Chapter 1 - Part 1

Another new project...! I hope you can enjoy it...!
 Today, another piercing scream is echoed.
 Only one man sees the woman off as she hurriedly puts on a robe over her bare skin, opens the door, and runs out of the room.
 Bang! By now, the sound of the door slamming roughly shut has become familiar.
「I guess this is exactly the 20th person...」
 And now I've ruined the room I've rented. The man thinks this to himself.
 The man, sitting deep in bed and looking up at the ceiling with a sigh, is completely naked.
 He has short, plain brown hair and dull green eyes staring blankly at the ceiling.
And between his legs, there is a skin-colored tentacle, which was wriggling around... but in fact, it is not a tentacle at all.
「What's going on? This looks worse than the last one...」
 He hung down with a sigh and gently gripped the tentacles growing from between his legs.
 Even without moving his hand up and down, the tentacle between his legs was stimulated by its wriggling and stretching. ――Eventually...
 Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! A white liquid shot out from the tip of the tentacle.
 The white liquid kept flowing out like milk from the tip of a faucet, soaking the floor of the rented room without stopping.
「Aren't I a solo master now? But I don't want to be like that. What happened to mine between my legs? What the fuck is going on!!」
 The man rises from the bed on which he was sitting with a start.
 Even at that moment, the tip of his tentacle still continues to spit out white spunk.
「Isn't the old mage Crowley supposed to be a master of sexual magic? Or is he not?」
 The man held his head with his hands.
「What if it's an artifact of the ancient magic? And here I thought I could transform my short thing into a miracle that would make all the women in the world go crazy...!!」
 But now, what the hell is this!?, the man grabbed the tentacle between his legs, and it finally stopped spitting out the white spunk.
 On the floor of the room, a pool of fluid had formed which looked as if two cups had been overturned, and the room was now filled with a fishy smell.
「That whore who ran away just now was the 20th... even though it's a whore... Or is she not a whore? But even if she is a whore, she won't even play with me anymore!」
 The man's cry of anguish echoed loudly in the distance.
 At that moment, there comes a knock at the door.
 Oops! Maybe the girl from earlier has come back because she misses the monster between my legs? Thinking this, the man heads for the door with light steps.
「Okay okay, I'm not mad at you yet, don't be scared, okay?」
 His voice came back to him in a very low tone.
「...you must be Alexis Sheridan Krangal-sama?」
 This is what the voice through the door speaks to the gasping, naked man.
「That's enough of your fun. Please return now. Father King wants to see you」
 The man's voice sounded like he was truly displeased with the situation.
* * *
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