiro with a sideways glance at Maria.

「Even if you say "how much", I don’t know the standard」

「So it’s not like you don’t know anything at all?」

「No. Well, I know a little bit」

 Chihiro and Maria looked at each other and laughed at the success of their guide-interrogation.

「I think I know more than most people, but this is the first time I’m talking about it out loud」

「I see. Then, Riko」

 Riko looks up at him, wondering what she’s going to be ordered to do.

「I want you to beg me in your own words, as much as you know」

 With that said, a few seconds went by in silence.

 And then, the blonde girl shouted, keeping her posture fixed.

「Begging? What am I supposed to beg for?」

「That’s up to you too」

 Chihiro replied lightly and Riko kept her mouth shut.

 It would be a difficult task for her shyness and undue pride. But that’s why he wanted to order her to do it.

 It would be easy to ask Maria to set an example, but that would not mean that Riko acted on her own initiative.


 Riko exhaled.

 Without saying a word, she looked at Chihiro’s face, chest, and between his legs and spoke.


 The whispered voice made Chihiro shudder.

 Then, in a trembling voice, words of pleading, faltering, escape from the girl’s mouth.

「Master... please let me serve your cock」

 It is the first lewd word Riko has uttered to herself.

 She had once declared herself a slave, and now she went one step further, using a lewd word of her own devising, she made a lewd plea to her master, Chihiro.

 That’s when the girl fell even deeper.

 Not to mention Chihiro, even Maria gasped and forgot her words for a moment.

 Shortly after.

 Almost without warning, Riko’s eyes filled with tears.

 The sudden tears made Riko look as if she didn’t understand herself. She opened her mouth and closed it several times.

「Ah, ahhh...」

 She hugged herself tightly and trembled.

 It definitely wasn’t an unusual reaction.


 Chihiro got off the bed and crouched down beside Riko. But she shook her head and wouldn’t even look up.

 And a sob comes out of her mouth incessantly.


 Maria says seriously.

 Turning around, she puts her index finger to her lips.

 A method of forcibly calming her.

 ...Chihiro nodded and held Riko’s shoulders with the gentlest of hands.

 He lifted her chin with one hand and kissed her trembling lips. Riko almost refused, but he put his arm around her back and hugged her tightly.

 Riko’s eyes widened, and she looked at him closely.

 Immediately, Chihiro felt her consciousness plunge into darkness. It seems that Riko is trapped in an extremely heavy feeling, a feeling of immense loss, if words could be used to describe it.

 These feelings are further amplified by Chihiro’s ability and eat away at Riko’s mind.

 The collapse of identity. The heart that Chihiro broke and reconnected a month ago is about to be shattered again.

 This can’t go on like this.

 Chihiro quickly turned off his emotion amplification function and continued to hug Riko while kissing her.


 Riko regained her composure little by little.

 As if trying to blow away the feeling of loss that had begun to fade, she voluntarily inserted her tongue and asked for a deep kiss.

 Chihiro let her do what she wanted, and gave her his tongue and saliva.

 When they parted after nearly ten minutes, Riko muttered, "I’m sorry".

「... suddenly, I lost my mind」

「Maybe I treated Nishizaki-san a little too roughly」

 Maria, who had been watching silently during the kiss, exhaled and said so.

 She moved her upper body closer to Riko’s and extended her hand, lightly caressing her ear.

「I just want to ask you this, did Nishizaki-san not like being ordered around by Izumi-kun?」

「...It’s not like that」

 Riko thought for a moment, then shook her head.

 She turned her tear-stained face to Chihiro and said,

「I didn’t hate it. But I felt like... I finally came to this point. So, I should have known it already, but when I realized that there is no turning back, I started to cry」

 Well, she is not a mentally strong person.

 So, she couldn’t control the rush of emotions once they broke down.

「Yeah. Are you okay now?」


 But a rebuilt levee would be stronger and more optimized.

「Then apologize to Master」

 Maria whispers.

 Riko nods her head and turns to face Chihiro.

 She straightens her slumped legs and sits upright, placing her hands lightly on the floor as she stares at Chihiro.

「I’m sorry. Izumi... no, Master」

 She cut off her words as if biting them and smiled.

「Please let me serve you」


 Chihiro nodded.

 It was enough for Riko now.

 Then, she sits back on the bed, opens her legs and quietly moves her face to Chihiro’s bare crotch. She stroked his rod with some affection, kissed his glans, and then began the real work.

 This felt good.

 Although her technique itself did not improve dramatically, her fundamental mind is different. Up until now, she had been trying to make his penis ejaculate, and she had relied on her knowledge and skills. But now she was moving with a single mind, thinking of serving.

 And before long, Chihiro ejaculated.

 Riko swallowed the semen in her mouth without any sign of displeasure, and exhaled.

「Nishizaki-san, how does Master’s semen taste?」

「...It tasted good. That’s all I have to say」

 Riko says, licking the rest of the semen off from the penis.

 Seeing her like that, Chihiro’s penis recovered quickly.

「Maria, I’m sorry」

「Don’t worry. Go ahead and satisfy Nishizaki-san first. You can do me later」

「...Thank you」

 With that said, Chihiro continued to hold her until Riko was exhausted. Chihiro took off her underwear and carefully caressed her soft body, but a little more roughly than before.

 He held her again and again, as if he wanted to imprint his touch on Riko.

 And eventually, as Riko began to breathe in the corner of the bed, Maria gently snuggled up to Chihiro and began to run her tongue over his dirty penis and sweaty body.

「You worked hard, Nishizaki-san」

「Yeah... Did I do something wrong?」

「No, not at all. It’s just that your girl’s been so stubbornly refusing to go down」

 That night, Maria wanted Chihiro badly.

 Perhaps she was aroused by her long absence, or perhaps she was jealous of Riko.

 Nevertheless, Chihiro was deeply grateful that his body had completely recovered when he woke up in the morning.

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