Chapter 57 2P+2P ★

 After bathing and eating, there is nothing left to do.
 So, Chihiro and the others went to the bedroom together. Maria must have anticipated this situation from the beginning. Even with this many people sitting on the large bed, it didn't feel cramped.
「...Really, Izumi-kun, you have bad taste, don't you?」
 It was Hana who muttered.
 She is wearing a pink collar around her neck, with no other clothes on and a look of discontent on her face. She'd been dressed like this since before dinner, after her bath.
 ――It's important for a slave to be dressed appropriately.
 Maria insists on this policy, but the girl naturally turns to Chihiro.
 Hana gazes at Maria and Riko's navel, which is exposed. There's a slave mark, a sign of Master-servant relationship with Chihiro. It wasn't cool to keep calling it a bruise, so Chihiro and the others decided to call it a mark.
「If it's an alphabet, why don't you use a writing style and arrange the letters neatly?」
 Isn't that a denial of the mark itself?
 Chihiro smiled, holding back the urge to butt in. Well, the details of the design are decided by itself, not by Chihiro.
「Hana, why don't you put this in?」
「Please don't call me by my name」
 Then, Hana turned her head away and said, "No" before answering Chihiro.
「You're just trying to restrict my behavior, aren't you? It's obvious」
「Nope, as long as you don't act suspiciously, I won't restrict you」
「Are you sure?」
 This is not a lie. Although it's a rather subtle but it's a severe form of harassment, such as doing things that don't go as usual and making things uncomfortable.
 Whatever it is, pleasure torture or restraint for sex, Chihiro is not interested now in something that will only harm Hana.
 ...And while he's at it, let's give her a little salt.
「With the Mark, it'll be harder to kill me head-on. But if you're planning to kill me by surprise, it'll be easier」
「...Hmm. You're right. All right, I'm willing to accept that」
 With that said, Chihiro hold hands with Hana, who agrees to have the Mark placed.
 Physical contact is all that is needed to activate the ability, so kissing or penetration is not necessary.
 All that was left was for Hana to think about it, but she failed many times here. After all, it seemed difficult for her to be aware that she obeyed Chihiro, even if it was a kind of verbal promise.
 Finally, after nearly a full minute, Hana's belly had the slave's mark on it.
「How are you feeling, Hana-san?」
「Uh... yeah, I feel good, actually. Like, I'm doped up」
 Hana nodded as she alternated making rock and paper with her hands and turning her arms.
 Then she turned her head to look at Chihiro,
「So? Where do we start?」
 She asked in a manner not unlike a slave. In that sense, Hana's behavior is rather new.
 That behavior of her makes Chihiro want to see her cry, and make her apologize to him by drenching her with pleasure through relentless torture. Those kinds of lecherous feelings well up in him.
「 Well...」
 Chihiro thought for a moment, and then decided on today's plan.
「Riko, do you think you could restrain Hana's hands? Also, cover her mouth with a ball gag」
「Yes, Master」
 It seems that torturing Hana was what Chihiro wanted. Riko chuckled and walked over to the cabinet where the toys are stored.
「You're not going to stop her?」
 Hana replied lightly and Chihiro beckoned Maria over.
 And without hesitation, he embraced Maria's crawling body and kissed her on the lips. Hana didn't close her eyes while watching their kiss, but looked down into Maria's dark eyes and felt her sexual desire grow.
 Maria, on the other hand, surrendered herself submissively and actively sought Chihiro's tongue, something Hana had never done when she attempted to train her.
 Therefore, they continue to kiss for a long time as if to show her.
 In the meantime, Riko had gotten the tools together and tied Hana up. Knowing that if she disobeyed at this point, she wouldn't be able to hold Maria later, Hana reluctantly gave herself up without a fight. And so, the first-year student with the best abilities fell into captivity with ease.
 When Chihiro saw that Hana had been restrained with her hands behind her back and her words had been silenced by the ball gag, Chihiro removed her lips from Maria's.
「*pant...* Master, please. Please have mercy」
「Yes. But first」
 Chihiro instructed Riko to make Hana feel thoroughly comfortable. Riko nodded her head and immediately began to torture Hana.
「Aha. I hope you don't get tired before doing it with Maria」
「Mmm. Mmm, mmmmm!」
 It's too late to panic now. Hana, who can't use her hands, is easily subdued.
 Riko seems to have understood Chihiro's intentions correctly, and holds her from behind, using her fingers to show Hana what Chihiro and the others look like.
 Maria smiles and puts her ear to Chihiro's.
「Hana-san must be in a lot of pain. I'm sure it's killing her」
 She seems to be enjoying herself as she says this, so it's clear that this girl is seriously crazy. But then, after nodding to Chihiro with her eyes, Maria sinks her body into Chihiro's penis.
「*pant...* Master's cock is the best...」
 She shakes her hips vigorously, talking more aggressively than usual. She glances at Hana from time to time, but does not stop her movements, but rather accelerates them.
 Maria's hips slam against Chihiro's, but she never loses her grip on his cock, which is the result of her experience.
 Maria's body has been optimized for the act with Chihiro, and it's a sign of her accumulated skills.
「Maria, I'm going to cum」
「Yes, Master... please give me plenty of Master's semen」
 Her vagina clenches and contracts. And Maria seems to be feeling it a lot.
 With a final push, Chihiro's penis swells to its full size.
 But then Maria dares to pull her vagina away from the ejaculating penis. And now, the rod, which has lost its support, rages, spewing white semen all over Maria's body. It's just like marking.
「Ah *pant...!」
 Maria's body shuddered with a cry of delight.
 She hadn't been ejaculated into, but the semen had triggered her climax.
 And in order not to stain Chihiro's body, she sits down and savors the aftermath, and then cleans up the remaining semen by sucking the tip of his penis.
「Master, I'm still not satisfied. May I continue?」
「Of course. You can do it as long as you like, Maria」
「Thank you very much. Now...」
 Maria resumed her riding position.
 She turned her attention to Hana as she felt the deep pleasure of her vaginal flesh, and found that Hana too was being pleasured by Riko's hands.
 She climaxes from the stimulation of her nipples and clitoris while helplessly dripping spit into her mouth. Once she came, she was hardly given any time to rest, and she writhed as Riko played with her sensitive parts again.
「Look, it feels good, doesn't it? It feels good, doesn't it? You're happy, right? You can cum as much as you want」
 Riko's punishment is precise and merciless. As expected of a girl who used to be on the side of torture. If a girl can't resist, she will attack her to the hilt. And since they are the same sex, it's easy for Riko to find the point of pleasure, and since she was the one who had tortured Hana so much in the training session, she is a perfect match.
 The action continued without changing the pair.
 Chihiro ejaculated a total of three times, and Maria took all of the cum into her own body. The number of times Maria climaxed and the number of times Hana was made to cum by Riko were more than three.
「Thank you, Riko. It's about time」
「Nn... Okay」
 Chihiro moved away from Maria and changed pairs.
 He approached Hana, who was lying limp on her side, and removed her hand restraints and ball gag. Her mouth is now a mess of her own drool.
 Then, he turns Hana over onto her back.
 When he gently peered into her face, her vacant eyes are calm and he could not read her emotions. It seems that she is really in a daze.
 But then, he kiss her on her sticky mouth and lick off her saliva. Her body shuddered and her eyes widened.
「What are you doing?」
「I thought you might be uncomfortable if I didn't do anything」
「It's a hundred times better to leave me like this」
「I see」
 She replied and Chihiro pulled his lips away.
 In return, he looks down at Hana's private parts and dips his finger in to check the wetness. There is more than enough lubricant. It was probably due to Riko's relentless caressing and Hana's propensity for lesbian play.
 Thanks to that, he can hold her without hesitation.
「Let's go, Hana」
「...Go ahead, do what you want」
 With a gentle movement, Chihiro spread her legs across the bed and Hana closes her eyes. It's a sign that she doesn't intend to move, or even to watch the action.
 Regardless of her motionlessness as if she is a doll or a figurine, Chihiro inserts his penis into her throbbing clit.
 ...Meanwhile, Riko is being caressed by Maria.
「Aren't you tired? At least let me take care of you」
「Well... I don't like to be blamed by women, even though I like to abuse women...」
「Don't say that. There will be more of these things in the future...」
「Hyaa... jeez, you pervert」
 Their voices sounded happy, as if they are just friends playing with each other.
 Hana, who silently accepted Chihiro's action, is frowning with her eyes closed, probably because of Riko's interaction.
 Still, Chihiro continued his pistoning.
 Soon, he heard Hana let out a small sound, and he felt like he accomplished something.
 Because no matter how much she hated him in her heart, she couldn't resist her body that had been developed and made to feel so good.
 In between insertions, Chihiro gently caressed her nipples and sides, and while not daring to point out the sweet voice that occasionally escaped, he shot his semen into Hana's vagina several times.
 He pulled his penis out, and at the same time, Hana let out a deep breath.
「Thank you for your hard work. You've wasted your strength」
 Chihiro didn't complain about the sarcastic comment.
 ...But Hana herself had felt it when she had sex with Chihiro. After all, although she had kept her mouth shut and her voice down, she had climaxed and that was enough.
「Then, I guess I'll call Maria-chan」
 Hana stumbles to her feet.
「Are you okay?」
「That's none of your business. What do you think I'm here for?」
 As Hana slowly crawled towards her, she saw Maria in ecstasy, hugging Riko. Somehow, before Chihiro knew it, they are making each other cum.
「Maria-chan, will you do me?」
「...Well, Hana-san, I'm rather satisfied right now」
「No. Let's do it」
 Maria's blatant reluctance to have sex is a rare sight.
「Fine. Then I'll make you cum as much as you want」
「Eh, umm. I... I've had enough of this...」
 Without caring her words, Maria got up and pushed Hana down on top of her, and although Hana didn't like it, she looked happy.
 After a while, Riko crawled toward Chihiro with a half-amused smile.
「Chihiro, do you want to?」
「Sure, Riko, are you okay?」
「Yes, I'm tired, but tomorrow is summer vacation. And no one will be mad at me if I sleep late」
 She said that while hugging Chihiro. She was right. And the fact that Riko is so eager is due to the fact that Chihiro and Maria got involved and dyed her.
「Okay. Then let's take it easy」
「Hmm, slow sex, huh? Sounds good」
 After that, Chihiro hugged, kissed, and stroked Riko's head, and before he knew it, Maria and Hana's sex was over. Or rather, it seemed that Hana is at the end of her strength.
「I made her cum once or twice, then she fell asleep」
「I see. Well, let her sleep in peace」
 After cleaning Hana's body lightly with a tissue, the three of them carried her to the bed in one of Maria's room. She slept soundly without waking up, and the three of them pulled the covers over her, then went back to Master's room and lay down on the bed.
「Maria, Master is inside me, you know」
「Fufu. ...Don't worry, I've had my fill」
 As expected, it's been a very tiring night.
 Although Chihiro had been used to it for a little over a month now, and thanks to his ability to recover quickly, he was able to handle it, but this is the first time he had to deal with three girls in one night.
(It seems that I might sleep through tomorrow...)
 After thinking so, Chihiro gently inserted his thing around Riko's vagina and placed her body on top of his. And while feeling Maria's breasts on his right arm, Chihiro soon fell into a happy sleep.
 ☆   ☆   ☆
 When he woke up, it was early morning.
 As expected, he still felt a heavy fatigue in his body. Maria and Riko also were still sleeping beside Chihiro, so he went back to sleep again.
 Eventually, the three of them woke up at a time when the first class would normally have started long ago. Breakfast, or rather an early lunch, is not served until an hour later.
 This event seemed to indicate the beginning of Chihiro's summer vacation.
 Hana woke up before noon and complained that she could not hold Maria properly. But when Chihiro suggested that she could stay a while longer, she agreed, and ended up staying at the apartment for almost a week.
 ――And, during her stay, she was usually reckless at night, slept like fainting, and slept through the day.
 Chihiro kept an eye on his health and worked on his training at the school and his homework for the summer vacation.
 Riko sometimes went to training with Chihiro, and sometimes tried to do her homework.
 Maria finished her homework early, and spent the rest of the time at her leisure, playing with her laptop and treating Hana appropriately.
 After a while, the summer vacation passed.
 The day when Chihiro promised to go out with Aika came in a blink of an eye.
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