Chapter 63 First Time with Aika, Part Two - 1 ★

「Can we… continue, please?」
 To Aika's words, Chihiro replied, "Of course".
 Chihiro gently lifted the girl's body and placed her down on the bed.
 Then he climbed on the bed and put his face and hands close to Aika's lower body.
「Can I open your legs?」
「Eh, umm. ...It's embarrassing」
「Don't worry. You're beautiful, Aika. Just take it slow. I want to see everything」
「Uh, okay」
 It took a while, but her legs slowly opened.
 Chihiro saw her crack, which is covered by pure white panties, stained by her body fluids.
 Aika felt it, and he made her wet.
 While thinking so, he reached out a finger and traced the crotch. He uses only one finger. But he repeats the motion in one direction, not back and forth, over and over.
「It feels weird...」
「If it doesn't hurt, I'd hope you'd take it as long as you can」
 With that, Aika closes her eyes.
 She laid her upper body on the bed with her legs lightly open.
 She breathes a little faster and receives Chihiro's fingers.
 Eventually, they both heard the loud sound of water coming from Aika's private parts.
 A scream escaped from her as if she couldn't bear it.
 The embarrassment of having her crotch exposed to the opposite sex must have been quite overwhelming.
 To tell her not to worry, Chihiro kissed Aika's private parts through her panties.
 Aika's eyes widened.
 But as soon as Chihiro looked at her, her expression softened and she surrendered her body again.
 The caressing resumes.
 When Aika's breathing became ragged, Chihiro fingered the edge of her panties.
「Let me take it off」
 She didn't seem to be able to respond anymore, but she didn't resist.
 So, Chihiro pulled her panties off easily, revealing her slightly darker bush. He wondered what to do with the panties, but in the end, he folded it in half at the end of the bed.
「Is it weird?」
「? What do you mean?」
「You know, my "part". Because I thought Chihiro liked Riko-chan's "part"」
 Oh, she's talking about pubic hair.
 It seems Aika saw Riko shave her crotch when they had sex in front of her. Well, since then, Riko has been shaving her crotch hair, saying that it's uncomfortable to have it after getting used to it.
 Incidentally, Maria shaved her crotch hair as well, at her own request.
「*puff* oh, you mean that?」
「 Isn't it too terrible to laugh?」
 When Chihiro blurt it out, Aika raises herself up and glares at him.
「I'm sorry. You don't have to worry about that」
 After all these times, Chihiro is not going to be turned off by a single hair on her body.
 As a sign of this, he put his fingers on her private parts, and Aika relaxed her body.
「I'm glad」
 He moves his finger while listening to her voice.
 He moves it to the entrance of her wet clit until she gets used to it. Then, when she swallowed his finger without resistance, he began to caress her.
 Trace the fissure and stimulate it. Spread them in a circular motion with a sinking finger.
「Ah, ahn...」
 When the time is right, Chihiro used his left hand to stimulate her clitoris as well.
 She may not have had much experience with masturbation, but her pink clitoris is still small and cute even when erect. The procedure here is the same as for the nipple.
 If he touches it gently after increasing the feeling, it will surely respond.
 Then, after he has kneaded it enough, he pinches it.
 Aika has reached her climax again.
 She lay back down, probably exhausted from experiencing two unaccustomed climaxes. She then closed her legs and lay there limp.
(Is this the end for today?)
 Chihiro thought as he looked down at Aika's entire body from his side.
 He didn't want to push her too hard. Well, to be honest, Chihiro's crotch is almost bursting open, and he would masturbate right now if he could.
 But, sorry to say, he'll have Maria and the others take care of it later.
 A faint murmur is heard.
「Finish it until the end, please」
 Aika looked up at Chihiro and said quietly.
 From the sound of her voice, it seemed that she didn't have much energy left.
「Aika, there's no need to push yourself, maybe next time」
 A weak, but clear voice interrupted Chihiro's speech.
「It has to be today. I might get scared if I put it off and I want proof that you love me, Chihiro」
 While Aika saying that, their eyes met.
 The emotion Chihiro felt is anxiety.
 About leaving the two girls, Maria and Riko, to serve Chihiro.
「So, please」
 Aika's anxiety is Chihiro's fault.
 So, Chihiro must wipe it away with his own actions.
 Chihiro took off his pants and underwear to expose his lower body. He threw them on the opposite side of the room from where Aika's uniform was.
「The rubber, should I put it on?」
「It's okay. It'll be a good omen if we do it in one go. Besides, I want you stay that way the first time」
 If she said that, he couldn't forcefully object.
 Still, Aika shivered when Chihiro brought his towering penis close to her. This trembling could not have been caused by pleasure.
 ...But there's nothing he can do about it.
「I'll be gentle」
 He places his penis in her slit.
 Since this is her first time, he carefully pushes the flesh apart.
 Aika's lips tightened and she grabbed the sheet with both hands.
 Chihiro slowly, but without restraint, sank his hips into her.
 Eventually, he felt a strong resistance.
「I'm coming, Aika」
「Yes, come. Chihiro-kun...」
 The tip of the rod broke through her virginity membrane.
 At the moment of deflowering, Aika did not make a sound.
 She exhaled hard and closed her eyes, but she didn't make a clear sound and endured the pain.
 According to Riko, losing one's virginity is quite painful.
『It hurt so much, I thought I had changed... or been changed. Well, I guess in my case it was probably rape too』
 There's no difference between forcible and consensual sex.
 And although Chihiro is really excited by her loving attitude.
 At the same time, he became worried about Aika's body. Should he wait until the pain subsides?
 No. Rather than prolong the process, he decided to move and get it over with.
「Aika, can you hold out a little longer?」
「Uh, yeah」
「...Thank you」
 He thanked her for her kind smile and moved his hips.
「Kuh. Kuahh!」
 Carefully, with as little pain as possible to Aika, he sends the pleasure to his own penis. Fortunately, the vagina is too tight and Aika is squeezing too hard, so he can't hold out much longer.
 It's complicated for a man to go too fast, though.
「I'm coming, Aika」
「Yes, come, Chihiro-kun」
 Aika takes her hand off the sheet and asks for a hug.
 As he hugged and kissed her, Chihiro ejaculated into her vagina.
 *spurt* *spurtttt* *spurttttt*
 With the first ejaculation, he could feel the semen pouring out of him.
 All of it is pouring into Aika.
 And with this, Chihiro has taken her first time and dyed her body.
 The thought of this fills him with a sense of happiness and accomplishment. It's only one ejaculation, but his heart is not dissatisfied.
 *pant* *pant* *pant*
 Aika panted as she leaned her face against Chihiro's shoulder.
 Hearing the mixture of relief and ecstasy, Chihiro slowly pulled his penis out. Then, a thick stream of semen, pink with blood, poured out.
「Thanks, Aika. Thanks for your hard work」
「Yeah. Me too, thank you, Chihiro」
 Chihiro kissed Aika one more time and sat down beside her. He patted her head slowly and she closed her eyes and started to sleep.
 It's summer vacation now, and if she oversleeps, she can stay the night.
「Get some rest」
 Chihiro whispered to her, then lay down next to her and closed his eyes.


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