Chapter 91 Love Slave ★

 Maria passionately sought Chihiro out.
 They sat side by side on the bed and turned their heads to kiss each other, and soon their arms reached out and entwined around each other's necks.
 Then, she gently and forcibly pushes Chihiro's body and fell onto the bed, covering his upper body from above.
 Her upper body, especially her breasts, are pressed hard against him.
 After tasting her full breasts, he feels the strong elasticity of Maria's breasts.
 Of course, they are soft and comfortable, but when they are in close contact like now, they press against Chihiro's body more intensely and assertively.
 This makes him feel more clearly the shape and softness of her nipples, which are hard and erect at the tips.
 Furthermore, both of her bare legs are lustrously sandwiched between his legs from both sides.
 Her legs entwine and deprive him of his freedom, so that not only her upper body but also her lower body is in close contact with him, transmitting her body heat and the feel of her skin to the fullest.
 Even her private parts, which are only covered by a thin cloth.
 The same goes for the overlapping lips.
 The tongue invades the interconnected mouths, crawling in all directions. As if inviting him, no, as if pulling him out without choice.
 And now, the tips of their tongues poke each other. They lick each other's surfaces and undersides. Slowly, their tongues movements become more intense, pushing and twisting each other as if they were fighting for space.
 And in that moment, their saliva overflows.
 Perhaps it's because of the atmosphere that Chihiro feels it's sweet when it should be tasteless. Although he doesn't know, he swallows it as it flows down his tongue with a pleasant sensation.
 In return, he tries to send his own saliva. However, this did not work because of the position. Instead, Maria's lips and tongue move by themselves, devouring the liquid in his mouth.
 After a while, both of them were breathing hard.
 Because it is not enough to take in air through the nose, they repeatedly separate their lips and hold their breath for less than a second. If that is not enough too, they take the other's breath in through their mouths and make it their own.
 They melt into each other.
 The lines between their bodies become blurred. Kissing is only foreplay, but for the two of them now, this is as good as intercourse.
 Their feelings, which had been completely without technique, came straight.
 To put it badly, the kiss is the opposite of their previous way of kissing, in which the priority was on the efficiency of making it feel good - but now, in a sense, it is close to Aika's nature.
 In spite of this, it is inexplicably exciting.
 It clearly proves that technique is important, of course, but also that expressing the feelings of both parties is equally important.
 Maria must have felt the same way.
 She reacts with some surprise, but does not stop the impulsive movement and continues the mouth-to-mouth intercourse.
 At last, their lips parted in earnest, drawing a thread between them.
I've never been kissed like this before...
 Maria gives a dazed murmur.
Me neither
Fufu. So, it's a first for both of us
 A smile broke out on her face.
 The texture of her lips, her gestures, and her voice didn't seem to have changed much from the past, so why did Chihiro find it not only charming but also adorable?
 The arms that had been wrapped around you are now released, and the contact between your bodies becomes looser.
 She lets out a small sigh.
It's amazing how a single feeling can change the way someone feels
 Maria's voice was filled with the deep emotion that only those who have experienced it can feel.
Is love hard for you?
Yes. It's painful, it's so painful... that I asked myself many times why I had to go through this. Why should I suffer like this?
 After hearing that, Chihiro reached out and stroked her hair, and she looked happy.
But I'm glad I chose you. I'm glad I met you. I'm glad you wanted me
 Their lustrous lips touched again, then quickly parted.
 She smiled mischievously.
But, please, be "prepared"
Yes. Knowing how I feel, once I've been forgiven, I really can't live without you anymore
 As Riko once said in the pool.
 If Chihiro abandoned her, she would have no choice but to take his life and her own life... she had fallen into such a state of mind.
 "So", Maria said.
 Then, she put all her weight on him as if she was falling down.
I don't mind being your slave. But please keep me by your side for the rest of life. This time I will serve you to the end with all my heart
 Chihiro smiled and answered.
Of course. I'm not letting you go
 After all he had done, he had no intention to leave her.
 It's going to be a hard road, not an easy one, but he can't give up.
 Out of spite and selfishness, he receives a happy smile.
It's a promise, okay?
 Thin fingers run over his clothes.
 And as his clothes are removed, he also removes the girl's nightgown.
 They toss each other's clothes and nightgown onto the floor.
Please, let me serve you
 Maria announces, grabbing Chihiro's rod.
 She played with it as if it were a flute, and the semi-erect penis immediately hardened. She stroked it lovingly and withdrew her fingers.
 And then, she kissed the tip.
 After kissing the tip, she licks it, and when she sees it quiver, she curves her lips with confidence.
 Then the tip goes into her mouth.
 In the warmth, the lips stimulate the goose neck (frenulum) and the tongue crawls over the glans. The saliva secreted by her tongue gradually becomes wet and slippery.
 At the same time, her fingers of her right hand go to the rod again. Using only the tips of her fingers, she moves her hand up and down with minimum force. The position of her hand is unpredictable, changing erratically with each stroke.
 And her left hand goes to the scrotum. She covers it with her palm and gently stimulates it, changing its shape.
 He wondered how many points he was being tortured at the same time.
 Different points of attack and different methods are used in parallel, but each attack is gentle. And Chihiro is enjoying this action with all his might, making his penis move toward ejaculation in a straight line.
 He ejaculated in a childish or girlish voice.
 All the white muck that spurted out was collected in Maria's mouth and she swallowed it with a gulp. Without letting go of her mouth, she swallowed the rest of it and licked it up, so the white color could not even be seen after her mouth was separated.
It's delicious... I really wish I could live on drinking only this
 As always, this girl is a total pervert.
 She says things that make Chihiro shudder with horror and danger. Of course, she chooses the right time and place... she would never say it in front of anyone other than her close friends, but that's why she's so obsessed with it.
 It's already too late for that.
...When you put it that way, it makes me want to dirty you up
Fufu. Please do so. I think that's also a very attractive proposition
 She's not afraid, she wants it.
 She smiles, and the girl's body covers him again.
Master... please fill Maria's pussy
 As Chihiro looked at her, her hairless cunt was throbbing with desire. Apparently, she didn't need any more foreplay.
 Now she lie down on the bed while looking at him.
 Cowgirl position is good. She might even prefer to do it from the back.
 But she wanted to do it normally first.
I'll put it in
 He waited for her answer, and then slowly sank his hips into her.
 Slowly the rod is swallowed by the vagina.
 And they become one.
 In the truest sense of the word, she and his body are one.
 As he penetrates to the root, the flesh of her vagina contracts tightly. It tightens as if it is trying to hold onto his penis and not let go.
If you do that, I'm going to cum right away
Oh. But aren't you going to give me as much as I want? Then you don't need to worry about whether it's fast or slow
That's true
 With that said, Chihiro moves his hips.
 And responding to the girl's change, he changes his mind. Rather than pistoning, he gently swings his hips, savoring the feel of the soft flesh. He traces the walls of her vagina, and gently stirs it.
 He teaches her more about the shape and feel of her vagina.
Oh, kuh...
Is it painful?
No, it feels good. It's like you're making love to me...
 The girl's vagina also tightens frequently.
 She's begging for more, more.
 In response to her wanting more, he moves and pounds the back of her vagina.
 The tightness felt even stronger.
 Unable to take it any longer, he released his seed with deep penetration. But Chihiro's penis had not changed in size from the previous two times he had had sexual intercourse. He poured plenty of the slippery liquid into her vagina.
 As he savored the feel of the slave girl's skin, he stroked her and whispered to her.
I love you, Maria
Ah... if you say that, I'll get the wrong idea
 She complained in a happy voice.
You're not mistaken. I'm in love with Maria
No, you don't, it's bad for Takatsuki-san
 She shook her head and looked up at him as if to glare.
 It's not a serious gesture, so even that look is adorable.
Even if you say so... I love Aika, Maria, Riko and Hana
 Hearing that, her jet-black eyes blinked.
Do you love them all, too?
Well, Everyone has a different way...
 With Aika, Chihiro love her and he wants her to love him too.
 With Riko, he feels a bond of solidarity.
 As for Hana, his affection for her is difficult to put into words, but it is similar to the feeling he has for a pet that he has trouble liking.
 He also feels differently about Maria than the others.
My feelings for Maria are exclusive to you
...I'm glad. I'm so happy. I want to die so badly
 The girl lifts her legs and twines them around his waist.
Please be aggressive. I'm not that easily broken, and I'd be happy with anything you do to me
Yes. You're right
 And so, the second round in the normal position was more intense than the first.
 Chihiro pulled his penis out to the tip and slammed it back in. As he listened to the sound of the love juices and semen mixing and squirting, Maria also swung her hips, supporting, opposing, and amplifying her partner's pleasure.
 It seems that she wants to make herself feel good and her partner feel good. So, if she wants to have it both ways, just try to aim for the same things.
 Really, she knows her partner's habits and movements well enough.
 Even though she is in the throes of pleasure, her instincts tell her what to do because she is in the throes of pleasure.
 And, after many pistons, they both climaxed at the same time.
 As the girl screams out in pleasure, Chihiro pulls out his penis and sprays his semen all over Maria's body. The girl accepted the clumsy marking with a look of ecstasy.
Maria, can you turn over on the bed?
Ah... yes
 When she did as she was told, her asshole and private parts were in full view.
 Even so, it was so cute to see her ass sticking out.
 And now, Chihiro inserted it from behind while Maria lay prone.
 He grabbed the girl's hands and used them as support as he fucked her throbbing vagina.
 Perhaps feeling embarrassed, her vagina squeezed so tightly that it made him ejaculated, and this time Chihiro stained her ass with his withdrawn penis.
 As he began to feel a little tired, he asked her to serve him with her both breasts.
 He tasted the softness and elasticity of her breasts with his penis and stained her breasts with his semen. Her white breasts were drenched with white cum, which added to her glamour.
 The last position is the standard cowgirl position.
 Maria straddles the erect penis and shakes her hips as she pleases. Perhaps it was a replay of the first normal position, or perhaps it was a way of tasting, the girl rubbing against him gently.
 As her body bounced up and down, her breasts swayed as well, and once again Chihiro ejaculated into her vagina.
Fufu. It's really slippery inside and out...
Is it enough?
Yes, that's enough. Now, if you could just let me have Master until morning
 It was about midnight when they started. That's not a lot of time considering it's been a long time since they started still it's enough for them to make love.
 As Maria leans against him, he pats her head with his right hand. Then the girl rubs her cheek against him like a spoiled cat.
 As he watches her, he asks her.
...By the way, Maria
Yes, what is it?
Maria's desire, can you show me again?
 When he tried the new feature of [Mind-reading], he couldn't see her sexual desires.
 But he feels like he can do it now.
 So, with a giggle. Maria replied his question.
Of course. Have a look as much as you like
 So, they look at each other. Chihiro flipped the switch, receiving an overflow of her affection, and saw the image.
 There are two people lying naked in a bedroom.
 They hold each other, close their eyes, and fall into a deep sleep.
 ...In other words, this is what she wants at this moment?
 Feeling an indescribable feeling welling up inside him, Chihiro terminated his ability.
Shall we sleep, Maria?
 They smiled at each other and closed their eyes in languor and comfort.
 To see what the girl wanted - to see the rest of the image.
 As he does so, Chihiro is gradually overcome by sleepiness.
I love you, Master. From now on, forever...
 Hearing Maria's whisper, Chihiro hugged her with the last of his strength in his fading consciousness.
 He didn't want to wake up and find her gone... just in case that would happen.
 He held her for a long, long time.


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