Chapter 47 Hana's Blunder / Mishuku Hana, Part One - 2 ★※

I swear my loyalty to you. Hana-san
 Those were the words she had wanted to hear for a long, long time.
 After that, Hana stepped into the bedroom with the big bed and ordered Maria to strip naked. She looked down at Maria as she sat on the floor and talked to her.
 Her relationship with Chihiro.
 What he had done to her.
 After hearing everything, she kissed Maria's forehead.
From now on, you're mine. Maria-chan
...Yes, Onee-sama
 Her jet-black eyes stared at Hana's neck.
 Her smooth and sensual body secreted pheromones from her entire body, conveying her excitement.
 She was both surprised and delighted that this girl had such lust in her.
 Then, Hana began to restrain Maria, giving her pleasure relentlessly. With her eyes, ears, mouth, hands and feet sealed, Maria obediently climaxed over and over again.
 She took a video of the scene and sent it to Izumi Chihiro.
 It was the best feeling.
 But feeling like she was about to climax, Hana untied Maria's restraints and asked her.
Then, what do you want now, Maria?
I want onee-sama to make love to Maria with your fingers...
Good girl
 She did as she asked, so she reached out and touched Maria's embarrassed parts.
 She hugged the soft, beautiful skin and Maria hugged her back. And the moment she fingered the sensitive part of Marias genitals, and stimulated it hard...
 A sweet, sharp numbness ran through Hana's body.
 It was as if Hana's own clitoris had been intensely stimulated.
 The situation made no sense at all, and Hana became confused, stopping her thoughts for a few seconds.
 However, in the meantime, Maria had swapped positions with Hana and picked up a vibrator lying on the edge of the bed.
Here, onee-sama. Please hold this
 Maria grabbed the vibrator and turned it on, then took Hana's hand and led her to Maria's breast.
Ah, ha...!
 Another sensation.
 Sensing that something unknown was happening, Hana tried to get rid of the vibrator, but ....
 Maria's hand, squeezed tightly, prevents her from doing so, and Maria presses her whole body against the vibrating vibrator.
 And with that, a pleasant sensation runs through Hana's entire body.
What, what...?
 Hana says in a muffled voice, looking up at Maria.
 And then their eyes met.
 Immediately, Hana regretted her actions.
 Suddenly, a violent tingle shot through her body. It was so strong that, for a moment, she thought someone had hit her.
 She couldn't even speak.
 She wants to play with her nipples and clitoris right now. She wants to stick her fingers in and out of her vagina. She wants to cum like that over and over again.
 Why it feels so good, but she can't climax?
 Because there's no one to touch her. Because there's no one to penetrate her, to fuck her, to spit out her hot fluids. And――
 Maria's sad and terribly strong emotions melt Hana's heart and body.
 ――Izumi Chihiro's mind-reading ability, a side effect of which heightens Maria's emotions even further, affecting Hana, who's watching.
 What is this power? What is this darkness that's so deep?
 Hana became frightened, and shut her eyes tightly.
...I think it's time
 Maria's fingers crawl over Hana's body.
 Her touch is gentle, but her purpose is relentless. To bring her body to its knees after it's been pleasured by some mysterious phenomenon and further heightened by the mind reading.
 Hana wants to resist.
 But she can't move her body properly.
 The unexpected and intense sensation she had just experienced had caused her muscles to relax.
 And Hana's mind.
No, ah, it's a lie, I――?
 She climaxed.
 Then, Maria's fingers slipped under her clothes and stimulated her nipples.
 Her mind goes blank and she lies on the bed, her body unprotected.
 And then...
 *swoosh...* *click*.
 Restraints are wrapped around her wrists and connected.
Eh, wait, no way...!
 She panicked and tried to sit up, but it was no use.
No. You have to be a good girl
 Maria's hand clasps around her neck and she's easily pushed back onto the bed.
No, no, no. Why can't I resist?
 Because she just read Maria's mind. It's making her lewd feelings swell out of control.
 It's Hana's own carelessness that's causing this.
 If she hadn't gotten the mind-reading ability in the first place...? No, that's not a threat to Izumi Chihiro. Even if she took something else hostage, or the other ability, she wouldn't have gotten this far.
 But she couldn't even look Maria in the eye with this.
 Slowly, Hana felt an unfathomable fear...
 But wait.
 She suddenly realized.
 Then why did Izumi Chihiro remain by Maria's side?
 How could he continue to live in such a lustful swamp for so long?
 Is he really enduring this? Like this, every day.
 If that's the case.
 Izumi Chihiro and Fukami Maria, it was a blunder to touch them. ....
Ah, ahh...
 Hana sobbed in despair as Maria blindfolded her with her hands.
 This is the end.
 She knew what would happen to her.
 A hell of pleasure awaited her, as much or more than Hana had given Maria.
Maybe that was...
Yes, that's right. [Retaliation], I "returned the pleasure"
...you're lying
 Theoretically, it's not impossible.
 Originally, Maria's ability depended largely on her own perception. Although it usually returns damage to the attacker's body, in cases where the attacker does not exist, such as when she injures herself or has an accident, the damage will be returned to the object that injured her.
 It is such a flexible ability. If Maria perceives pain, she can return anything other than pure pain, even pleasure.
 The question is.
Oh, no. You've never...
 Neither Hana's own investigation nor Maisaka's had yielded any such information.
 Then Maria said in a cold voice,
I've been keeping it from you. That's all. It's not unusual, is it? You've been doing the same thing
 That's right.
 Save the power for when you need it most.
Ah, haha...
 It's falling apart.
 Her confidence in her victory, her superiority over Chihiro.
 And Hana's pride, but...
Maria-chan calls me "Onee-sama"
Yes... I have pledging my obedience, even "temporarily", to you, and I've called you that, but...
 A slender finger touches her neck.
I felt it because I'd been holding off on masturbation for the past few days. I've been having a hard time sleeping at night because of it. I wanted to scream like crazy
 Slowly, gently, faintly stimulating the senses.
And... there's only one person in the world I call Master. Only Izumi-kun
 Chihiro Izumi.
 The girl who had never trusted anyone, but chose her own master.
What's so special about that guy...
Oh. You understand a little, don't you? Now that you've used his abilities
 Maria smiled wickedly.
Before you make two people who are close to each other apart by telling them lies, and then getting in the middle of it. You solve that problems you set up and get the attention of the person you want. And you get what you want by any means necessary, but then you easily throw it away when you get tired of it. Ever since you were in elementary school, you've been that kind of girl
...Was it?
 She didn't remember.
 Hana doesn't care about the process of getting it. It was the getting itself that mattered.
 But if that's true.
 Hana was Hana after all, even before her parents died and she became aware of it.
 This was something that was destined to come someday from that time.
So, you can't possibly accept other people's feelings. Besides, I'm sure my desires are not half-baked and it would be even worse for you as a woman.
 Because it is a female's desire, it is directly felt by Hana, who is the same sex.
 Of course, it doesn't mean that a heterosexual person can endure it.
 In fact, that is why it is absolutely unbearable for Hana.
Hana-san, I'm not going to release you easily. I'm going to break you in a way that you will never be able to resist
 Headphones were placed over her ears.
 They were soundproof, so she could not hear anything around her just by wearing them. This sealed off all of Hana's senses.
 Suddenly, something cold touched her skin.
 It slowly slid across her skin, and at the same time, the clothes began to lose their restraint. The scissors or something was cutting through her clothes.
 ...In just a few minutes, Hana was left with only her bra.
 And then.
 Maria's fingers lightly caressed her body and attached a rotor to her clit, and Hana could only accept it without a fight.
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