Chapter 66 Suzu - Part 2 ★

Okay, next question. Do you like breast?
Ufufu. Your thing gotten a little "bigger" since a while ago. I thought you might be excited by onee-san breasts
...Well, that's what boys are like, isn't it?
Um, where's the serious talk?
I think it's too formal if we keep talking about it. It's too much trouble for me too
 This person is no good
 If she's acting, Chihiro can't understand her because of their different life experiences.
 If it's not, it means that the first time he saw Suzu, his impression was correct, and it's useless to try to figure out exactly who she is.
...I like them. Big ones, small ones
 Still, Chihiro has no choice but to answer honestly.
 Feeling as if he was being completely swallowed up by her pace, he spun his words in return.
Do you like this kind of talk, Suzu-san?
Dirty talk? I like it
 Suzu replied again, more matter-of-factly.
Though, I'm young woman with a lot of superficial knowledge about naughty thing (耳年増). Yuu-chan is so annoying that I don't get a chance to practice
...I wonder who's Yuu-chan
Are you good at that kind of thing, Chihiro-kun?
Well, I don't know if I'm good at it, but I think I have some experience
I see. That's nice
 As she says this, Suzu extends her left hand, the one not patting his head, to Chihiro's crotch. She crawls her hand up his pants, feels his penis, and grabs the zipper.
H-Hey, wait a minute!
Don't worry, no one will notice. Onee-san will take care of it
 What a bold move, especially with the occasional student still coming and going.
 Still, in a flash, Suzu unzips Chihiro's zipper and thrusts her hand into it, exposing his rod.
 It's nice to have an erection exposed to the open air, but ....
You know about this kind of thing, right?
Yes, I know it. But I've never done anything like this before
 But Suzu seems to have no hesitation in her actions.
 She grasps Chihiro penis with her fingers, and moves her arm lightly.
 The action itself is certainly faltering. That's why the gap between the boldness and the lightness of the action spins a strange excitement.
I didn't know a boy's penis could be like this...
 Chihiro noticed that Suzu's voice had a hint of heat in it.
I've been longing for this. I've always wanted to do something naughty like this
 What kind of reaction would she get if Chihiro told her that she was going to play with a younger boy and expose him in public?
 He wonders how she would react if he told her. He had a strange feeling that she would just say "Well" and that would be the end of it.
Why me?
I don't know. But I felt that Chihiro-kun would accept me
No no no, I don't think most boys would reject you
Really? I don't think so
 Suzu's fingers are thin and supple.
 Perhaps she doesn't do much hard work, or work that requires a lot of pressure on her fingers. Those fingers are now grasping and caressing Chihiro's penis.
 In any case, it's a good thing.
Chihiro-kun. Ask your question
Are we going to keep talking?
Yes. It's fun, isn't it?
 Chihiro felt rather embarrassed, but he might as well forget about it now.
Okay. Then...
 Chihiro continued to ask and answer questions while Suzu continued to groped him.
 Suzu's questions continued to be lewd. What is your favorite position, what is your favorite part of a girl's body, what do you like to masturbate to, what is your favorite age?
 It seemed like sexual harassment when he thought about it.
 Still, Chihiro took the opportunity to ask about Suzu's background.
 According to him, Suzu usually sleeps in the school. When he asked her if she was a teacher, she said "yes, but no". Her role is…
As I said before, I observe people
Is it just observing people?
 If she can walk around the school without anyone noticing, it would be a perfect way to secretly observe people's behavior.
 But even if that would be enough for a normal school, this is Shibahou Academy.
 What's the point of going to the trouble of memorizing [Lost Item] data and observing people?
You're sharp. Yes, I've got other things to do but I don't think I should tell you about them. I think Yuu-chan will be mad at me
Um, who is this "Yuu-chan"...?
Second question, huh?
 She said in a tone of voice that sounded like she was saying, "no".
Anyway, how's this one?
 Chihiro's cock is hard and quivering from the prolonged handling.
If you stimulate it a little harder, it's ready to cum
I see. ...Okay
 She breathed in Chihiro's ear and whispered sweetly.
You can cum all you want in onee-san's hand, okay?
 A sweet sensation ran through his body and at the moment, his penis went over the edge.
 Because the base of the penis is not being held, it flailed and tried to release the white slime, but Suzu caught it by pressing the palm of her hand against the glans.
 Suzu's white left hand is stained with Chihiro's semen.
 And her right hand still rested on Chihiro's head.
So, this is semen...
 Smooch… Slurp…
 Suzu brought her left hand up to her mouth and sucked on it. She licked it clean with her tongue, swallowed it, and said.
It's not very tasty. It's too slippery and leaves a residue on the tongue, and it has a peculiar smell
Then there's no need to drink it...
 She is right, the taste of semen is peculiar and unpleasant.
 Well, Maria seemed happy from the beginning, and Riko got used to it after he forced her to drink it, but Hana still frowned every time she drank it.
 Aika, too, did her best to drink, but it was still hard for her to get used to it.
It's okay, it's my first time
 Suzu took out a handkerchief and wiped her left hand.
 Then she set Chihiro down next to her and stood up.
See you later, Chihiro-kun. See you around
 After that, she turned to leave briskly.
Oh, um...
 Chihiro wanted to stop her, but he realized that his crotch was in a mess, so he hurriedly corrected it, and when he finished, he realized that Suzu was no longer there.
 He wondered what had happened.
 She suddenly appeared and suddenly left. Perhaps it was because he was satisfied, but there were still many questions, such as whether Suzu was done observing people.
...Well, okay
 With Suzu's ability, it would be difficult to find her himself, but if she wanted to meet Chihiro, it would be rather easy.
 Well, next time, he'll pursue the mystery again when he meets her.
 And due to his ejaculation, his body still feels tired.
 Because of that, the training is not going to be effective, so he bought some juice from a nearby vending machine and drank it.
 As soon as it was empty, he began to feel sleepy.
 It must have been a bad effect of being too relaxed earlier.
 Thinking about it, Chihiro leaned against the wall behind him, fell into a dream, and found that it was evening.
 Before he knew it, his head was not on the wall, but on someone's soft lap.
You're awake?
Please don't do this again, you can't just doze off here. If someone tries to play a prank on you, you'll be in trouble
 Apparently, Chihiro was asleep until it was time to leave for school.
 He must have slept very deeply because he didn't wake up even when Aika put his head on her lap.
I'm sorry, but something strange happened
Something strange?
 On the way home, he told Aika about what happened between him and Suzu.
...Hmm. While I was gone, you were flirting with another girl
I-I'm sorry
It's okay. I understand, but I have to tell you something
 Aika finished her story and released her puffy face without stopping her walk.
But she's really weird, isn't she?
Yeah, she is
 Apparently Aika had decided to come to the apartment today, so she followed Chihiro.
 The two of them walked side by side through the security at the entrance and arrived at a room at the back of the first floor.
I'm home
Sorry to disturb you
 The number of times Aika had been here had already passed the double digits.
 So, feeling that the voice she raised at the door was becoming less reserved, they went into the living room.
Welcome home, you two
You're a little late today, aren't you?
 Maria and Riko's reactions are familiar.
 But when Chihiro told them about Suzu after they had changed from their uniforms to their casual clothes, Maria tilted her head quizzically.
 The table in the living room has been expanded by adding another identical one, as planned before. Thanks to this, the living room has become a little smaller, but it makes it easier to eat and talk.
Ability of cognitive obstruction.... Izumi-kun, you're sure that person hasn't harmed you in any way?
Yes. I am fine
 Chihiro's body is fine, his powers are all working.
 But Riko sighs.
So she's just a pervert. Well, that's not unusual
Riko, why are you looking at me like that?
 Maria and Riko are playing with each other. They don't seem to have any idea about Suzu.
 And then, from the side, Aika says.
Do you want to see this Suzu person again?
Well, yeah...
 Chihiro answered frankly, and she pulled his arm.
 Aika deliberately pressed her chest against Chihiro's, and announced to the other two.
Both of you. I'm borrowing Chihiro
Okay, okay. Take your time
I'll take care of dinner
 And so, he was dragged to the bedroom.
 Aika closed the door behind her and looked at Chihiro from a distance of one step.
 She looked a little nervous.
 What was also on her mind was anxiety.
 To make her relax, Chihiro pulled her close, hug her and kissed her.
 Not a light kiss like the day they first tied the knot, but a lover's kiss with tongue.
This is very embarrassing
 Aika giggled as she experienced a deep kiss for the first time during this second time they had sex.
But...I feel safe. Maybe it's because I'm connected to Chihiro-kun
 With their lips together, they opened their mouths and let their tongues penetrate each other' bodies.
 Tracing each other teeth, caressing each other flesh, and pouring saliva to each other. By accepting it, it shows that they have trusted each other.
 In addition, it shows that they are willing to expose their dirty parts, that they can even accept each other breath and saliva.
 Repeating this to each other is proof of a solid connection.
Am I making you nervous?
Only a little. But you still like me, don't you, Chihiro?
Of course
 Their lips parted, and they whispered to each other at close range, then slowly made their way to the bed.
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