Chapter 45 Showing Off Sex ★

 *kiss* *smooch* *pant...* *pant...*

 Riko and Chihiro kissed each other deeply as they sat on the bed. As his tongue tasted the mouth that tasted of bread and cheese, Chihiro thought absentmindedly. 

 How did this happen? 

 When he woke up, Aika was there, and the conversation led him to hold Riko. He doesn’t understand what happened. 

「Izumi, concentrate」

「Sorry, Riko」

 He hurriedly apologized, and Riko mumbled with a reddish tinge to her flushed cheeks. 

「...We must show her everything」

 To Aika, of their affair.

 And then Riko continued to say, "If I can" while Aika looked on from a distance. It seems Aika’s face is already starting to turn red.... 

「Okay. Riko, show her everything」

 With that said, Riko’s eyes are filled with lust and shame. 

「...Yes, Master」


 Aika’s breath caught in the corner of her eye. 

 Chihiro kissed Riko again, and his lips thrusting out in a throbbing expression. They sip each other’s saliva and let their tongues run wild before parting their lips. 

 Riko then gets off the bed on the floor and puts her hands on Chihiro’s pajamas. 

 She removes his pajamas, revealing his half-erect penis. 


 In front of Chihiro, or behind Riko from Riko’s point of view, Aika freaks out. 

「Takatsuki-san, is Izumi’s thing big? I’ve never really seen another guy’s」

「I-I don’t know!」

 Aika answered in a loud voice to Riko’s question without turning around. 

「I’m sorry, Takatsuki-san. This is a boys’ dormitory, so please keep your voice down」

「Oh...I’m sorry」

 Aika apologized, shushing. 

 Meanwhile, Riko slowly moves her face closer to his penis. 

「Then, I’ll serve you」


 First, a light kiss on the glans. She kisses it again and again, changing the position slightly, and the hardness of the penis gradually increases. Then she licks it slowly and carefully, stimulating his rod, inner muscles and balls. 

 Perhaps it’s because the hair has been removed from his body, but the stimulation is felt more directly. 

(By the way, someone saw my hairless crotch...)

 While feeling embarrassed to expose his hairless crotch, Chihiro surrenders herself to Riko’s service. Perhaps she was sticking to her decision to show everything, or perhaps she was trying to show all the skills she remembered, but she was more careful than usual. 

 The oral sex moved on to fellatio. She sucked on the penis, which was covered with enough saliva, and sucked it loudly. Despite the rivalry between them, Riko’s movements seemed to include Maria’s movement, which is strange and deeply moving. 

 And so, a few minutes after the real service began, the first ejaculation came. 

 Riko holds the base of Chihiro’s penis and catches the semen in her mouth without sucking the rod. She opens her mouth wide, waits for the tip and catches it in the back of her mouth. 

 When the ejaculation stops, Riko closes her mouth and sucks and sips while looking up at Chihiro. She then gulped and swallowed it. 

「...I can’t believe it」

 Aika couldn’t believe what she was seeing from her classmate. 

 Her mouth hung open in disbelief, her eyes widened in shock, but her gaze remained fixed on Chihiro and the others. 

 And because she doesn’t say, "Stop", then they’ll continue. 

「Then, I guess I’ll return the favor」

「Yes, Master」

 Perhaps to show Aika, Riko is more obedient than usual. 

 She lies down on the bed and spreads her legs to show her obedience. Chihiro also got on the bed, and sat between Riko’s legs. 

 He carefully undressed her and removed her underwear. 

 And thinking about it, he had gotten used to unhooking her bra. 


 Even though they are the same sex, it is unlikely that Aika would have the opportunity to see her friend naked at this age. After all, Aika was so stunned when she saw it. 


 Chihiro kissed Riko’s neck lightly and started caressing her. 

 He lightly stroked her shoulders, arms, and armpits, gradually increasing the sensitivity of her body. When Riko is able to feel pleasure in other areas, he reaches for her breasts. He crawls his fingers over the shapely breasts and pushes them in, further nurturing her sexual senses. 

「*pant...* it feels good」

 The fact that she is now able to express her feelings is a result of her training so far. 

 And then when he played with her nipples and bit her sweetly with his tongue, Riko was not repulsed but delighted. 

「Ah, ah, ahh!」

 Riko gasped, and hurriedly covered her mouth to keep her voice down. 

 Then, after finishing his caresses, Chihiro pulled his mouth away and found both her breasts slick with his saliva. 

 Aika seemed to be at a loss for words. Still, Chihiro began to stimulate Riko’s crotch, leaving her to stare at her friend’s lasciviousness in silence. 

 *squelch* *squelch* 

 He carefully tortured the sensitive area while watching Riko’s reaction, and Riko’s body trembled as she climaxed. 

「Ah, cumming, I’m cumming...」

 Riko declared clearly as she climaxed, and smiled at Aika when the aftermath subsided. 

「How is it, Takatsuki-san?」

 Aika shuddered when she heard her name called. 

「Do you two always do this?」

 She asked fearfully. She’s probably expecting a denial. 

 But Riko smiles and shakes her head. 

「No. We’re usually doing something much better」

 Aika’s eyes widened. 

 Perhaps enjoying her reaction, Riko reached out and hugged Chihiro’s neck. 

 It seems she wants to show her more. 

 Really, she is going to show her as much of herself as she can. To a girl who is a classmate who has no experience in this kind of thing. 

「Master, can I be on top of you?」


 Well, Chihiro takes Riko’s wishes into consideration. 

 So he swaps positions with Riko, telling Aika that it was Riko who wanted it. 

「I’m putting in...」

 Riko opens her legs and sinks her hips while lightly opening her secret with her fingers. 

 Without wearing a condom, she inserted in a cowgirl position. 

「Oh, it’s in...」

 Having accepted Chihiro’s penis many times, Riko’s vagina is gradually becoming accustomed to Chihiro’s shape. The same goes for the soil, which takes foreign sensations as pleasure. 

 Their genitals, coated with fluid, rub gently against each other. 

 Riko trembles at the direct sensation of pleasure, and gradually confirms the feel of the action, changing her movements greatly and precisely. 

 Eventually, the rhythmic sound of plopping began to echo, and the feeling of pleasure in Chihiro’s penis became even greater. 

 In a whisper, he asked Riko. 

「Riko, does it feel good?」

「Yes, it feels good」

「Now, do you know what you’re doing?」

「I’m having a sex. Takatsuki-san is watching me sex with Master」

 By all means, Riko is somewhat accustomed to having people watch her do things. After all, most of the time, Maria was beside them when Chihiro held her. However, Maria is an exception in many ways. And to be seen by a normal person should be accompanied by a certain amount of shame.

 Well, now, Riko’s excitement and a sense of superiority over Aika seems to have made her accept the shame. 

(...This experience might have been a good influence for Riko’s training)


 Chihiro thought about this as he thrust his penis up to match Riko’s. 

 And then. 

「Master, do you want to go? Me, me too...」

「Yes. I’m cumming, Riko. Together」

「Yes, together. Ah, cumming, I’m cumming!」

 While holding her own mouth. 

 Riko screamed again, and received Chihiro’s semen in her vagina. 

 When the ejaculation stopped after a few seconds, Riko lay down and pressed her breasts against Chihiro’s. Chihiro then hugged her tightly. As Chihiro hugged her, he soaked in the pleasure. 

 It was only a few minutes later that the still connected penis was withdrawn from her waist. 

 Naturally, Aika’s gaze was drawn to the semen flowing out of her vagina. 

「Riko-chan... you have to use birth control」

「Eh? Oh, haha」

 Riko laughs as she squeezes out the words and replies. 

「It’s okay」

 She didn’t explain what she meant by "okay". 

 But she ran her tongue over Chihiro’s penis, which was stained with love juice and semen, and cleaned it up before sitting down on the bed. 

「How was it, Takatsuki-san?」

 Aika looked down at them from above, then looked up and shook her head. 

「No, you mustn't do this. You two not even lovers」

 Riko snickered at the words that came out of a normal sense of ethics. 

「It’s fine. I’m okay with it, and it doesn’t matter if we’re lovers or not. Besides――」


「If it has to be a lover, why don’t you do it, Takatsuki-san? Don’t tell me」


 Aika’s mouth dropped open as if she had been caught off guard. 

 She looked to the side, saw Chihiro, and quickly averted her gaze. Turning over with a reddened face, she blurted out. 

「I-I’m going home」


 Without listening to her answer, she stands up and turns away. 

 Riko stares at her back and says. 

「I think it’s dangerous at night」

「Don’t worry」

 She says she’s fine, but it seems like she’s just being stubborn. 

 Well, the appearance of the [Lost Item] has changed the world, and it has also had some effect on the security of Japan. Still, this country is more than peaceful enough, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be careful. 

 After all, Aika, like Maria, is not equipped for combat. 

「Takatsuki-san, you sure you’re okay by yourself...?」

「Don’t worry. I’ll call a cab outside」

 Well, Chihiro couldn’t keep her if she said that much. 

 But at least, when Aika walked to the front door, Chihiro hurriedly followed her while putting on his pajamas. And――

「Then at least let me pay for the cab」


 Aika held out a bill and took it without making eye contact with Chihiro. 

 She unlocked the front door and opened it. 


 Aika said to Chihiro without turning around. 

「Next time you get reckless and something happens, call me. I’ll heal you again」

「...Yeah, I promise」



 Hearing Chihiro’s reply, Aika left the room without saying another word. 

 And her last words. 

(...What the hell did she mean by that?)

 Even if he thought about it, Chihiro didn’t know. 

「Izumi, let’s take a shower」

「...Yeah, I guess so」

 He needs to freshen up and clear his head. 

 Nodding at Riko’s words, Chihiro smiled lightly as he walked up to her. 

 But then, a text message came in on the phone he had left on the bed, but Chihiro only noticed it after getting out of the shower. 


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