Chapter 85 Restraint Training - Part 2 ★

This is...
 On the oversized bed was Hana in her monotone underwear and several toys, including vibrators, dildos and rotors. Then there are the chic black restraints.
 Maria could tell at a glance because she knew so much.
 She knew she would be trained with these tools.
 Most of the tools had been given to Chihiro by Hana, but Chihiro hadn't used them much.
 It seems that most of the time he used them to blame Hana, the original owner, but this time he's going to make full use of them.
 But if he really wants to blame Maria, no matter how much he does, it won't be enough.
 The dark-haired girl shakes her knees, and the towel falls from her hands to the floor.
 Did she get excited?
 ...If so, that's fine.
 Just get drunk on the desperation, get excited, and climax as many times as she wants.
Come here, Maria
 Chihiro called out to her slave as she picked up a towel that had fallen to the floor.
...Yes, Master
 Maria walked slowly over and got on the edge of the bed. Chihiro herself followed her.
 She opened her mouth when she saw the tools laid out in front of her.
So, Master, which one do you want to start with?
 She was blunt, but she was trying to show respect for her master, Chihiro. Hana is also performing her "role" for the sake of training.
Let's start with the mouth
Okay. ...Then, Maria-chan
 Hana attaches a ball gag to Maria's mouth. Since she will be using it for a long time, she loosens the belt just enough to keep it from being pushed out by her tongue.
Now, Maria-chan can't talk anymore
 Is it because of Hana's "S" nature that she dares to say something so obvious? Or maybe it's her empathy for masochists.
 Maria is made more aware of her position by being confronted with it again.
Next, bondage
Roger that
 The bondage is an obscene costume made of small leather parts, studs and rings.
 Hana and him work together to dress Maria with it, which doesn't even cover her breasts or private parts, making it doubtful that it even functions as clothing anymore.
 Once Maria's ample breasts are exposed between the string-like parts, the belt is tightened in several places at her back to make the costume feel even tighter. The back of this bondage is also very revealing, and she should be able to feel the air on her skin from the parts not covered by the leather.
Then, gloves and socks, right?
 Then, Maria's arms and legs are lifted like a doll and she is made to wear long enamel gloves and over-knee socks. Both are black in color, though the texture of the fabric is different.
 The garter belt should extend from the waist of the bondage and be connected to the socks.
Fufu. You're so lewd, Maria-chan
Hana's right, you're very beautiful
 In fact, Maria's bondage outfit looked superb.
 It was probably because Hana had originally prepared it for Maria. The black outfit matched her black hair and eyes, and made her look even more beautiful.
 Although the current Maria would not be able to be honestly happy about it.
...Yes, it's beautiful
It is
 Aika, who was still standing near the entrance, and even Riko said, and Maria shuddered as if she couldn't stand it.
Maria, we're just getting ready
 He whispered in her ear and resumed his preparations.
 He then inserted a vibrator in her vagina and a thin dildo in her butt, then put on her black panties. Of course, a lot of lube was used.
 Now for the arms.
 After restraining each wrist with leather shackles, he lifted them above her head and connected the chains.
Now you can't free your arms
 Then a blindfold is placed over her eyes.
 Maria's eyesight is also deprived, and her body is restrained and immobile.
 It was impossible for Maria to gain her freedom on her own. She had no choice but to surrender to Chihiro's torment.
 What's more, Chihiro hasn't said a word about the training yet.
 She doesn't know what he'll do to her.
 Maria must have been terrified.
Then stand up, Maria
 Maria followed Chihiro's instructions and stood up, supported on both sides by Chihiro and Hana.
 After walking slowly, the other two, Riko and Aika, helped her to stand up from the bed on the floor.
 They then walked a few steps to the corridor outside the bedroom.
Mmm, mm――」
 She must have realized that something was wrong.
 Maria made a muffled sound through the ball gag, but Chihiro didn't listen to her.
 They walked her to the next room. To Maria's own room.
 The bed on which he had once taken Maria's virginity, on which he placed the restrained girl.
 And once putting her on the bed, the shackles that had been placed in this room were attached over her tights, Maria could do nothing but roll around on the bed.
 In addition, a short rope is attached to the free metal fittings of the shackles and tied to the bed railing.
 Thus, she was placed on her buttocks on the bed while her arms and her upper body were lightly lifted.
 The pillows, blankets and other unnecessary things have already been removed.
Ah. Hey, Maria, how does it feel to be tied up in your own room?
 Riko asked in a cheerful voice, and Maria shook her head.
 Doesn't it feel good? Well, perhaps it does.
 Although in a soundproofed bedroom, if she shouted too loudly, the neighbors and the room above would hear her. And that means there's a possibility of hearing noises from the other side.
 This is not a situation to enjoy calmly.
 That's why it works.
Well, Maria, good night
Good night, Maria-chan
Good bye, Maria
Bye Bye, Maria-chan
Hmm, hmm? Hmm-!?
 It was too late to panic.
 After activating the vibrator, Chihiro and the others left the room together, leaving Maria there.
 They returned to the bedroom, leaving the door open.
...I'm feeling really guilty...
That's okay. I'll take full responsibility
 This was the first stage of her training, leaving her in bondage.
 Maria will be left alone overnight. The weather is getting more comfortable now that summer is over, and the air conditioning in the living room has been turned up, so there should be no need to worry about a cold.
 The curtains are closed so that she cannot be seen from outside.
 Chihiro had done restraint play with Hana, but that was in a soundproof bedroom, and she was always accompanied by him, Riko or Maria.
 But now, there is no one beside Maria.
 Since she doesn't wear earplugs or headphones, she can hear noises coming from outside, the living room, or the kitchen. She can't help but hear and think about what the other residents and Chihiro are doing in the apartment.
 She was bound, vaginally pleasured, and all alone.
 This situation makes Maria realize her position.
 The first objective is to remind her of the nature of her status as a despicable slave.
...I feel sorry for Maria-chan
 An ordinary person could have been broken.
 Besides, she wasn't the only one responsible for this incident.
 It may not be appropriate to train her as if it was her fault, but...
Maria will be fine
 Chihiro has faith in Maria's mental strength.
 He hopes that this won't break her now and that she will accept it.
 But Hana sighed.
I'm going back to the living room. I don't feel like screwing Izumi-kun right now, and Maria-chan won't reward me for it
Hana, outside this room
I'm not allowed to say anything about Maria-chan, right? I know
 Hana walked out of the room without looking back.
 Aika saw her off, her expression clouded.
Chihiro-kun, we're not...
...As expected, I don't feel like doing it. Let's just sleep it off for today
 It was Maria who was being trained, not Aika or Riko themselves, but that didn't mean they didn't feel good about their friend being put through so much pain.
 Still, Riko shook her head when Chihiro told her.
Yeah. But, Chihiro, it's important to act like nothing's going to change without Maria, right?
 Though, it won't be much fun today.
 Aika looked at Riko dazzlingly and then nodded.
...Then I'll do it too. I hope Maria-chan will be a little jealous of me
 So the three of them laid their bodies on top of each other, albeit more awkwardly than usual.
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