Chapter 79 The Members of the Student Council - Part 1

Surprisingly, it's spacious
 That is the first thing that struck Chihiro when he looked around the student council room.
 It is more than half the size of classroom 1-C, which has a capacity of twenty students. There is a large window on the wall opposite the entrance, and a curtain.
 The floor is covered with a thin carpet. The side walls are lined with cupboards and filing cabinets. While admiring the room, he found an electric kettle, a refrigerator and a microwave oven in a corner.
 In the center of the room, there is a large table that could seat about three people per side.
 On top of the table spread out a lace tablecloth. There is also a stylish cup and saucer, with a black liquid bubbling in the cup. There is also a plate with cookies and chocolates for tea.
...Tea party?
 Suddenly he comes to his senses.
 The four girls around the table are staring at Chihiro.
 One of them is the student council president, Kurohane Yotsuba. She had short hair as he had seen her before, and her overall appearance is calm.
 She is sitting in a seat at the far end of the room, but she gently stands up and gives Chihiro a friendly look. 
 However, the other three are new acquaintances.
 No, as student council members, he might have seen their faces before, but unfortunately, he couldn't remember them.
Oh. So, this is the first-year student
 One of the three of them shouts.
 She is a second-year student who has adjusted her skirt to be slightly shorter than the school's regulation, and has folded the sleeves of her blouse to expose her wrists. She is seated to the right of Yotsuba.
 Her body is average, nothing to see here, but her hair attracts attention.
 To Chihiro, who is used to seeing Riko, her blond hair is instantly recognizable as natural not like Riko. It's not quite short, but it's short, and I feel like it's a waste.
 Her skin is white and her eyes are faintly blue.
 She must have some or all foreign blood.
 ...From the sound of her voice, she's the one who sounded upset earlier.
 Yotsuba nodded at her.
Yes, that's right. Izumi Chihiro from Class 1-C
 With a smile, she called out to Chihiro.
Come in. Come in
 Come to think of it, he hadn't even closed the door since he stepped into the room. So, he bowed and answered, politely closing the door behind him before walking over to the table.
Umm, I've got the application form for the school festival for Class 1-C.
 He handed the form to Yotsuba.
 Yotsuba took it, read the page and looked up shortly.
Certainly. ...So, is that all you wanted to see me about?
 While saying that, she looked at him expectantly.
 Chihiro shook his head "no" and turned to Yotsuba and the other three.
I'm here to discuss what you said yesterday
 The second-year student is the first to speak.
 She took a cookie from her plate, threw it into her mouth and said.
So that means I can have a servant too
 Chihiro is at a loss for words.
 Should he say, "I'd like to be your servant?". However, depending on the meaning of the word "servant", he might be involved in something strange.
 And what came to his mind was the image of himself being forced into SM play the M side by her.
 ...Given Chihiro's experience with women, it seemed like a possibility.
 While he was puzzled, Yotsuba came to his rescue.
Luu. Don't bully the junior
Yes, yes
 The girl who called Luu replied lightly and took another cookie in her mouth. She chewed it and swallowed it.
Well then, let me introduce myself first. I'm Lucille Orwell. Just call me Lucille. I'm the vice president of the student council
Vice President...
 Vice president for a second-year student?
 Repeating mostly out of surprise, Lucille giggles.
You must be saying that you don't see me much for that, right? That's because Yotsuba is always the one doing all the work. It's been a big help to me
I see
 The Vice-President is only a substitute.
 As long as the president is alive and active, there is no need to take over. That's a good point.
 And Yotsuba adds calmly.
Luu has been working hard on other tasks instead
Well, a little bit
 Her commentary is indifferent, and she doesn't seem to be very motivated.
 Even now, she sipped her coffee without a care in the world, and seemed to have the dignity of a big shot or a person in a superior position.
 Then one of the other two raised her hand.
 She is a small, expressionless girl from the third year. Chihiro feels that he should call her a woman (Josei) in terms of age, but her baby face makes her look about the same age as him
 She sits in front of Lucille at the front of the table, somewhat like a doll. 
Umm, hello. Nice to meet you
 Chihiro was puzzled for a moment when she bowed without saying a word, but he bowed too.
This is Hazuki Marika, our secretary and accountant. Please don't be offended, she's not angry with you
 A second-year student sitting next to Marika told him this instead.
 She is almost the same height as Chihiro. Her well-groomed semi-long hair is lustrous and her skin is smooth. Her nails and lips are well groomed, and even though she wears no accessories, she exudes feminine cuteness.
 He wonders what kind of magic is used to make her not look unrefined even though she wears the winter girls' uniform according to the school rules.
I'm Ayase Aoi, the general affairs officer of the student council. Nice to meet you, Izumi-kun
Oh, yes. Likewise
 As he is about to answer Ayase, Chihiro realized that this is the right time to introduce himself.
 Judging from the fact that Yotsuba had scouted him by name, the girls probably knew Chihiro. Still, it would have been polite to say his name again and bow to him.
I am Izumi Chihiro, a first-year student. I look forward to working with you all
 He bowed as slowly as he could while suppressing his fast-pounding heart.
 And he received two warm applauses, one indifferent one, and one appropriate one.
 He then advised to sit down, and sat down next to Ayase on her left.
 When he sat down, he was startled by a clean scent of perfume or shampoo.
 ...Calm down. What's this all about?
Well, I'll make coffee for Izumi-kun, too
Oh, don't mind me
Don't worry about it. It's instant, and we'd feel uncomfortable if we didn't serve it
 Ayase hurriedly got up and made the coffee.
 The cup and saucer are placed with a small clink.
Do you want milk and sugar?
No, just leave it
Okay. Let me know if you need anything else
 He returned the bows and sipped his coffee. The aroma wafting in the air is certainly that of a familiar instant coffee, but for Chihiro, who is neither a connoisseur nor an expert, it is enough.
 In fact, it's more relieving than the taste that he couldn't drink.
Well, now. This guy is one of us, so there's no need to be so formal, right, Yotsuba?
Yeah, sure
Luu seemed relaxed from the start
I don't know what you mean
 Lucille averts her face like she's playing dumb, and throws a piece of chocolate into her mouth.
 Really, she seems to be consuming sweets at an alarming rate since a while ago. Is she okay? Mainly her weight.
 Then Lucille looks at Chihiro.


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