Volume 3 - Extra 1: Love is Blind / Takatsuki Aika - Part 2

 After a chat with Noriko, Aika leaves the school and moves to the apartment.
 She has gotten used to this route.
 In the beginning, she tried to go to the apartment once every two days, but now she’s doing it more and more often. Besides, it’s a little hard to do all the chores for herself when she’s helping in the infirmary, so she ends up eating with everyone.
 Of course, the main reason is that she wants to see Chihiro.
 ...Or rather, even though Aika knows that the apartment belongs to Maria, she recognizes it as "Chihiro’s house".
 In other words, Aika is now visiting her boyfriend’s house every day.
 When she thinks about it, it’s embarrassing, but also kind of fun.
 With a duplicate key, she passes through the entrance of the apartment and opens the room at the far end of the first floor. 
「I’m back」
 As she knows her way around.
 Without waiting for a specific response, she took off her shoes at the door, put them in the shoe box and walked down the corridor.
「Yaho~, Aika」
「Welcome back, Aika-san」
 The owners of the house did not treat Aika as a guest. Perhaps they take it for granted that she will come.
「Is Chihiro-kun still in the student council?」
 She asked as she put her school bag on the floor and removed the ribbon from her uniform.
「Yeah. I think he’ll be back before dinner as usual」
「I see」
 Well, it can’t be helped. Chihiro’s decision to join the student council was discussed with her, and she knows that he works very hard every day.
 Besides, he is always willing to make time for her if she asks him.
 And when the school festival season is over, the work of the student council will decrease, and he will not be as busy as he is now. Then he can spoil her more.
 Besides, the bracelet he bought for her when they went out together is a sign of their bond.
 And when she changed into her casual clothes, her smile deepened when she saw it on her arm.
 After getting dressed, she relaxed for a while.
 She finished her homework and chatted with Maria and Riko in between.
 After a while, she would start preparing for dinner and bathing, so it was time to communicate with them.
「By the way, Maria-chan, I’ve been thinking about something」
「What is it?」
「Can I borrow that whip again?」
 Riko, who was standing nearby, blurted out as Aika casually said this while looking down at her notebook.
 Riko had just tipped her glass of iced tea, and the liquid splashed lightly into the air.
「Riko-chan, what’s the matter all of a sudden?」
「No, that’s my line. Hey, Maria」
 Aika also looked at the dark-haired girl, who was also surprised.
「I don’t mind if I lend it to you, but why all of a sudden?」
「Did the other day turn you into an S?」
 It seems, the word "whip" reminded them of the other day’s training session.
 That time, Aika took over the training from Chihiro and gave Maria a beating. Many, many times. Now that she thinks back on it, it’s true that she was an S in SM.
「No, no. It was just a fresh feeling. I thought it might be useful」
「For playing with Chihiro-sama, right?」
 They both scowled.
 As if following their lead, the image of a naked Chihiro on all fours receiving a whip flashed through Aika’s mind.
 Maria’s jet-black eyes then stared at Aika with a serious expression.
「I don’t recommend that. We don’t want Chihiro-sama to become an M」
「That’s not what I meant!」
 Aika is not going to go that far into the abnormal in the first few months of their relationship.
 Well, enemas and anal play are special enough. If she were on the receiving end, she could trust him and surrender herself to him.
 But she doesn’t want to hurt him. She just envies Maria a little when she thinks of it as a love whip. So, if she confessed to Chihiro after being whipped like Maria-chan did, he would love her even more.
「Aika, why don’t you come home soon?」
 As soon as Aika realized it, she tripped out of her imagination.
 She then clears her throat and returns to the subject.
「I don’t want to use it for that kind of play, but I was wondering if it could be used in a match」
 When she actually used it, she thought it was not a bad weapon for a physically weak woman.
 Although it is light, it has a long reach and its trajectory can be varied. Since it is not a blade, there is little danger of hurting the opponent too much. It may take time to master it, but since it can be used with one hand, it may be possible to combine it with physical arts.
 Of course, she doesn’t intend to take that whip into a fight, but it would be good practice.
「I see. Well, maybe it’s not so bad, but――」
「Aika using a whip would look pretty weird」
 ...Is it that weird?
 Aika can’t imagine how it would look to others, so she tilts her head.
「Of course it’s weird. People will say Chihiro is a bad influence」
「Hmm. But that thing felt pretty good when I was swinging it」
 If it doesn’t look good on the outside, then it’s probably better not to use it. That was Aika’s thought.
 While she was feeling a little disappointed, she heard Maria muttering quietly.
「...I think Aika-san has a talent for S」
 ☆   ☆   ☆
「S, huh?」
「Yeah. What do you think, Chihiro-kun?」
 At night. While throwing their lower bodies on the bed in the bedroom, they talk about it.
 When Aika asked for his opinion, Chihiro gives a slightly troubled smile and says
「I think Aika wielding the whip was definitely in style」
 It was easy to see that he had chosen his words carefully.
 She did look good. That is to say, she looked like a woman who wields a whip in SM, which is generally called "Joou-sama".
 It is said that such women take pleasure in dominating the same sex or the opposite sex by abusing them, inflicting pain, suffering and shame. This is a little difficult for Aika, who prefers to heal rather than hurt, to understand.
「Well, Chihiro-kun, don’t you like it?」
「Hmm, I do not mind. If that’s what Aika want」
「I see」
 She let out a breath when Chihiro said he didn’t even actively like it.
 And she sighs at his "do not mind".
 Is he relieved? Or did he think it was disappointing?
 She also feels uneasy because Riko and Maria have been saying strange things.
 Seeing her unhappy face, Chihiro tilted his head.
 Then, while Aika was still thinking, he came up with an unexpected suggestion.
「Well, do you want to try it?」
「Something S. Like verbal abuse, you’ve never done that before, have you Aika?」
「Uh, no. I don’t think so」
 At least not consciously.
 Then, is this a good opportunity?
「Verbal abuse, verbal abuse...」
 But she can’t think of anything to say.
 When Chihiro held Aika, she didn’t use any nasty words, so she didn’t even have much experience of using them.
 Then, how about when he was holding her with Riko and the others?
 Aika kissed Chihiro boldly.
 She opened her eyes and stopped him from deep kissing her. And holding back her embarrassment, she slipped her tongue in and spat into his mouth.
「H-How? Does my spit taste good?」
 Aika did the best she could, playing her S-like self she could think of, and the result was.
「Yes. It’s good, Aika」
 Chihiro smiled at her, and almost as if he were smiling at her, Aika blushed.
 Then she slumped her shoulders and exhaled.
「I don’t think I’m cut out for this」
「...Haha. There’s no need to force it, and you shouldn’t worry about it」
「Yeah, you’re right」
 She nodded back at his kind words and hugged him tightly.
「But, Aika, why did you suddenly do that?」
「Well, that is...」
 The conversation with Noriko in the infirmary, the conversation with Riko and the others in the living room.
 It seems, one reason is that she felt pressured by the strange influence of those conversations.
 Maria, Riko, Hana, and Suzu-san.
 Surrounded by so many girls, Chihiro is holding them in his arms.
 And Aika wanted to be a woman more worthy of him, a naughty girl.
 She wanted to be able to help him with things like the last training session, and to make Chihiro feel as good as Maria and the others.
 But she was too embarrassed to say anything about it.
 So, maybe she should wait until she has tried a little harder.
 That’s what Aika secretly decided.
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